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  1. Turn about .... fair play ???
  2. just a temporary absence, Wolfhunter?
  3. More dumb criminals......speeding in the middle of the night and you have illegal stuff on board.....I get it .... WE BAD!! “Leeds County Ontario Provincial Police officers seized two loaded handguns while arresting four people early Wednesday morning. Police stopped a westbound vehicle allegedly travelling at almost twice the posted speed limit on Highway 401, in Leeds and the Thousand Islands, at about 2:10 a.m. There was cannabis readily available to the driver, said police. Officers reportedly located and seized two loaded handguns. All four occupants of the vehicle were charged with two counts of possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, possession of prohibited or restricted firearm/ammunition, carrying a concealed weapon, and being the occupant of a vehicle knowing there was a firearm, as well as one count of possession of more than 30 grams of dried cannabis in a public place. Cathy Orestil, 21, of Montreal, was also charged with two counts of unauthorized possession of a firearm and one count of the Highway Traffic Act offence of stunt driving. Steven Brice Pierre, 20, of Montreal, faces two counts of knowledge of unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm or ammunition contrary to prohibition order and failing to comply with a probation order. Kevin Raminaraine, 19, of Terrebonne, Quebec was charged with two counts of possession of a firearm or ammunition contrary to prohibition order, knowledge of unauthorized possession of a firearm and failing to comply with a recognizance, as well as one count of possession of break-in instruments.”
  4. I guess I am passé.... what’s was up with the tide pods?
  5. So Ralph and Bill say the country is safe, the liberals take public security VERY many guys like this have wandered in to the country?
  6. Not a real surprise but another indication of how vindictive the turd is, contrary to his projected image of doing politics differently:
  7. And now it’s here: “Milton, Ont., police investigating possible opioid-laced pot after teens overdose MIKE HAGER THE GLOBE AND MAIL May 16 at 8:53 PM ET Police in the Toronto bedroom community of Milton are investigating whether two teenagers smoked cannabis tainted with an opioid after they suffered overdoses similar to those caused by fentanyl. Officers responded to a small gathering of friends early Wednesday afternoon after a neighbour witnessed a 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man collapse on the back porch of a house in a new subdivision and called the authorities, according to Inspector Kevin Maher of the Halton Regional Police Service. Both victims were found unconscious with vomit around them and the stench of cannabis, he said. Officers quickly administered naloxone to both victims, Insp. Maher said, with one waking up right away and the other needing another dose of the antidote before both were transferred to hospital. Both teens were released on Wednesday night and police are now trying to find out whether they took other substances before the overdoses or whether the cannabis in a bong found at the scene was tainted with a powerful opioid, he said.”
  8. This will back up the courts for years: Destroying the country proving how democratic we can be.
  9. A nice summary of events in the VA Norman debacle from a former Liberal:
  10. Ahhh ..... the cowards way out.....the Crown is dropping the charges against Mark Morman.......after ruining his career, costing him thousands of $$$$ in his defense, and denying him the opportunity to clear his name.... the scum of a man that calls himself the pm didn’t want to be embarrassed again in the upcoming election after the AG released a scathing report on the Refugee Board, Refugees and government services. Hopefully, the defense will file a lawsuit for damages. Why am I surprised? (And if the turd tries to say the prosecutor is independent from the pmo, he forgets what snc/lavalin proved. We have a new attorney general to protect the pm and do his bidding).
  11. With an impact like that, maybe the gear was punched up through the wing and compromised the fuel system. There was a low cost operator of this type in Brussels, but they were getting rid of them for poor reliability.
  12. Did somebody say there was an election in the near future?? More of our money being spent on vote buying....for a family with 4 kids (2 under 6 and 2 between 6-17), it’s about $22 k in cash, tax free, per year from the Libs....just imagine how some of our new immigrant families are doing with their large numbers of kids. No wonder people are lining up at our our borders .... with all our financial supports for refugees (are we still keeping hotels busy??), it’s got to be the most generous system going .... even people from Nigeria are making the trip!
  13. And it all started with that weasel Brison!! Trudeau boasted that charges would likely be laid, even before the RCMP were involved. Norman’s defense lawyer should have a field day with that. A source says Leslie informed the Prime Minister’s Office last year about his offer to testify. That news “didn’t go over well,” said the source, describing the reaction as “stunned silence.”
  14. Besides the recent spike in impaired driving inToronto recently, we still have issues like this: “A high-flying driver with a restricted licence was stopped for speeding on Highway 401 early Thursday morning. Leeds County Ontario Provincial Police clocked the eastbound driver at 172 km/h on the highway through the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands. When the 20-year-old driver from North York was stopped, the OPP found she had a G1 licence, which, among other things, prohibits drivers from 400-series highways and from driving between midnight and 5 a.m. The woman had her car towed and impounded for seven days. She has been charged with stunt driving, driving on a prohibited highway and driving at an unlawful hour.” Time to start naming names....maybe that will have an effect! Her inexperience also will get her killed for another reason....wildlife. At this time of year, animals are starting to move around and at that speed at night, you won’t be able to avoid them. Maybe more people should see what a car looks like after it hits a deer. Seeing lots of beaver roadkill as well.
  15. Of all the things trudeau has to worry about coming into the election....this is a topper: And if there is a crowd fund for Mark Norman, please contribute......everybody else seems to be getting their legal costs covered except for the accused.....thanks a pant load little potatoe, you vindictive **bleep**! “CTV News has also learned that Leslie asked that his legal costs be covered by the government, and that request has been signed off on, sources said. In contrast, CTV News has learned that Norman’s legal fees, which are not being covered by the government, have grown to more than $500,000 and that this has presented him with a serious financial burden that sources tell CTV News is very difficult for him to deal with at the moment.”
  16. Interesting ... have a friend that is pushing me to go back instructing (once I retire) and there is not enough in it for me. Getting recertified is a big undertaking, financially and I’m not sure many clubs/schools would be interested in my idea of a schedule. I spent some time teaching at Bonavair, Ottawa back in the day.
  17. I get a kick out of the leftist anti fa protesters that believe in their cause so much that they feel compelled to cover their faces. Cowards.
  18. From the former President of the Liberal Party of Canada:
  19. And Justin thought the Lavalin affair was behind him:
  20. Canada needs a return to a positive business environment.... whether the current government likes it or not, resource development is/was a major part of our economy, and bill c 69 will effectively kill it. The clean green tech sector does not happen overnight, nor does government meddling work. Look no further than the provincial Libs in Ontario and the GEA.
  21. From the CBC: During an appearance with Abe, he spoke about the diplomatic relations between "Canada and China," before quickly correcting himself. Later on, he accidentally referred to Japan as China again. Not exactly the coverage Scheer would have received if he had made a similar faux pas.
  22. Was it just me or did I hear trudeau thank China instead of Japan in his closing remarks at today’s meeting with the Japanese PM? He also may have insulted the Japanese PM by referring to him by his first name...not done in Japanese culture. polls show him at 27% compared to Scheer and the Tories.
  23. Interesting reading but it is dated feb 2017......the government’s agenda continues....