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  1. Hey Mitch, A wise man once said.......................
  2. First time poster, long time lurker. To T9, I'm not sure if the status pay system is well understood or not (no offense to anyone, I'm not even sure I totally understand it) I for sure would NOT want to see this implemented at WestJet with the acquisition of a Q400 fleet. Here's why: We are payed industry standard or some variation there of, assuming the Q400 drivers are also worth industry standard, the status pay formula works like this (737 industry standard + Q400 industry standard) /2 = Status pay. Effectively a pay cut for all who are now working there. Maybe down the road when the fleets are comparable in size, maybe it would be beneficial, or if a larger aircraft is added. But for now for me no thanks. My two cents Cheers all
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