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  1. Yeah...of course he’s talking at a women’s conference....forget taxes, regulations, markets...large high tech companies will be lining up to invest in Canada because of our endless supply of unskilled diaspora...trump must be rolling on the floor laughing (not that I’m a fan of his). Careful jt ... you’re ego is starting to show. The only thing he listens to, is what jerry butts tells him to do.
  2. st27

    Mid Air Ottawa

    I found it interesting that the Cheyenne reported being hit from below....the approach speed on the twin would be maybe 110 vs 70 for a 150 .... ???? See and be seen.
  3. Slowing real estate/economy???? People have maxed out credit??
  4. st27

    WOW coming to YVR

    Just reported on CityTv....IcelandAir is buying WOW....
  5. st27

    Mid Air Ottawa

    The accident happened at Carp...anybody know who has a Cheyenne based there?
  6. st27

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    And the Trudeau hotel solution for migrants doesn’t work .... now the stays are being extended to you really think they will be turfed out in the middle of winter??
  7. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    So. stumbled across this article from 5 years many more like him today????
  8. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    This past summer there was a traffic stop (part of a gang crackdown) that resulted in the seizure of 60 handguns that had been smuggled across at Cornwall. Heres another 25 that were going to hit the from theses two incidents, a total of 85 handguns destined for the criminal many more are coming in that don’t get seized??? And Blair and the Turd have the nerve to say legal gun owners are the problem?? They clearly don’t have the stones to address the real problem...for these guys, it’s all about the appearance of doing something.
  9. Can’t help but be skeptical of back room deals with the pipelines....Denis Coderre, mayor of Montreal who publicly skewered Energy East pipeline and. Former Liberal cabinet minister...doesn’t pass the smell test.
  10. st27

    Angry White Men

    Excuse me for living!!!
  11. Sorry...liberal thread drift...You can close the thread but we still suffer from her legacy.
  12. I wish I could withhold taxes in protest, instead of watching somebody else waste what I have in point:
  13. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Don’t forget that almost half of homicides involve stabbing and the recent rise in fatalities due to drunk driving.....but yeah, it’s not as glamorous to street hoods that like to carry.
  14. Another one gone....the high cost of doing business in Ontario, and yes, the Liberal Carbon tax in addition to trump fallout. It all goes to the bottom line.
  15. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    What’s more troubling is the “private” consultations going on with minister of public support the govt position of a handgun ban.
  16. The turd has explained year 1 of the plan, some (not me) will get back more than they pay (for gas).....has he said that for year 4 when they will be taxxing at $50/ton and have they forecast the impact on the economy?? They never explain the full costs....
  17. Thankyou Ben Levin.....child porn addict and special advisor to wynne and deputy minister of education for what used to be Ontario...
  18. The article did state they were streamlining operations and closing another plant in the south......I’m sure these Canadian ex-employees won’t be looking fwd to the carbon tax.
  19. More pain for small town Ontario.....
  20. st27

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Won’t the 87 be able levels above the NAT airspace? Random routes shouldn’t be a problem.
  21. Buyer’s remorse, I hope. And how typically Canadian to throw stones and howl moral outrage at sexual assault cases south of the border but ignore our own pm’s exploits.
  22. I wouldn’t paint Canadians with such a broad brush...most people see things for what they are. It is only the governing party that comes up with this crap: brutal, inhuman criminals who rape, torture, behaead, massacre other humans = foreign travellers migrants who wander into a country expecting health care, meals, accommodation = asylum seekers kidnap, rape, brutal murder by way of a hammer, assault = bad practices opposing views to liberal mantra = islamophobes, alt right, racist, policy issues he is unable to solve = Harper did it
  23. If it’s doing fine....why does the turd have to run huge deficits (with no end in sight) in the “boom” times??? He states he is worried about the children’s future ... he doesn’t seem concerned about them having to to clean up his economic mess.
  24. I listened to talk radio stations...a polar opposite to your “CBC” listeners...will the carbon tax do any good??? All the callers stated it was a tax grab, didn’t have any faith in government returning the money, but most of all didn’t think it would do any good on a global scale. In rural eastern Ontario, most people are heating by wood/pellet stoves to save money from high energy costs....not much reduction in ghgs there. The direct opposite to the green energy goals. This tax is a metrosexual solution to a country that is 80% rural (by land mass).
  25. st27

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Not a duck but it does have feathers: You be the judge!