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    Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said they have told the Trump administration there is no justification for troops. Very few people cross into the border into the U.S. from Canada illegally and Canada has universal health care and widespread testing for the virus. And COVID-19 cases are surging more in the U.S. than in Canada.


    Well, maybe it’s “very few” for Chrystia and Justy, but maybe the US takes its borders seriously:


    A total of eight foreign nationals, including the three from India and Italy, have been caught crossing into New York State from Canada within 14 kilometres of Akwesasne since March 14. 

    Five Mexican nationals were caught on March 16 by U.S. border authorities crossing the border in an area about 12 km east of Akwesasne, near Fort Covington.

    I realize the numbers pale in comparison to the US southern border. 

  2. There is a lot of media attention about Canadians from the bad old US of A, but it’s not the only source of possible virus cases:


    The number of flights into Canada bearing people with confirmed infections of COVID-19 continues to rise, including two repatriation flights for Canadians stranded abroad amid pandemic travel restrictions.

    There were 158 international flights to Canada between March 13 and March 27 on which at least one person was found to be infected with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

    Global Affairs, which organizes the repatriation flights operated by commercial airlines, said about 10,000 people have come home in the past two weeks. Six flights from Africa and Europe were scheduled to land on Wednesday, with more flights from Poland, Pakistan, Hungary and other countries planned over the next week.

    As of March 21, more than 420,000 Canadians abroad registered with the government for travel and emergency notices, including rescue flights home amid the pandemic. This is an increase of 72 per cent from a year ago.

    As of Wednesday, there were 391,000 registered, as travellers have been returning.

    The border closing announced on March 18 was expanded on March 20 to include the U.S. border, except for trade. As of March 30, Canadians flying domestically are also subject to health checks by airlines.



  3. And for the outrage at the rumour of US troops being stationed near the border:


    The United States has decided against sending U.S. troops to its border with Canada after the Canadian government said it “strongly opposed” the proposal designed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday evening that the Trump administration spiked the plan because of Canada’s objections. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland stressed earlier in the day that Canadian officials made their opposition to the idea “very, very clear to our American counterparts.” “In terms of what we are doing about it, we are very directly and very forcefully expressing ... that in Canada’s view, this is an entirely unnecessary step which we would view as damaging to our relationship,” said Ms. Freeland during Thursday’s ministerial briefing on the novel coronavirus, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19.
    A senior Canadian official with knowledge of the plan said it would have stationed 1,000 troops about 30 kilometres from the border with ground-based sensor technology to track unauthorized crossings. This information would be relayed to border guards to intercept people. Ms. Freeland said Canadian officials learned of the proposal a few days ago.

    I hate to inform Ms Freeland but this has been the case for over 100’s called Fort Drum, New York and there are about 19000 soldiers stationed there.

    As far as surveillance is concerned: I was at an air show at Wheeler Sack Airfield (10000’ runway on the base) years ago and a drone was on display. The soldier was proudly explaining the aircraft to us and it’s varied missions. My wife casually enquired if it was being used along the river for border surveillance....he quickly replied “I can’t talk about that!”.

    There are numerous arrests by CBP from smuggling ops in the past with the use of electronic surveillance.

  4. Quote

    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada is “urgently discussing” with its American partners the possibility that the United States will deport asylum seekers turned away at Canada’s border. “It is very important to Canada to abide by our international commitments, very much including when it comes to refugees,” Ms. Freeland said. She said Canada is aware of the problems of refoulement – forcing refugees or asylum-seekers to return to a country where they may be subjected to persecution – and that it is important for Canada to be assured that this would not happen to people returned to the United States.

    Last week Canada reversed course on its policy to allow asylum-seekers to enter the country at non-official points of entry to file refugee claims. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair had said that individuals trying to cross anywhere along the border would no longer be referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board. Instead, they will be returned “directly back to the United States.” According to a spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. is planning to deport asylum-seekers to their country of origin that cannot be returned to Canada. “In the event an alien cannot be returned to Mexico or Canada, CBP will work with interagency partners to secure return to the alien’s country of origin and hold the alien for the shortest time possible,” said CBP spokesman Michael Niezgoda in an email. “For those who remain in CBP custody, CBP will, to the extent possible, keep them separated. Symptomatic individuals will be referred to CDC and placed in isolation.” When asked whether Canada would consider reversing its decision to prevent asylum seekers from entering Canada along the border, Ms. Freeland said it is important for the government to abide by its international commitments concerning the treatment of refugees. “Let me just add – and we were clearly alive to those concerns at the time that these agreements were announced,” she said.

    Can someone help me make sense of this, because Canada is in fact, telling a foreign country how it should protect IT’s borders, not our own? The US doesn’t use PC language ... the migrants are called Aliens because they have no status in the US are probably in the country illegally. That’s why they are flocking to Canada. Others are using a US visitor visa (and making false statements) to try enter Canada via the US. And maybe a small point, but these migrants haven’t left the US because they were never allowed to enter Canada. Therefore, they didn’t achieve status as a refugee in Canada, so they continue to be persona non grata in the US.

    Trudeau can’t have it both ways.

    Quotes from an article in the G&M

  5. Quote

    We’re also working with our international partners on this crisis.

    This morning, I had calls with President Sall of Senegal and President Kagame of Rwanda, to share strategies on keeping people safe and addressing the economic impacts of this pandemic.

    I’ve also spoken to Prime Minister Abiy of Ethiopia and President Kenyatta of Kenya about international coordination.

    And tomorrow, I’ll be speaking with other G20 leaders to discuss further global coordination to our response.

    I thought it odd that with the emergency going on here at home, that Africa would be high on the list of Trudeau’s worries.....glad he didn’t get the blank chequebook he was hoping for.....we send enough money overseas on his “pet” projects.

    The quote was from his daily pep talk, Mar 25.

  6. Some things havent changed wrt the Covid crisis:


    While much of the world has come to a relative halt, police officers are still on the roads enforcing the law.

    Leeds County Ontario Provincial Police said they charged nine people for stunt driving in the span of three days on the stretch of Highway 401 between Gananoque and Brockville.

    The speed limit on the 400-series highway is 100 km/h, but police caught several vehicles driving between 152 km/h to 174 km/h. Those charged included:

    • A 24-year-old driver from Montreal
    • A 23-year-old driver from Charlottetown
    • A 20-year-old driver from Brant County, Ontario
    • A 19-year-old from Ottawa
    • A 34-year-old from Waterloo
    • A 27-year-old driver from Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec
    • A 29-year-old from Mirabel, Quebec
    • A 39-year-old driver from London, Ontario
    • A 25-year-old driver from Toronto


  7. 2 hours ago, boestar said:

    you would cut off his hands because you think hes an idiot? 

    Boestar, you are making a lot of assumptions here and of course i want the population to be healthy...I certainly dont want to cut off his hands, I just dont want him to be able to reach deep into my pocket for the next 2 years without oversight.  

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  8. First off , I certainly don’t regard you as I dumb grunt. WH.

    My issue with the Liberals was the potential over reach of their powers, as was initial proposed, to have the power to spend and tax for 2 years without parliamentary oversight.

    I do agree that governments must act quickly to deal with the health and economy, but as proposed, the legislation was a power grab. The election illustrated that the citizens of Canada didn’t trust the liberals from their previous 4 years of majority government.

  9. Not surprising given the current medical crisis:


    As a critical shortage of life-saving medical equipment looms amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is calling on its manufacturers to re-tool their factories in a "war-like effort" to help fill demand.

    The federal government has issued a national call asking businesses to offer products and services in support of Canada's response to the new novel coronavirus.

    Doctors say Canadian hospitals are facing a shortage of supplies including ventilators, masks, gloves and gowns needed to protect healthcare workers as they treat the anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients.

    BUT......why would the government even consider this move??? with the rapid spread of the virus and the need to protect our citizens.....this will not be something Trudeau and his cabinet will be bragging about in their daily pep talks!


    One particularly troubling fact that Gill pointed out is that Canada very recently gave away 16 tonnes of medical equipment to China.

    On Feb. 9, Global Affairs Canada announced that: “To support China’s ongoing response to the outbreak, Canada has deployed approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves to the country since February 4, 2020.”

    Canada’s first case was identified on Jan. 25 and by the time we started shipping that equipment to China we already had 5 confirmed cases.

    What were the feds thinking at the time? Did they believe that our contribution to China would help stop it from coming here? Did they anticipate China would use the masks, wash them off and then ship them back? Or were they not thinking at all?

    Maybe, hopefully, we will learn that one good deed begets another. On Feb. 29, China delivered the first batch of test kits and masks to Iran. On Wednesday, it was announced that China is sending one million masks to France to assist them. 

    Let’s hope, as the weeks progress, China returns the favour to us.

    And these guys wanted the country to give them emergency powers (aka as a dictatorship) til 2021?. The nerve!! Still don’t get they are a minority gov’t.

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  10. Thankyou Justin.....and just how many support staff are helping you maintain your self isolation?? worries about going for food, milk and other necessities of life.

    Tried shopping online for groceries from stores 50 km away (local stores don’t offer the service) .... first available slots for pickup are 8 days away.

  11. Quote

    Mostly agree, except for the Roxham Road issue.  That border crossing should have been closed years ago and most definitely should have been one of the first closed when the severity was discovered and yet it's still open

    Trudeau doesn’t have to suck up to the UN anymore.....the UN has decided borders matter and have suspended refugee resettlement efforts in other countries. And to the point migrants will just find another illegal crossing, Trudeau can remove the golden more processing for healthcare, lodging and benefits!!! No incentive for fake migrants to use money out of their own pocket to travel.


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  12. And is there a connection with Italy now surpassing China in the number of virus deaths???



    Prato, the historical capital of Italy's textile business, has attracted the largest concentration of Chinese-run industry in Europe within less than 20 years.

    As many as 50,000 Chinese live and work in the area, making clothes bearing the prized "Made in Italy" label which sets them apart from garments produced in China itself, even at the lower end of the fashion business.

    In some ways, the Chinese community of Prato has succeeded where Italian companies have failed. Italy's economy has barely grown over the past decade and is only just emerging from recession, partly due to the inability of many small manufacturers to keep up with global competition.......



    Up to two thirds of the Chinese in Prato are illegal immigrants, according to local authorities. About 90 percent of the Chinese factories - virtually all of which are rented out to Chinese entrepreneurs by Italians who own the buildings -break the law in various ways, says Aldo Milone, the city councilor in charge of security.

    This includes using fabric smuggled from China, evading taxes and grossly violating health and labor regulations. This month a fire, which prosecutors suspect was set off by an electric stove, killed seven workers as they slept in cardboard cubicles at a workshop.....

    But part of the problem is that 60 percent of Chinese workshops last just two years, often closing and reopening under a different name to evade checks by tax authorities. Illegal immigrants found by the police are ordered to leave Italy within five days, but there is no way of making sure that they actually do so, said the city councilor for security, Milone. "It's a joke," he said.

    Moreover, many illegal immigrants arrive on three-month tourist visas but stay in Italy for a few years, until they make enough money to go back to China.

    So yeah.....borders do have a lot to do with the problem.


  13. We were insured by Medoc Johnson thru AC Pionairs.....caveat emptor... so this 10 day return issue might apply to others. 

    I tried to obtain additional coverage through Medipac but you have to originate in Canada, they wont bind you if you are already in another country. The agent indicated that other policy holders were trying to re-insure but it wasn't possible. He said it is his busiest time in 20 years in the business. 

     We are in St Pete Beach and feel the same way, but, not ready to spin the wheel with no coverage in the US.