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  1. I’ll bet Greta won’t be at the docks in Vancouver, where they export about 30 MILLION tones of filthy coal a year. Burnt in places like export that doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, from the environmentalist to our liberal/ndp mouthpieces who are always talking about dirty oil.

    Very selective targets....

  2. “As much as they try to blame Wynne, they still own it.” 

    WRONG Deicer......WE own it.....the chronic problem with governments that have socialist spending tendencies  or incompetence, spend our money or borrow and build these deficits which NEVER go away. Someone has to pay the interest and it will hurt.


    Lysyk said the government failed to account properly for the financial impact of its Fair Hydro Plan on provincial coffers and improperly treated the revenues and expenses related to two provincial pension plans. 

    For the same reasons, the auditor says the Liberals are underestimating the deficits in future years:

    • $6.6 billion deficit in 2019-20 should be $12.2 billion.
    • $6.5 billion deficit in 2020-21 should be $12.5 billion.

    "The consequences of these major differences between the governments projections and the likely actual deficits are significant," Lysyk said. "They create the perception that the government has more money available to it than it actually does."

    Premier Kathleen Wynne, whose Liberals have been trailing in recent polls ahead of the spring election, downplayed the discrepancy, calling it a long-standing "accounting dispute" between her government and the auditor general.

    "Those are old discussions and they are ongoing," Wynne said.


  3. Maybe time for CBSA to have a tighter grip on who they let into this country:


    Camilo Andres Arvelo Acevedo, 33, Roberto Lara Garcia, 31, Pedro Jesus Herrera Riquelme, 35, all of Chile, face more than 60 charges that include, breaking-and-entering, possession of break-and-enter instruments and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

    While police are not describing this break-and-enter spree as crime tourism, they do confirm the trio of suspects were visiting Canada from South America and living temporarily in the GTA.

    Crime tourism, a term coined by an FBI agent, is a growing problem in Canada — in part because of our soft-on-crime justice system.

    CBSA and York Regional Police continue to work in partnership to ensure all relevant immigration issues are resolved,”


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  4. This is what liberal governments do for you:


    Former New Democrat MPP Rosario Marchese tabled bills to reform Tarion in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    While pushing for reforms, he asked the consumer services minister, “Is Tarion another ORNGE? And if not, will the government make Tarion open up its books and prove it?”

    As Marchese added: “The province forces home buyers to buy warranty protection from Tarion, but does nothing to ensure consumers get value for their money … When will the Minister reform Tarion into an agency that protects consumers instead of builders?”

    Because Tarion receives no tax dollars its employees aren’t subject to sunshine laws, which require government agencies to disclose the names, positions and salaries of anyone making more than $100,000 a year.

    According to Marchese, Tarion employs about 220 people and “the average compensation at Tarion is over $100,000 per year, with an unknown amount of that going to Tarion’s CEO, COO and nine vice-presidents.”

    Well, now it is known what Tarions CEO makes:.


    The newly released document shows the President and CEO of Tarion, Howard Bogach, earned $681,616 in base salary and incentives in 2018, and an additional $87,794 in car allowance and pension contributions.

     In total, Tarion paid out more than $4 million in executive compensation last year. The corporation also paid $520,000 to its 16 board members, half of which typically have experience in the homebuilding industry.

  5. Trudeau complains about the Tories running “the dirtiest campaign ever” while his butt whisperer tweets this out:


    Just days ago, Trudeau’s former principal secretary Gerald Butts posted a photo on Twitter of Scheer shaking hands with a construction worker and wrote, “Well, this is subtle. Sometimes a yellow vest is just a yellow vest?”

    It was an attempt to lash Scheer to the right wing “yellow vest” groups in Canada, which became a source of racism and violent threats against the prime minister.


    The conservatives responded:


    Scheer pointed out, thousands of Canadians wear those vests to work everyday and they were collateral damage in the Liberal attacks.

    “That’s just despicable,” said Scheer, at his Tuesday policy announcement in Quebec City. “He has essentially insulted everyone who wears a a high-visibility vest to work.”

    And Justin has the nerve to criticize .....

  6. With Trudeau’s talk about shutting down dirty oil, big oil, come no talk on shutting down dirty coal???  Oh Justin.......the hypocrisy of it all!!
    Guess you wouldn’t want to alienate any more of those green voters...


    Coal production is a mainstay of the province’s economy, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue and supporting thousands of well-paid jobs,” reads the website for B.C.’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

    Coal is the province’s number one export commodity, with $3.32 billion of coal mined in 2016. Much of this is metallurgical coal, which is exported to Asia for the making of steel.

    In recent years, however, Vancouver’s coal ports have also accommodated a massive increase in exports of thermal coal, which is used for the production of



  7. Reality check:


    Trudeau isn’t the only leader on offer who doesn’t deserve support. The Green and NDP platforms are insultingly reckless. These parties do not deserve to govern a household budget or a pop stand.

    The Greens pledge to balance Canada’s federal budget within five years. (So did Trudeau in 2015; he ran deficits annually). That aside, their promise is fantastical given their spending initiatives: A pharmacare plan that will cost $27 billion in 2020 and rise to $31 billion annually four years later. This is bigger than Canada’s defence budget.

    Green party leader Elizabeth May said she also will waive post-secondary tuition for anybody to study anything anywhere. The cost? Another $16 billion in 2020 and thereafter.

    (Not to be overdone, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh promises “free dental care for households making less than $70,000 a year” — a budget item that has yet to be costed.)

    Even if such extravagances were necessary, the Greens’ boast of balancing the budget would be impossible given its plan to phase out the oilsands by 2030 (there goes 140,000 jobs and billions in investment dollars and taxes); reduce energy demand by 50 per cent across the board somehow or other (hundreds of thousands more jobs); and convert the mining industry to green technologies (half a million jobs). She also pledges to stop new resource development, drilling, exploration and pipelines.

    This platform is suicidal, and will cause immediate trade deficits, budget deficits, unemployment and a massive brain drain.

    The NDP’s leader is no better. He would give provinces the right (read B.C. and Quebec) to veto any pipeline project and said: “the future of our country cannot involve fracking. It cannot involve the burning of any fossil fuel.”

    Well, there goes the auto industry. too.

  8. After trudeau insulted the Indian government by inviting a terrorist to a state dinner, Canada will have another diplomatic mess to deal with. Somehow this little detail got overlooked in the election of talking points and platitudes.


    Singh appears not to have grasped that distinction yet, as evidenced by his inability to clarify his position on Khalistani extremism, which is made up of radical elements of the Sikh separatist movement. Months ago, when interviewed by CBC's Terry Milewski following the NDP leadership convention, Singh failed to denounce the glorification of Talwinder Singh Parmar, for example in posters displayed outside Sikh temples and other public places. Parmar is widely seen as the mastermind behind the 1985 Air India bombing that killed 329 people. 


    "I don't know who was responsible, but I think we need to find out who's truly responsible," Singh said about the terrorist attack, as if some great mystery still endures.

  9. Kip.....The Air Canada poppy fiasco came about 2 years ago when the head of inflight service sent out a memo that f/A’s could not wear the poppy for Remembrance did not fit the image the company was trying to project. Once this became public,and  the ensuing pr nightmare, the policy was quickly dropped and backtracked on....just one of many issues f/as are having to deal with from the company these days.


  10. If we accept the Toronto Star reporting, here is an update from the Buffalo Chronicle:


    Sources are telling The Buffalo Chronicle that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s accuser has been in talks with a private attorney for more than a week, discussing a heated sexual relationship that began and ended more than 18 years ago, when the young woman was a student at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey Academy.  The Chronicle is told that the two engaged in a months-long affair beginning in the summer of 2000, both on and off-campus.

    That non-disclosure and an accompanying non-disparagement agreement were signed last night, according to the source, for more than $2.25 million CDN.

    The academy says Trudeau was not dismissed, but it didn’t say why he left. And Trudeau’s answer to media questions have been less than convincing.

    It might be fake news, but it’s fun to read.....

  11. And if you had any doubt there is media bias in Canada.....look what is headlines in Buffalo, NY... un—freakin—-believable.

    Who the hell would hire one of the most powerful law firms in Canada if you weren’t in a lot of trouble??? Or wanted to intimidate you’re opposer.

    Trudeau is rumored to be in talks with an accusor to suppress an explosive sex scandal



    Less than two weeks ahead of federal elections that have already been looking conclusively grim for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rumors of an explosive sex scandal are percolating at the highest echelons of Canada’s media establishment.

    Ottawa’s longest-tenured political observers had been expecting a career-ending expose in Saturday’s edition of The Globe and Mail — but that story never came.  Sources are now telling The Chronicle that Trudeau is in private talks with the principal source of that piece to suppress explosive sex allegations that, if made public, would likely force Trudeau to resign his office.

    Trudeau’s accuser is said to be a former student at West Point Grey Academy and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman.  Sources tell The Chronicle that she is being represented by counsel and is being offered monetary compensation in exchange for a pending, but not yet signed, non-disclosure agreement.

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  12. There must be an election on or something.....don’t want to appear to be soft on crime:



    A Hamilton man who advertised his 7-year-old stepdaughter on Craigslist for pedophiles to sexually ravage is headed back to prison.

    After The Toronto Sun and Hamilton Spectator reported on Thursday that the 37-year-old man was being transferred to a Quebec healing lodge, the girl’s family, victims’ rights advocates and Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale expressed shock and outrage.

    And by the end of the day, Corrections Canada told the girl’s aunt the deviant was headed back to where he was a guest: medium-security Warkworth Institution.