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  1. Re reading your post Wolfhunter, the points mentioned would reduce the carbon emissions....a big one to include would be shutting down BCs coal industry. I’m spitballing here, but it would at least equal carbon emissions from the tar sands. BC could  feel unemployment the way Alberta has with the pipelines.


  2. More denials from the Trudeau liberals.......we would never interfere....blah, blah, blah. This time, it’s freedom of speech.

    If only we could trust them after Judy Wilson raybould, Mark Norman,  snc lavalin job losses, the groping incident, etc.


    On Wednesday, the Globe and Mail reported that David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, told the paper that he was instructed by an official from Global Affairs Canada to clear with them first any public comments on Canada’s policy toward China, citing the “election environment.”

    Adam Austen, a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, told iPolitics via email that neither the minister’s office or the Prime Minister’s Office “would ever attempt to prevent any former Canadian diplomat from speaking freely and publicly.”


    And now a second diplomat speaks up:


    A second former Canadian ambassador to Beijing, Guy Saint-Jacques, says he too received a call from the foreign ministry that delivered a message from the Prime Minister’s Office about the need to avoid contradictory public messaging regarding China.

    Mr. Saint-Jacques, who served as Canada’s envoy to China between 2012 and 2016, said he found this directive to be particularly odd given it concerned China, an authoritarian state. “Especially having served in China and how they try to control messaging there,” he said.

    “It was a bit of a strange conversation,” Mr. Saint-Jacques said. He characterized the PMO’s decision to send this caution in the manner they did as “a bit clumsy.”

    Mr. Saint-Jacques’ comments come one day after another Canadian former envoy to China, David Mulroney, said the foreign affairs ministry, speaking on behalf of the PMO, asked him to check with the department before he makes future public statements on Ottawa's China policy, citing the "election environment.”


    So i guess we will be waiting for a second denial from trudeau.

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    Ok...not to be the nimby type, but with all the sacrifice proposed.....will it still make a difference for Canada alone to undertake these measures?? We are dealing with weather/climate that is generated thousands of miles away, so when the rest of the world develops these types of initiatives...I’ll think about it.

    btw...wasn’t the Kyoto protocol a wealth transfer system to the under developed countries because they couldn’t afford to do it themselves?



    Five air masses affect Canada’s weather: continental arctic, maritime arctic, maritime polar, maritime tropical, and continental tropical. Winds carry these great bodies of air across the country. Each air mass, extending hundreds or thousands of kilometres, has uniform temperature and moisture conditions, acquired from the underlying landmass or ocean where they developed. The very cold, dry continental arctic air mass, the source of Canada’s bitter winters, originates over snow-covered barrens. In summer, its cool winds sweep south, bringing a welcome respite from heat waves. The maritime arctic air mass, traveling over large open bodies of water, is mild and moist. The maritime polar air masses of the Pacific and Atlantic soak coastal areas with rain, fog, and snow. The Atlantic maritime tropical air mass from the Gulf of Mexico scorches Eastern Canada with summer heat and humidity. By contrast, the Pacific maritime tropical has a cooling influence. The continental tropical air mass rarely reaches Canada because its hot, dry impact disappears as it moves north. The maps show winter and summer air mass movements. All weather changes are related to the interaction of these air masses along what are called fronts (When air masses collide). The polar jet stream forms perhaps the biggest front, an ever-changing boundary where the cool winds from the north meet the warm winds from the south. In spring, the clashing air masses produce severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.


  4. 27 minutes ago, deicer said:

    Looking at the reality of conservative politics, this is what has happened in the U.S., is currently happening in Ontario, and please don't let it happen in the rest of Canada.

    And in the last paragraph of the article....


    28 minutes ago, deicer said:

    As interest rates and inflation rise, the cost of providing benefits and paying the interest on the debt will skyrocket. That leaves less money for other services. At that point, the government will be forced to cut services or raise taxes. That will further slow economic growth. At that point, continued deficit spending will no longer work. 

    While interest rates are stagnant now.....the rest holds I’m not sure about the point you’re trying to it reducing budget deficits or paying for programs that we can’t afford?

  5. I think it was part of Trumps plan in his recent statement re: the four lefties....the dems know these congresswomen are extreme., but Trumps statement forced the rest of the dems come out and defend them. Look at the publicity this has generated....and has only given Oca and Omar a bigger platform....much to the chagrin of the dems. In the meantime, trump has appealed to his core and he sits back and enjoys the controversy.

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  6. What a joke this country has become! The travesty of the BC HRT has not escaped the sarcasm of Rex Murphy, who puts this issue in perspective.



    Do we really want to call this a human rights case? To insist, for example, that a woman perform a waxing on a penis and testicles in her own home, when she doesn’t wish to, doesn’t know how and has religious objections as well? Really? Do we think the formulators of the UN Declaration of Human Rights were careless when they left out the human right to crotch grooming?


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  7. Yup Jaydee.....Liberals love to brag about their schemes creating jobs:


    Remember Daltons Green Energy ACT:

    “The GEA effort was led by George Smitherman, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. It was claimed that the bill will help the government ensure the province’s future by: 

    • Supporting and expanding economic investment, thus building a stronger, greener economy with an estimated 50,000+ direct and indirect jobs over the next three years”


    Sadly, we know how that turned out!   ... and are still paying the price.

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  8. I get the argument about jobs being exported, but how do companies compete when foreign goods flood into a market?? Do we go back to the days of trade barriers and tariffs, or do we allow the market to sort it out and allow consumers a choice of products? If we stand and say buy North American,  support our economy, buy local, what do you say to all the Hyundai and Kia owners?

  9. Why you need trusted news sources:


    Analysis / Bias

    North99 is a combination between a media source and an activist portal. The news reported always favors the left and uses loaded language such as this: Voter Fraud, Illegal Fundraising, Racism – A Timeline of Every Doug Ford Ontario Election Controversy. Essentially, the sole purpose of the website is to discredit right wing politicians and policy in Canada. News articles are reasonably sourced to mainstream media outlets.

    factual search reveals that North99 has failed a fact check. However, they corrected this errorwhen discovered and maintains a high factual rating.

    Overall, we rate North99 Left Biased for story selection that always favors the left and High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing. (D. Van Zandt 6/10/2018) Updated (2/16/2019)



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  10. I thought capturing the prop phasing and pitch was fantastic detail....a fairly complex system for an aircraft designed in the 50’ wonder it was nicknamed the Lockheed Electric!

    The prop rpm in flight was 1020...pitch varied with power requirements.

    Here are some notes for the more mechanically inclined re:prop phasing.





  11. Wasn’t on this airplane long but what a great machine......Nordair had them configured for long range ice patrol .. 8-10 hours was no problem...with fuselage tanks installed, we carried around 65000 lbs of gas!!!!!! Alternates were never a problem. We could go anywhere. Yes, we flew in the Arctic but with this airplane, it wasn’t exactly bush flying.

    And with those props, stopping wasn’t an issue either. I remember landing on a dicey runway once and tower asked “How was the braking??” .  As we were parking, the captain smiled and said   “I’ll tell him when I use ‘em!!”.

    (Didn’t want to hijack the dash thread so I started this one...maybe we could start a thread for neat aircraft).



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    The federal government will give $1.3 billion in funding for the extension of the Montreal métro’s Blue Line, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday.

    But two years before construction of the 5.8-kilometre extension is scheduled to begin, the overall cost of the project is still unknown. The former Quebec Liberal government estimated the cost at $3.9 billion, but in May it was revealed the price tag would increase by at least $600 millionbecause of higher-than-expected expropriation costs and tax bills.

    Trudeau's announcement Thursday is the latest of several major transportation pledges for Quebec. Ottawa gave more than $1 billion for the REM and paid the whole bill for the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge, which opened on Monday without tolls -- as promised by the Trudeau Liberals.”


    And a while back:


    “The federal government says it will provide $372.5 million in interest-free loans to Bombardier, a move that elicited criticism even though it is far less than the transportation giant originally sought more than a year ago.

    Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains said the money will preserve thousands of high-paying technology jobs in Ontario, where the Global will be assembled, and Quebec, where it will be completed and where the CSeries is built.”

    Or this one:


    A Liberal government fond of promising help for those working hard to join the middle class unveiled billions in housing help Wednesday that could make a difference to hundreds of thousands of households -- but only in a few years when federal money finally flows to new units and tenant benefits.


    One thing this pm doesn’t have a problem with is throwing around our money.., whether it’s for Quebec projects, women’s rights issue, or foreign aid. ....until it comes down to a political foe...then he’ll turn the taps off  to screw his opponent....look at his vindictiveness  to screw Mark Norman and Judy Wilson Raybould.

    Remember Trudeau’s mantra.....Working for the middle class and those working hard to join it.Because when the middle class is strong, growing, and successful, so is Canada. I think we owe it to families. Because I love my kids. Because you love your kids and grandkids.


    Make no mistake, if the jobs vanish, Trudeau will wear this as an Ontario vs. Quebec issue.


    And maybe blaming Ford is just a smokescreen by the Trudeau liberals to deflect from their inability to bargain with Trump:


    We need the federal government to continue to negotiate with the U.S. government,” Ford said.

    “This is killing our trade with the United States.  We have to change the Buy America policy.”

    Legault said that Bombardier being blocked from getting future rail contracts in the United States is at the heart of the layoffs. 

    “So that’s why we all decided together that we need more leadership from the Prime Minister of Canada to negotiate an exemption,” Legault said.

    One official in Ford’s office put it more bluntly.

    “Justin Trudeau has failed to stand up to Buy America,” they said.

    Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who is hosting the meeting, backed up his counterparts in calling for greater federal leadership in getting Canadian industries an exemption from the provisions but also said the premiers will take action themselves.


  13. I’m not particularly socialist in my views but the Hamptons is not the only problem with billionaires.

    London England is the home of over 100 billionaires and has an increasing problem of non doms...non domiciled property owners who drive up property  prices, over develop the property, then stay in said property maybe 1-4 weeks a year.......downside... the neighbourhoods collapse, grocery stores, pubs, restaurants lose business... rents go up due property values and eventually go out of business.

    One of my favourites is now closed:

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  14. I am a firm believer that deforestation is the main driver of climate change.....15 years ago, flying over the Amazon, you could see broad swaths of jungle on fire for clear cutting. It’s also a big problem in Malaysia. These areas are no longer a heat sink they used to be and contribute greatly to warming of continental air masses. So between the clear cutting and witnessing the carbon consumption of world cities like New York, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, etc., us doing our part to reduce our carbon emissions by .5% of the world really doesn’t amount to a flying f$+k. The world could care less what Canadians’s just a feather in Trudeau’s hat at the UN. It’s a global problem. So when climate barbie starts up about forest fires and heat related catastrophes, it goes beyond our borders. Just like Wynne’s claiming the Green Energy plan led to an improvement in Ontario air quality....more like the collapse of the steel and heavy industry in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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