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  1. I’m sure the farmers have crop yields down to the last penny.....unfortunately, the Libs could care less about yields...they are more worried about sound bites.
  2. Anybody notice this wonder Trudeau got cold feet with Wilson Raybould : “The Saugeen Ojibway Nation is pressing a claim to ownership of government land across the entire Bruce Peninsula and a legally unique claim for Aboriginal title over the “water territory” around it — stretching from the international boundary with the United States in Lake Huron across to Georgian Bay — along with compensation that could amount, by their accounting, to $90 billion.”
  3. And with the economy roaring away, as the Libs like to take credit for, they still manage to piss away the surplus:
  4. It will be an interesting election with another trudeau Liberal veteran deciding not to run...
  5. What got us 15 years of Liberals is the public’s fantasy that governments have an unlimited ability to borrow money...even federal lib Paul Martin got the message: “When the federal government faced a growing debt problem in the late 1980s, then Opposition finance critic Paul Martin was initially skeptical about cutting spending. In 1989, he labelled mild government efforts to cut spending as “ideological.” Six years later, as finance minister, Martin recognized that cascading debt and compounding interest on such debt have an unrelenting logic all their own: “The debt and deficit are not inventions of ideology,” said Martin in 1995. “They are facts of arithmetic. The quicksand of compound interest is real." So, again, when will people realize Ontario is broke and it won’t end well when the economy goes bust. ”The auditor general warns of three consequences of Ontario’s existing massive indebtedness: debt interest siphons away tax dollars from social programs (currently nine cents of every dollar collected by the government goes to paying interest on debt). More debt means a higher risk from interest rates when they rise. And the potential for a credit rating downgrade would further drive up borrowing costs. The danger of Ontario’s indebtedness is real. Consider that in 2013/14 interest on the provincial debt was $10.6 billion. According to the province’s fall fiscal update, that was just over half of all provincial sales tax revenue paid by Ontarians last year ($20.5 billion). So Ontarians should know that when you pay your provincial sales tax at the till, half of it flutters away just to pay your provincial government’s debt interest. And the credit downgrade has started already......” Bond rating agency Moody's has downgraded the credit ratings of seven public organizations in Ontario days after lowering the province's credit rating. Moody's says the downgrade affects three hospitals, one public university and three other government bodies, but says it has also changed their outlooks to stable from negative. So good luck to the next government that wants to spend, spend , spend.........but we will end up paying the piper and ending up with less services.
  6. I think that for the penalties paid, while in the millions, the costs/efficiencies will be re-couped over the longer term. Another way of looking at it...if the deficit was not addressed and you have a small rise in interests many more millions would be flushed down the toilet with increased payments on the deficit. If you want to be worried about paying money for nothing, you should be worried about wasting money paying for interest on the Liberal created deficit. Interest payments have increased almost $1 billion since 2015 and is the 4th largest area of government spending!!!! Ontario government debt. ... As of March 31, 2018, the Ontario government's total debt is projected to be CDN$348.79 billion. The Debt-to-GDP ratio for 2017-2018 is 37.1% and interest on the debt is CDN$11.97 billion, representing 8.0% of Ontario'srevenue and its fourth-largest spending area. Ontario government debt - Wikipedia The unions and leftist Toronto city councillors still don’t get it.....Ontario is broke!
  7. Just for the record, it wasn’t just Scheer who didn’t mention Muslims......Liberal Minister Goodale and Liberal appointed GG Payette were also “guilty”: -- Andrew Scheer says criticism over his initial failure to mention that Muslims were targeted in the recent mass murder in New Zealand is "completely baseless" and driven by "disgusting" Liberal efforts to score political points from the tragedy. Moreover, he argued that initial tweets by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Governor General Julie Payette also didn't specifically mention mosques or Muslims. And it’s funny how the election is shaping up, far from the Liberals pledge to avoid name calling, which the media is to blame as well, but here is a sample of words/phrases from the articles in Deicer s post: white supremecist, cowardly silence, alt right, white nationalists, toxic company, racism infused policies, Canadian bigots, rancid shoulder to rancid shoulder, odious likes of, dangerous sinister slope. Pretty hard taking the bias out of those pieces and coming up with an unbiased view of Scheer and the Conservatives.
  8. The headline is somewhat misleading The last paragraph is a big one.....Avianca Brasil is separate from Avianca Holdings.
  9. We’ll see if this blows up in Justin’s face (can’t imagine these folks will like the carbon tax either but that’s another thread): But then we find this little gem buried with no real explanation from the Libs:
  10. As we have seen with the resource industry, companies move to where there is a business friendly climate. Would you want to be the politician that hikes corporate tax rates, companies abandon Canada and then watch as job losses mount?? Ask Trudeau how he thinks his chances are in western Canada right now. And Wynne found out the same thing when she was in power (unfriendly business environment). So go ahead...raise corporate rates and see what happens.
  11. And from a writer for the Globe and Mail: But carbon taxes are on a losing streak. Too many people don’t like them, no matter how revenue-neutral they’re supposed to be. The central problem is that they’are either too low to be effective, or they’re so high that the politicians responsible for introducing them will get booted out of office. As David Leonhardt writes in The New York Times, the record isn’t encouraging. Barack Obama tried to pass a climate bill and failed. The Australian Labor Party introduced a carbon tax and was swiftly kicked out. France’s Emmanuel Macron’s gas tax increase was rolled back after it led to a general uprising. U.S. Democrats’ sweeping Green New Deal proposal doesn’t even mention carbon taxes. One often-cited exception is British Columbia, which introduced a carbon tax in 2008. For several years, the province’s emissions fell as the economy grew. “Does a carbon tax work? Just ask British Columbia,”gushed the Times, along with many others. B.C. gets glowing reviews from carbon-tax enthusiasts. But in fact, the B.C. government has abandoned its famous revenue neutrality. And GHG emissions have started going up again. B.C. is now stuck with the highest gas prices of any province in the country and little to show for it............ Another skeptic is Jeffrey Ball, a former energy reporter for The Wall Street Journal, who’s written a similar piece for Foreign Affairs. Like Mr. Leonhardt, he believes climate change is a huge and urgent problem. But he also thinks the facts should drive the policies. “Even under the rosiest of circumstances, carbon pricing will produce only a fraction of the emission cuts needed to put the world onto a sufficiently low-carbon path,” he writes. He thinks there’s much more to be gained in phasing out coal plants, emphasizing nuclear energy, slashing fossil-fuel subsidies and toughening energy-efficiency requirements. If there were easy ways to tackle climate change, we’d have results by now. Instead, the world’s carbon emissions reached a record in 2017. Canada’s emissions were up, too. That is not an excuse for doing nothing. It’s simply an admission of the facts: We don’t yet have the tools we need. In fact, carbon taxes have a downside, because they give you the illusion that you’re actually doing something that will make a difference. “A policy prescription widely billed as a panacea is acting as a narcotic,” Mr. Ball writes. “It’s giving politicians and the public the warm feeling that they’re fighting climate change even as the problem continues to grow.” And that’s what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate policy amounts to – a warm and fuzzy feeling dressed up as action. Its effect on carbon emissions will be non-existent. Its effect on interprovincial relations is already awful and likely to get worse. On top of that, Mr. Trudeau could soon have five premiers battling him in court, in what amounts to the greatest federal-provincial split in recent times. A carbon tax is better than doing nothing, people say. Or is it? Carbon taxes are great in theory. If only they worked MARGARET WENTE THE GLOBE AND MAIL April 20 at 8:00 AM ET
  12. Yikes....sometimes it’s good to be flying the old technology instead of the latest and “greatest” .... remember the old axiom: Never fly the A model of anything.
  13. I think this scenario has played out before.....non flying pilot had some “personal effects” beside him and they deflected his side stick, when they transitioned to normal law the aircraft rolled from the command of the non flying sidestick position. These personal effects would have had to have been placed after the flt control check.....a lot of ifs but isn’t this the way accidents happen?
  14. And now that education is under the many new high priced certified teaching positions were created when Wynne went ahead with full time kindergarten??
  15. “It took Ontario decades to turn around from Harris.” You mean to spend our way into oblivion and put the province so far into debt that citizens believe the government can pay for everything. Let alone the business climate created from Liberal taxation policies, red tape and the disastrous Green energy program. Wait until real estate/building tanks and people are faced to deal with their personal debts. Oh, and by the way, why was Mike Harris having to cut programs and spending?? Chretien just solved his problem by letting the province’s twist in the wind .....thanks, Jean.. He also raided the EI coffers, but nobody remembers that. “Why is it conservative governments (Ontario, U.S.) always have cuts to education funding as one of their first items on the agenda?“ In Ontario, it’s because its the largest expenditure after healthcare and 72 cents out of every $ goes to teachers salaries ( and enrolement is dropping-Most education funding in Ontario is disbursed on the basis of student enrolment, and for many school boards enrolment has been declining in recent years. ... Between 2011 and 2016, enrolment in Ontario secondary schools declined by 63,742 students.Sep 24, 2018)
  16. Hopefully, people like this are becoming more vocal: Once the questions are posed, the response is the same yada, yada, yada..... but people aren’t buying it anymore. btw... I would like to know what skills, trades, etc are being imported with the pms current diverse immigrants with language challenges, trade (if any) certification issues, etc.
  17. Could could could....but the last line of the article is most telling.....why would Wynne hand over the monopoly to the brewers for another 10 years??
  18. I guess it was only a matter of time.....buyer beware, for those that partake in the bud (at least in the street variety):
  19. Just like islamophobia, white supremacy will not have a specific definition under the liberals....just a phrase be used as a general smear against anyone (you and me) that has, by no fault of their own, called this country home, and happens to speak out against the trudeau agenda.... .
  20. Trudeau used to criticize Harper for meddling with bureaucrats and the independence of the civil service. Once again, he has betrayed his core values for political expediency.
  21. Please do not encourage these back bench MP,s to do anything of the sort. They need to be shown the door, complicit in the whole team Trudeau debacle. The last thing that I would want to see is this bunch of yes men/women be rewarded with an indexed federal pension. Watching “Question Period” in the hoc makes me ill, knowing theses buffoons have a hand in running the country.
  22. And as if more proof was needed to illustrate the pointlessness of a hand gun ban:
  23. I guess the turd has sensed his immigration platform is not going over well with Canadians, and since an election is near: “Buried in this year's omnibus budget implementation bill is a series of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that essentially disqualify asylum-seekers who have made a claim for refugee protection in any other country. Once the bill receives royal assent, an asylum-seeker can be deported without a hearing, which would seem to violate the Charter as affirmed by Singh v. Canada, where the Supreme Court determined that Charter rights extend to everyone physically on Canadian soil.”
  24. This scenario has played out many times..being early and no gates available, ground delays etc.. I make a point to keep passengers appraised of the issues that they have paid for in user fees....whether it be the Gtaa not being able to provide gates for the volume of traffic or Navcan not being able to accommodate traffic when the wind blows out of the north in the super hub.