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  1. I guess the word is out on the UN plan: What is more troubling is a link in the article referring to the proponents of this plan. Why wouldn’t it be our own immigrant Immigration minister?? If it is costing $400 million so far for the migrants who wander in, how much will it cost when the flood gates open, health care, housing, and education included. UN FREAKIN BELIEVABLE! The starting premise of the Compact is that caring for those forced to flee their home is a shared responsibility that must be borne more equitably and predictably. As stated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Millions of people around the world are fleeing their homes because of conflict and persecution. The international community must come together to address their immediate needs and to help rebuild their lives.” The Compact and its renewed commitment toward refugees and the countries and communities that host them is a moment of truth, as it calls upon all players—development actors, the private sector, non-governmental and faith-based organizations, and states—to contribute and to share responsibilities in a fairer manner.
  2. If things weren’t bad enough (imo) on loss of control of our borders wrt migrants,given the turds views on Canada being a post national state, and his ego to place himself on a pedestal among world leaders......this upcoming meeting of the UN will be downright scary: Little has been said of this nationally, but it basically hands over our control of immigration to the UN and what they think Canada should be doing to handle the world migration “crisis”. Not only does it govern how many migrants we should take in, but also how they WILL be treated once thy get here! Preparatory Process for the Global Compact for Migration The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants adopted in September 2016 by the UN General Assembly calls for the active participation of the private sector in implementing the commitments made for refugees and migrants. The global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration - to be adopted by UN Member States in September 2018 - will set out a framework for comprehensive cooperation on migrants and human mobility. The President of the General Assembly (PGA) has requested the UN Global Compact to facilitate a process for the private sector to engage in the preparatory process leading up to the adoption of the global compact for migration. Although the UN official responsible (Louise Arbour, sounds familiar??) says the framework is non binding, some countries are having second thoughts, given the expansive nature of the agreement: I hope, for the sake of the country, that there is discussion at home before we launch headlong into this. But given the previous history, I am doubtful Canadians will get a say in the matter. (Anyone remember debating Kyoto?)
  3. The liberals are getting desperate to defend the migrants, aware of the coming election...watching the political talk shows, one lib mp had the nerve to say the migrants are entrepreneurs who will create jobs and provide the good paying salaries for the middle class !!! Another talked over the conservative mp and wouldn’t let her advance her POV. Both the CBC and CTV hosts are getting frustrated...the CBC host cut a guy off and said “you’ve been talking for 2 mins and still haven’t answered my question!!!” ...and he never did. The cost of the migrants is not lost on the soon to be unemployed auto workers.
  4. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Ironic how the media is starting to post stories like the Calgary man or the gun theft in sk....almost like they are trying to prove someone’s point.
  5. Not meant to be personal...just tried to point out the article.
  6. Now the spinoff effects .....Parts plant closings.
  7. Don’t know about anybody else, but Malcolm’s headline is highly misleading imo. Reading the article, you find the figures presented are only a $ figure for the bureaucratic cost alone of processing the application, NOT the total cost of housing, food, healthcare etc. I think that figure would approach $50-60k/yr.
  8. So what jumps out as a headline in the Globe this morning?? Where was our national paper on this story??? I don’t recall any headlines for this: A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation in a series of trials over the Newcastle case. Of eight victims covered in the trials, six were white and two were of African heritage, while the perpetrators came from a diverse range of backgrounds including Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian and Eastern European. Read more Newcastle grooming gang victim sleeps with knife by bed after rape Diversity is our strength, Diversity is our strength, Diversity is our strength,.........if you’re a liberal, repeat as necessary.
  9. st27

    Crews incorrectly select

    JO......the AC operation still has load final transmitted and pilots request WAT data based on weight/temp/runway in use etc.
  10. Interesting but that document is almost 3 years old...with the turds and climate barbies constant yammering about global warming. Er climate change er green house gases er co2 emissions er carbon pollution...the public’s awareness might be heightened somewhat. The carbon tax is sold as just a few pennies on a ltr of fuel....they don’t tell the total cost in year 4 going fwd. I do agree on the libs position on reduceing plastic....I wish they would come out with a strong statement on global deforestation and call out nations on that issue.
  11. And speaking of $$$$$$.... Our money.... the liberals whims.
  12. Odd, when I see footage of the caravan, it’s 95% young males below age workers is the pc speak.
  13. If anybody hasn’t heard:
  14. Sounds like a good news story but : while $34.5 million will come from the Ontario government and an additional $28 million from the Canadian government. It will lead to a net reduction of about 300 jobs.
  15. Love the expression......all hat, no cattle As a side note,, big push on locally to win the riding of Leeds Grenville which has been Conservative for the last 10 years or so. (the seat became vacant with the death of MP Gord Brown). It was a close vote 3 years ago. No mention of deficits,balancing the budget, or sunny ways in this round. The liberal candidate, Mary Jean McFall, is a lawyer by trade who has been involved in running the family egg business, Burnbrae Farms (one of the largest egg producers in Canada). Recently, she is working as chief of staff for the Agriculture minister. The Conservative candidate is Michael Barrett, retired Canadian Forces veteran who has been an elected councillor in local municipalities. He is very familiar with local issues and the rural populations.
  16. Kind of ironic that GM is closing the plant to focus on electric and autonomous vehicles.....the kind of technology that Trudeau has been crowing about in his speech’s and the shift to clean tech...
  17. WOW....that guy nailed it imo....when are we going to defend our borders?
  18. Just reported on CP24 Toronto/CTV.....,, GM will be closing ALL operations in Oshawa due to world wide restructuring. Official announcement to be made Monday. The spinoff effects wii be huge for country in addition to Alberta’s economic problems. Sunny ways are over for the turd and Morneau. Standy for further.
  19. Well, one group of Canadians are embracing our national sport:
  20. st27

    Flair Air might need Disney Training

    From a passenger who videoed the whole event.Like she could tell if somebody was going to take a swing! I imagine Flair has contracted out gate handling....after 12 hours and the way passengers are these days (mouthy and too much attitude), the Capt. probably called for the cops to be there for security as the crew deplaned.
  21. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the police investigation into Vice-Admiral Mark Norman will "inevitably" lead to "court processes," even though the military's second-highest ranked officer has not yet been charged with any crime. The prime minister made the comments at one of the prime minister's townhall meetings in Edmonton on Thursday, after one audience member characterized the year-long RCMP investigation of Norman as a "witch hunt." Trudeau did not elaborate on why he believes the case will end up in court, despite the RCMP having yet to lay charges, but did say the protection of cabinet secrets is extremely important. The prime minister also predicted last April that Norman's case would end up in court, leading to accusations from the Official opposition Conservatives of political interference in the case. Quotes from an article, Feb, 2018 I would hope the Mark Norman’s defense lawyer would call Trudeau to explain his “expectation” of why charges would be laid, before the rcmp were involved..... I don’t think the liberals will come out unscathed in this one....whether the public cares is another matter, sadly. Funny, but you don’t hear much of sunny ways or clear and transparent government much anymore.
  22. st27

    Reality 2018

    So tired of this crap!!!
  23. This will have the turd and the weasel sweating: Lawyers for Vice-Admiral Mark Norman have taken aim at a key federal cabinet minister with new allegations about Treasury Board President Scott Brison’s links to the powerful Irving family and Brison’s role in the government’s plan to delay a supply-ship contract awarded to an Irving rival. In the documents, Norman’s lawyer Marie Henein points to statements federal bureaucrats made to the RCMP. “Other witnesses statements contradict Brison on these key points, namely that the leaks did not impact the government decision to proceed with the Davie contract, and that the concerns at the Ad Hoc Committee were around the integrity of the contracting process,” her submission to the court alleged. “Rather, civil servants who attended and took personal notes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting stated to the RCMP that a key concern was not having a satisfactory communications strategy for the Liberals to explain proceeding with a contract negotiated by the previous Conservative government. “The request for the delay appears to have had nothing to do with the integrity of the contract for Canadians but rather with political messaging,” Henein alleged.
  24. From the bullet points of the fiscal update....a personal issue with Trudeau.. “Avalanche Canada gets a $25-million one-time endowment to bolster its work on avalanche safety.” How do other non-profits view this type of biased budgeting??