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  1. Never seen the lib friendly Globe so critical of Trudeau/Butts:
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    I hope we get some details on the reason for this raid, other than national security excuse. I fear it will be a “nothing to see here folks, move along” government response.
  3. Hey Malcolm...that there chinook is yur climate change, right there...according to Leonardo Dicaprio. ?
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    Possible answer..... Agree to the point re: smuggling.....lots of evidence about eyes in the sky and on the water.
  5. Despite the governments efforts to shut down our coal plants, we continue to supply the world with that “dirty” fuel. Trudeau ignores the detail that we, as a country, are large producers. With Trudeau it’s all about the tax/revenue generated...and it won’t be revenue neutral when ALL the costs are factored in. How much will it cost just to administer this thing. I know I won’t get a rebate.
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  7. Other key points in the arrest of this guy....on probation and arrested for an unrelated crime....where did “we” go wrong?.
  8. Customs not available???....let ‘em off the’s -30 C ..... nobody is going anywhere and nobody will want to stay!!,
  9. And the wait times in hospitals might just be getting a little longer: The government will also accept more parent and grandparent sponsorships in 2019. The current cap of 17,000 applications will be increased to 20,000 next year.
  10. Getting a little tired of “Canadians” using Canada as a convenience.... And then we have this little item: Or another favourite.....watching exasperated CBSA staff trying to communicate with wheelchair passengers holding Canadian passports, who don’t have a clue of what he’s trying to say (in either official language) ! So, I have to laugh (cry?) when I hear a headline involving a “Canadian”...’s all good.....a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.
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    The F-35

    Goes hand in hand with “Canada’s back”.
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    The F-35

    Kicking the can down the road so the Canadian military becomes irrelevant on the world stage..(if we are not there already)....but on the election trail, Trudeau will say he took decisive action to re-equip a military long ignored by the previous Harper government.
  13. We were downtown before Christmas, walking around the Distillery district and then out for dinner...had a great time. Everybody was very friendly and it felt good to be downtown. I always enjoy my layovers as well.
  14. Breaking news....Burnaby South Liberal candidate Karen Wang drops out of on CBC.
  15. And on another topic....the hypocrisy of the liberals has reached a new the by election to be held in Burnaby, the liberal candidate posted material to support her candidacy. She stated because the other candidate is Indian, the voters in the riding need a Chinese mp if they want true representation. Excuse me??? And the Libs went ape **bleep** when the cons referred to old stock Canadians....this liberal candidate speaks of blatant racism. Funny, nothing in the Globe. And on the economic front, the former president of the Liberal Party of Canada is not amused:
  16. Listening to talk radio interview, Rodney Stanford also maintained that serial killers Bernardo and Williams are enjoying a life in medium security prisons. Corrections Canada had transferred them without public knowledge.
  17. Large Canadian cities, in general, are changing. I lived in Ottawa in the early eighties and you would never hear of violence like this: Man brutally beaten over drug debt falls 16 floors to death in attempt to escape attackers: Crown
  18. The other elephant in the room is that 99.5% of the shooters/victims come from a specific ethnicity and are generally involved in crime/turf wars. I think everybody in the GTAA is aware of this. This graph has no accuracy towards YYZ statistics but illustrates the point.
  19. “If passed, the province, developers and municipalities could, in theory, bypass some regulations,” oopps ... there’s that word could again! I never understood why municipalities couldn’t maintain oversight for their own drinking supply.
  20. Just curious many guys are working the ramp and how many groomers are in the cabin?
  21. Ya, but these were special aviation goats.
  22. Anybody familiar with the NRC.....witnesses the CV580 flying westbound near the Thousand Islands Bridge about 35-4000’ at 1600lcl...never seen this bird other than in and around YOW....test flight???
  23. Treasury Board president resigning.....Scott Briton quitting politics.HHMmm. Just before Vice Admiral Mark Norman trial starts and just before the election. It was suggested that the investigation of the supply ship contract started after the Irving family sent an email to Brison complaining they weren’t getting their share of the pie. Coincidence?...Deny..Deny Deny....Never liked his arrogance (although he was apparently well liked on both sides of the house...anybody that is gay and goes to a fruit farm during the election must have a good sense of humour).
  24. Here’s another signal to the world that Canada is closed for business and trouble for the sunny ways pm: Opposition to a natural gas pipeline running through Northern British Columbia is surging, with dozens of rallies halting traffic in Vancouver and city centres, and one group of protesters forcing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to change venues for a meeting with Indigenous leaders.
  25. And people wonder why there is an illegal gun problem in Toronto: Btw....this statement is part of the bio of the guy police arrested in Toronto, responsible for their first homicide of 2019. As they say, he was known to police.