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  1. There seems to be a mentality of “its ok....I got it, it won’t happen to me” these days.... Despite the noble goals of some travellers, people continue to put themselves in harms way.
  2. Another message for companies investing in Canada....and the irony of the Canada’s environmental rules... Near Kingston, Ontario lies Amherst Island ... a renowned sanctuary for owls and other birds.... but despite the protests of residents and environmentalists...26 wind turbines have been erected.
  3. The latest gunfight in YZ is going to get some was in the upscale Beaches neighbourhood and the duellists were driving a Mercedes and an Audi suv... And for all the heated debate about guns in Toronto, they were used in a little more than half the murders. The first murder in Toronto for 2019 was the result of a stab wound.
  4. I think Trudeau et al have made a strategic decision to deal with the veterans pension issue and try to put it behind them...more votes to be gained by pandering to “new” Canadians...we will see if it was the right strategy.
  5. Michael Bryant...head of CCLA....does that name ring a bell?. Think Dalton McGuinty.
  6. This event doesn’t count: a) they were bowling b) it happened in the US
  7. On the other hand, it’s not just shootings and knifings making the news in Toronto: This is a huge issue that hasn’t been getting much press but exists all along the 401. Maybe our feminist prime minister should get Bill Blair on the case.
  8. So if Trudeau is so concerned about the environment and cites BC as a province leading the way with its carbon tax, opposition to dirty oil and pipelines, tanker traffic, and protection of the environment.....where is his government on deforestation of old growth forests (as well as coal exports). The Sierra club is now stating the logging in BC will rival that of deforestation of the Amazon rain forest and that these old growth forests store more carbon than any other forests, per hectare.
  9. Further to Jaydee’s post....Despite what Trudeau promised in the election, he seems to have “solved” the veteran pension issue in an omnibus bill that was passed before the Christmas vacation and before the opposition and veterans could respond. To revisit Trudeau’s election platform....what happened to clear and transparent government, honesty with veterans issues, and doing away with omnibus bills??....not like mean old Harper.
  10. Another $133 million spending announced (although it was buried in the budget) just doesn’t seem to make headlines anymore.
  11. Toronto off to a fine start in 2019.... Have heard the police now use an acronym when the see suspicious characters on the street....FIDO ....f€¥k it, drive on.
  12. Another mess that is only getting worse.....for all that Toronto brags about, with a growing population, the heart of Canada’s economic engine, etc. .... health care must be getting to a crisis point. “Across the province people spend an average of 16 hours in the emergency room before getting admitted. That’s more than two hours longer than three years ago.” Just don’t get sick in Toronto.
  13. Here’s a troubling perspective from a prominent Muslim writer reflecting on the religion of peace: Sun Daily Headlines 2019-01-02&utm_term=TORSUN_HeadlineNews
  14. Another day at Jane and Finch..... Sounds tragic until little 17 year old “Shaquille” pulls out his .380 and returns fire. For those not familiar, Jane and Finch is a neighbourhood in Toronto with a high percentage of diversity with an even higher crime rate.
  15. Interesting story in the comments section from the Sun the shooters brother (who is still in a drug overdosed coma). The story goes police/firefighters were called to the brothers apartment where they found 42 kgs of Carefentanil and 33 handguns....enough drug to kill the population of Canada!!!! So, could this have been a possible Isis/Muslim terror attack in the making?? If true, the government definitely wouldn’t want these facts spoiling the diversity/Muslim narrative,
  16. Leave it to Trudeau....couldn’t resist keeping politics out of his Christmas message....the re-election campaign has begun: We are liberals and damn! .. we are good and know what’s good for you!! I did notice that it was a holiday for reference to diversity...who da thunk?
  17. After a tirade like that....sorry doesn’t cut it. I think I would land at the nearest airport, change flt #s, and hope for a controller shift change.
  18. Any word on what he pays his Latino groundskeepers??
  19. Finally ... our pm has some good news to share with all those Nigerians and Haitians that have wandered in to our country.....hundreds of high paying jobs will be created in Toronto..oh .. wait a minute ...they just happen to be those clean high tech jobs that he wants the economy to transition to... I guess our migrants will just have to clog the social systems for just a little bit longer, maybe 4-5 years.
  20. Doug is too busy cleaning up the mess that Wynne for the power workers, I would like the NDP to answer why people lose lights and heat in the coldest period of the winter if talks broke down...tough choice but the government was between a rock and a hard place. Imo “The notice of a strike also came on Friday, a day after members of the Power Workers' Union rejected a contract offer from OPG. OPG spokesperson Neal Kelly told CBC News that means workers could start a days-long process of shutting down nuclear power plants, before potentially launching a strike on Jan. 4, 2019. The organization that manages Ontario's power system said in a statement Friday that a strike at OPG would put the system's reliability at risk. "The shutdown of OPG's nuclear and hydroelectric facilities could occur in approximately three weeks. At that point Ontario would not have the generation needed to meet consumer demand and customers would begin losing power," the Independent Electricity System Operator said in a statement.”
  21. I chuckled as the chair of the TDSB was interviewed on local tv....not sure how many viewers noticed she was standing in front of her Porsche Cayenne. From a total budget of education spending projected to be $29 BILLION !!! From a province that has annual deficit of $16 Billion and total debt of $350 BILLION. This $25 mill is spread out throughout the province. Just trying to put things in perspective. And here is where the Liberal government spends it: i
  22. Trudeau keeps referring to BC’s success with its economy AND supporting a carbon tax, and soon we will have the hard sell from climate barbie on eliminating dirty coal from the UN meeting in Poland.... why don’t the critics point out this dirty little secret??? And exactly how much GHGs are being produced from another major segment of the economy?
  23. Didn’t know what to post this under, but it’s kind of an interesting :
  24. Me too....kind of ignored the post a few times for that reason. After watching the clip, I was surprised and some nice displays of airmanship, especially around the 8:10 mark and 18:00 with some nice technique displayed by the EMB 145 (?). The 757 at 19:00 was surprising, nose about 20* off centreline...never could bring myself to try that.
  25. At what nose up attitude would you have to attain to scrape the tail? It would have to be approaching 8-9*, which would be quite dramatic imo.