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  1. My point is that , as far as the CIRB is concerned, the process is still underway. Union members unhappy with a decision is nothing new.A small group of pilots is relative to the population as a whole and I don't think you will garner a whole lot of sympathy. Could be wrong, but after 9/11 and SARS,still having a job while C3 and Jetsgo vanish, Westjet the media darling, I don't think the interest is there.

  2. Anybody care to explain how the CIRB would interfere in a process that led to a decision,in which the protocol was signed by both parties as "final and binding"??Was there not a stipulation by ACPA that there be no interference in the decision by the CIRB?Do you really think Air Canada will go to the board to for intervention on behalf of one union and risk a landslide of appeals from other unions?Do you think the board would yield to this request and open the door from every other union group in the country not happy with an arbitrated decision? Do you think the arbitrators/lawyers/judges would want anything to do with Air Canada if their decisions which have been upheld by their peers, were suddenly deemed irrelevant.All because a small group of individuals do not like a decision, because of career expectations they had at one point in time? I'm sure most people will think "Who do these pilots think they are??" Wasn't the industry affected by 9/11 and SARS somehow?I don't think you'll find anybody that is satisfied with a merger process , including the lawyers, and few people outside the pilot group even care.

  3. Both the GST and Nafta were election platforms that the Fiberals used in their campaigns. They "promised" , once elected, these items would be scrapped.Guess what?? They generate too much money.How else do you think Paul Martin could state that it was his fiscal prudence that slew the deficit dragon??? Really. Guilty of lying on both counts.It really drives me crazy that there is so much excess money from overtaxation that Martin can agree to the NDP blackmail and write a cheque for another $4.7 billion.Oh yeah, its easy when its not your money.So much for fiscal prudence and credibility.And some people think these guys deserve another chance??? "We truly are a world class....third world. mad.gif

  4. What I would like to know is how many are flyable and on strength.Since it is a gov't website, I am a little cc-130 / quantity 32 - what exactly does this mean..its been reported in the media that only about 12-13 are airworthy. As for the f-18, we are supposed to have 120, of which 104 are operational.Again, I've read conflicting statements in the press, indicating only about 80 are operational due cannabalization,retirements etc.

  5. Its a lousy day in Eastern Ont so I'll try to stimulate some non-partisan red/blue/green debate.Here goes..A letter was written in the National Post Sat. 23 by a retired officer who was correcting the gov't on their assets. I knew our army had Leopard tanks purchased some 30 years ago.What I did not know was that, according to this man, we just spent $200 odd million to modernize them and now they are withdrawn from service and parked in a field!!This political planning goes way back,I think starting with the Bonaventure.and more recently, the F-5's, the Cosmos and probably alot more that I'm not familiar with.My point is...What exactly do we have left???I'm surprised when I see "modern" aircraft used as gate quardians like the Challenger in YWG or F18s in museums YTR.The T-Birds are now gone and I think we only have a handful of Buffalos [would that be a herd??] on the west coast.What is the status of the CP140 Aurora/Arcturus??? Anybody... ohmy.gif

  6. Unbelievable....Another example is the Canadian father who returned from the UK with his three daughters after the Canadian mother decided the marriage was over ,preferring to remain with her new female partner.A female Canadian judge ruled that he had broken international law under the Hague Convention, ordeering the children to be removed against their will and transported back to England where the custody battle will be fought. GREAT just GREAT. We have a country where we can't keep deported criminals out [in fact, we just gave one repeated deportee CITIZENSHIP] and bona fide citizens in!!!!!

    By the way, anybody know how to edit this post when you put it under the wrong thread??? This tirade should have been posted under "Once again our Justice system fails" HAND

  7. The only reason privatization became a way of life for the Liberals was to offload responsibility of the infrastructure of the country and concentrate on the socialism. If you think the Fiberals are trying to emulate our neighbours south of the border, we should be so lucky.It was the easy way out , to offload and download, and then say you have balanced the books, announcing billion dollar projects like gun control,Kyoto, and a national day care. What a joke.Do most people realize that federal spending is up 50% since 2000 and the civil service has increased as much since the belt tightening began.I am ashamed not for being a Canadian, but being associated with these clowns in YOW.