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  1. I was/am always skeptical of the claims supporting in house charts.Never got any answers either to questions about whether the annual salaries of technicians and engineers who drew up the charts were included,the print shop [a new colour print press was purchased for the state of the art NG charts which everybody hates]etc.Put my vote down for onboard libraries with a recognized world leader in charting.
  2. Re: salt I didn't mean airside, I meant groundside.It all ends up in the groundwater system sooner or later.
  3. Waaay back somewhere in this thread a comment was made about AC destroying the envrironment.Excuse me, but if you are going to get "granola" on us why don't you take on the airport authorities and get them to restrict the obscene amount of salt they use just about everywhere.There is a hell of a lot more damage caused by the constant use of salt than there is by the occasional and mandated use of deicing fluid, which is recycled.
  4. Did I read 271 metres???? Unbeleivable!!!
  5. Lucky me... never had to deice in Lotusland and don't fly out there regularly but what is "deicing authorization" and how does it work??
  6. I agree.. its one thing to fly around the triangle, but its another kettle of fish on a dark night on the east coast when the alternates are down. Pardon the phrase.
  7. BTW.. I don't think it was a crap comment...maybe a crap answer but what are we talking about here in terms of experience??
  8. re: low time upgrades What is low time these days exactly... total time, ifr, multi, turboprop, turbojet, and i think most important,...time on type or similar???? Give us a clue!
  9. Why bother comparing the Ont highways with YYZ ramps and taxiways??I'm sure if the GTAA used salt on the runways they too would be bare and dry.As for YHZ,did they also recieve 2 hours of mdt. FZR?
  10. It has been almost 5 years since what some said "would never happen".Time to move on and get over it.
  11. I hope nobody is still using the "There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but only 6 ways to leave this airplane..." schtick.
  12. And let's not forget my alltime favourite " assumed room temperature "
  13. I would think if you looked under the Air Canada Act all transaltions have to comply with the "pur laine" statutes...n'est pas??? ie the translator must reside east of Cornwall and west of Wabush.
  14. I think the comment about the pilots' was way out of line .... I was on a SNOJET in YFO
  15. If the all economy on the Atlantic rumour is true,it might be to offer something to compete with Zoom and their 270 seat 76's.I believe they are starting yz/ul/paris soon.
  16. Thanks for the link.I don't know if many other people notice,but I think aviation in Canada is becoming very sterile,at least in yyz...Dash8,320/330/340,737,767 and the odd corporate machine.Not too long ago you might see a DC3,b99,DC4,L188...I miss the variety.YVR seems to be good for plane spotting though, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Flying Beaver!
  17. And my ex thought "I" was negative!!!
  18. Thanks for the prompt response.I believe the aircraft was mostly composite construction,is this the area where the support problems lie?My experience is with the airline side of things and I never actually saw the aircraft or talked with any operators.I take it the aircraft must have performed ok if some operators are not willing to part with it.Cheers
  19. See article in Wed 14 Financial Post.I'm afraid Gerry doesn't sound too positive right now.Unless that's the "Art of the Deal".
  20. While scrolling down through the pics in Airliners.net,there was a couple of shots of about 15 Beech Starships in storage,the caption being that they were ready for scrapping.Are they still airworthy or did they have some regulatory problems? Any ideas??
  21. Ditto for me as well.Used to commute,used to write off meals,hotels,etc but got nervous at the prospects of being audited and having them not only look at current return but previous ones as well.Could get expensive!!My accountant also phoned a retd AC capt who along with some other commuters challenged Revenue Canada with this deduction in court.They lost.
  22. My big concern is Gecas losing patience with this whole protracted process,watching labour with an unseemingly casual attitude to the demise of the company and thousands of their members.Did they not provide us with DIP financing and if they take their toys/aircraft and go home,how will we finance the day to day operation of the company? Or do we still have money in the bank to burn through.Some people think there will be more investors knocking on the door.I do not share their optimism!!
  23. re:report in National Post Feb 17 I would like to know what planet David Anderson is from so we can send him the h'#$ back.No matter what the Liberals try to say,they still think it's ok to raise taxes,even after the latest fiasco, that Canadians feel that they must pay their "fair share" of taxes.I've got news for him and rest of his cronies.BTW,he muses this might be a way of lowering income taxes and working towards the Kyoto goals.What an idiot!!!They just don't get it...Wheres' my drink??
  24. RE; regional aircraft should be in the regional arm of the company. These aircraft aren't regional anymore.I remember looking at a map of Comairs route structure in the US about 2-3 years ago with the RJ.I don't think there was one area of the country that was not covered..from Fla all the way out to West Coast.So now you have Mr.Milton who one minute says he couldn't care less about the domestic market and in the next breath goes out and orders 100 small regional aircraft.Who trusts him and who's to say that the whole of A/C's domestic/transborder structure won't be deemed regional?As far as wide bodies goes, no good news there.. with the exception of DEL and SCL.. mostly shrinkage.No resumption of service to Rome,Copenhagen,Madrid,Manchester,no direct YYZ-HNL, a fraction of the transborder/Caribbean flying that was done a year ago and this is just on the 67.In addition,the 47's seem to be history.It's all about scope which is part of a contract between a union and a company and bargaining in good faith [which seems to be an oxymoron these days] Cheers
  25. I think the Venture piece was really just a bunch of fluff from MotherCorp [oops, the other one]and although it said that the AC employees are furious, it didn't really say why...yeah yeah Milton and the Snake's $20 mill bonus are right up front but what about the huge concessions from the employees, the apparent lack of sacrifice from management, and the lack of apparent change in operations to get us all out of this mess!!! Absolutely nothing about the lie of leaving our pensions alone if we swallowed the concessions and absolutely zilch on trading off mainline a/c for regional jets and letting 2 union groups who work for this company fight it out over jobs...I won't even go near the M word.All in all smoke but no spark...then again its the CBC ..I should have known better.
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