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  1. My comments regarding accepting a visual was just referring to a hypothetical situation that may occur in the present..don't seem to be too many offered anymore in the higher density airports. We did do them in our most recent LOFT scenario and it was fun ... and surprised at how the basic stuff came back.

  2. Why would any business choose to locate or even stay in this province is beyond me!!

    Highest electricity rates in N Amercia, a new pension plan to be paid by business and now a complicated beauracratic system of buying/accounting for a gas that is produced by every living breathing organism on the planet. Not to mention a gov't that has bungled every major policy announcement since they have been in power and have taken debt levels to unsustainable heights. A bloated and expanding civil service that is compensated at levels well above the private sector and demands more and more from a sympathetic gov't.

    We are fu}#* my friends!

  3. Not Aviation related but...worth passing along..

    For those of you that have loved ones that like to put their feet up on the dash while in the passenger seat, here is an article that makes you rethink the practice. It is somewhat graphic but gets the point across. In this case, the passenger had her feet up on the dash when the airbag literally drove her feet up through the windshield and her skull went into her knees...she will never recover from her injuries. ... ation.html

  4. Another perspective regarding AC's deice pad is that it makes the engine inspection process easier. There have been issues with fan blade icing on the narrow body fleet under certain environmental events, prompting engine changes. Having the deice pad near the hangars reduces the complications of prolonged taxi times,mtc doing the inspections, and possibly maintaining more flts during irrops.

  5. Without getting too pervy... how many of these things are used to spy into peoples windows in high rise condos?? I'm sure the bad guys and sickos have an endless list of uses... kinda like the do you regulate??

    Mind you, in the states, it won't be long before somebody claims their first shoot down.

  6. Slow news day .... professionally, there is no need for this material to be in the cockpit. I can honestly say I have never encountered porn on the flt deck on 320, 67 or 330. So, I take umbrage to the suggestion its found on all AC types. Maybe there are a few hiding spots I'm not familiar with, which means that you would have to go looking for the stuff.

    The bigger issue, from a co. perspective, is who is the individual that is violating the code of conduct and information security policy [there were full copies of internal bulletins in the CBC video].

    Air Canada employees have to agree to Conditions of Access before they can go on the Co's website. It also has an interesting section on "Duty of Loyalty" which affects conditions of employment.

    More people should read it.

  7. I've given up on Ontario [sad to say]...these guys are still out of control with the $300 mil for the Mars building in Yz and a rumoured $400 mil for the steel workers pension in yhm. Both problems inherited from the dweeb, Who will clean up this mess?

    Airport authorities are in a dream world and the feds prefer a user pay option....the industry is in big trouble.