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  1. She has to go! Don't give her a choice. It's the most amazing city in North America. Love it! I've stayed at the Sheraton times square and twice now at the Crowne Plaza times square both 239- 259 a night depending on which days of the week. Both very clean and secure, staff are great. Easy walk to everything. Take the tour bus, hop on hop off, goes everywhere you want to go. Cabs are cheap if you already have some idea of what you want to see. Kitty corner to the sheraton 51st and 7th ave is a resturant called La Maison, very good food and reasonable pricing. Having said that there ar
  2. What would be the advantages, from a passenger point of view, of going there? Is it close to some major attractions? Cheers
  3. I would agree with AIP. The other canidates are a bit sketchy if you ask me and she is a real Calgarian. I will vote for her too as I think she has a really good shot at it. I also beleive she is honest, and not doing it for personal gain. Something that is very hard to find in a politician these days. Cheers
  4. So Transat just ordered 4 new A-330's to replace the A-310's. That's an addition of 100 seats per aircraft if he lets the A310's go (which is unclear if he will or not). So it's okay for him to add capacity but not enyone else? Ya right.
  5. Those types prefer to take a few with them..... see it's starting already!
  6. I just came from YYC to YVR for a few days, tomorrow I'm going to Vegas. I win.
  7. Chico, Where does it sound like I'm happy? In fact I'm not happy about it at all. You're selling seats into Dec now, you're putiing on flights to match our flights, you're become the price leader (too low). A troubled airline is not good for the sector. You're going to leave services holding the bag, again, which all the other players in the sector have to pay for. Been there done that didn't like it the first time.
  8. Looks like another bankruptcy in the works of AC I hate to say. Collecting as much cash as possible. Too bad the economy tanked when it did, it looked like they had a decsent shot at it for a while.
  9. By .01 cents. Our reward for making a profit when very few have, dropping share price, nice.
  10. FA@AC, I know where 2 of them were. They were out back of the Sheraton at 0230 having a smoke with me eavsdropping nearby. Couple of manager types. One guy was obviously on a conferance call and was heaping praise on his team for the great job they were doing considering the situation. They were giving one direction on what to do Wed. and telling them to help each other out, not to worry about little mistakes, and to just keep doing the best they can. Then they had to get 2 hours sleep and start it all over again at 0430. I was a bit sadened to see some of the news stories as there are
  11. Does anyone have an email link to a viable Western Seperatist Party. It's Time. Canada obviously does not work in it's present form. Cheers.
  12. Don't even think about comparing this to Jetsgo. Not the same thing at all. Look at the quartly PROFIT MARGINS whenever you see this kind of thing and ask yourself "Does marketing know what they are doing?" Methinks they do. Cheers
  13. Evinrude, I'm sorry but YOU don't know what you are talking about. There are 4 F/A's on the 600 (119 seats) only 3 required by law. We have four so we can keep up our SERVICE levels. We have asked for the 1 in 50 rule in case someone gets sick and we can't find an immediate replacement, so we don't have to cap flights or cancel them so we can keep up our SERVICE level. CUPE has fouhgt this and won, so they can keep jobs, thus serving themselves. Cheers
  14. Great Music too! Man, the glory days. I was born too late for this proffesion. I caught the tail end as a kid going oversea's with my parents. Dad in a suit, mom in her new dress. All the F/A's looking smart and pretty in thier classy uniforms, sigh. Now I'm drivin' a bus and sometimes I'm afraid to look in the back. Cheers