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  1. Standing by for the worlds Muslim community to stand up, express outrage and condemn the latest killings. Or is it just another day in the Muslim world? More than 130 killed in Mali massacre as UN visits Will trudeau extend the Mali mission at the UNs request and roll the dice with possible Canadian fatalities going in to the election?? You know....Canada’s back ..... peacekeeping, the world knows that’s what we do best.... Hhhhmmmmm.
  2. Or any announcements for the military....I guess the big acquisition was the used f18s and a coastal defense ship with a 50 cal mounted on it.
  3. Just when trudeau thought LavScam was behind him, Ms Philpott speaks up:
  4. And in our own backyard: “If you weren’t careful, you might have missed it: a brief 160-word item, tucked deep inside the budget, labelled Supporting Canadian Journalism. // Only if you turned back further still, to an annex marked Tax Measures: Supplementary Information, would you find the details. What you would discover, if you did, was how a bad idea in principle was likely to be infinitely worse in practice. // There are any number of objections to the government getting into the game of propping up failing news organizations: that taking money from the people we cover will place us in a permanent and inescapable conflict of interest; that it will produce newspapers concerned less with appealing to readers than to grantsmen; that it will not only leave us dependent on government, but without standing to oppose such dependence in others; that it will solve none of our problems, but only encourage us to put off dealing with them; that it is all so bloody unnecessary. // You say something like this is already in place, in broadcasting? Yes it is. I’m not sure the CBC is really an advertisement for the wonders of subsidized newsgathering. But that’s not the point. Maybe there’s a place for the CBC, or something like it, as one offering among others. The point is, if this goes through, everything will be subsidized: print, broadcast, the works — a whole industry of CBCs. If you were searching for a way to kill the news business, you couldn’t do a better job. These are excerpts from an Andrew Coyne article:
  5. Then there is this personal view:
  6. The double standard seems to be popular these days......still waiting for more details on the Danforth attacks.
  7. This might seem to be an extreme case but in our backyard.....How is the Sunwing experience working out??
  8. And just when the SNC Lav scam dies down, the Liberals will face scrutiny with the VA Mark Norman trial: One salient point, which I’m sure will be brought out by the defense is that Trudeau boasted that charges would be brought against, even BEFORE the RCMP started investigating! And now the Post is reporting a privacy issue with the government leaking info to IRving about a reporters request for government info on another shipbuilding contract.
  9. Somebody in the feds was crowing about the job numbers and how the majority were in Ontario....somehow I doubt they would give credit to Fords policies!
  10. Do you think spending millions would matter to a liberal if it meant clearing up the their image going into an election? They are squandering BILLIONS! Reybould Wilson said nothing illegal you think as Justice Minister she would admit to an illegal act occurring, and not doing anything about it?? Something was going on and she didn’t want to incriminate herself in the judicial committee. So lets clear the air and find out what went on.
  11. So Deicer... “They're all greasy. It's all just political theater in an election year. “ This doesn’t seem to be the case, as the OECD has concerns how this liberal government is interferring with the country’s judicial system. Lets have a real judicial inquiry a la Gomery or let the RCMP investigate and take the politics out of the show.
  12. For those who wonder how we ever got to where we are now, with a PM that is obviously anti-pipeline, anti western jobs:
  13. I wondered where they would park them....ramp space is at a premium at most busy airports.
  14. Of course Eddie would see it that way......a little perspective, please. Eddie was Chrétien’s right hand man that brought us the Sponsorship scandal. Liberal spin doctors at work...nothing to see here other than obstruction of justice by the PM.
  15. Or this one: Air Transat flight makes emergency landing at Newark airport after reports of fire onboard
  16. And of course, the Ethiopian pilot had relatives in Canada: Interesting point in the interview with the aunt when she states his communications with the would she know what was transmitted/occurred??
  17. “The pilot has been identified as Yared Getachew, 28, of Addis Ababa. According to a statement issued by relatives in Northern Virginia, Getachew had 8,000 hours of flight time and was the youngest pilot in Ethiopian Airlines history to captain a Boeing 737.“ The total time seems a little high for somebody that age....I know it’s possible but it seems suspect.....even by North American standards. And a question about the MCAS it possible to deactivate the system wrt to cockpit switches or is it an integral part of the flight control system?? Has the 37 gone fbw or is it still mechanical?
  18. For those not familiar with the aircraft, check it out...... a beast From the same designer that produced the Hurricane, this machine was ideal for ground attack....with cannon, bombs and rockets. The engine was a cantankerous 24 cylinder H pattern developing about 2400 hp. (There used to cutaway model of the Napier Sabre engine on display at the Ottawa airport a few years ago). “It was during the Falaise action that Sir Sydney Camm’s Typhoon performed spectacularly as a close-support fighter-bomber second to none. The plane that had such a troubled development and almost never become operational proved itself as perhaps the deadliest fighter in the Allied arsenal. Typhoons were in action for the rest of the European war as the Allied armies crossed the River Rhine and pushed into Germany. Soon, however, their season was over. Production was ended in 1944, with 3,205 Typhoons having been built. All but about 20 were produced by Gloster Aircraft Company.” A great airplane that had an understated but critical role in the invasion of Europe.
  19. And for all of trudeaus boasts about female MPs coming forward with outspoken mp from Whitby seems to have a different take on his sincereity: And why is this first time MP not seeking re-election...she denies it has to do with the snc controversy but.... There are two issues bubbling away here.....political interference in the justice system and Trudeau’s issues in dealing with his female MPs.
  20. The accompanying video lays out the background of the “crisis” (for some communities) facing the “country” (Toronto) and points the blame directly where it belongs. And as I sit here, another (targeted) shooting in Toronto at a gas station..... and a handgun was found in the vehicle beside the victim ( I doubt it was found in a locked case, with a trigger lock, in the trunk or in a concealed location).
  21. Are we sure it was about jobs?? Or just connected people wanting a few favours to keep the stock price up and avoid bad press?? It’s all about who you know and friends in high places........too bad about the blue collar guys out west....nobody is pulling for them. Oh,......and getting re-elected in Quebec.
  22. As Blair gets ready to make a major policy announcement, you can bet it won’t address the real issues: “According to the Six Nations source, one man may be behind it all. For legal reasons, the Sun is not naming the man. But he is well known for having a stranglehold on drug trafficking on the reserve. Toss in prostitution and weapons smuggling and the man is a force to be reckoned with.” Between the Six Nations at Brantford and the Mohawks at Akwasasne, and the CBSAs inability to pursue cars that run the crossing without stopping.......the problem of guns and criminals will continue unabated.
  23. I’ve got a pain in my ass.....will he apologize for that?
  24. Paul Wells ...who knew?? Previously pro liberal....maybe some independence after all.
  25. A prime example of liberal spin......carbon tax rebate.....for a tax you have had to pay for every day necessities wrt a program that does nothing to change the climate: The new fuzzy phrase.....climate action incentive mention of the tax and you’re getting SOME of you OWN money’s a payment courtesy of the government to make the individual feel like you are helping the climate.