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  1. Yup...Libyan slaves will fit right in at -30c. The question will be where since the major cities social support services are already at the breaking point.
  2. There is a limitation/caution on the 330 of thrust limit with the park brake on. I believe this was the result of an “incident” in Vancouver a few years ago with an a310 during a static run up.
  3. And a Quebec company at that. The governments claim of concerns of job losses (if this prosecution went ahead and sank the co.) is another knife in the back to the oil industry workers in AB and SK.
  4. This is from an interview with a “Canadian” who wants to be rescued by trudeau....but here is the kicker: So in this the way she will adapt??. probably won’t hear this side of the story in Canadian media...(I watched the CTV clip and it left out the part about the slaves)’s from CNN. On the plus side, when she gets back over here....trudeau is bringing 700 odd slaves in from this Isis bride can take her
  5. More reports of Isis soldiers walking our streets and and any security concerns are dismissed by a new “Canadian” as being divisive and fear mongering....I am soooo fed up with Trudeau and his diversity re-designing and destroying our country!!! The clip is more at the 4:20 mark when Trudeau’s parrot starts reading from the prepared liberal talking points and then Michelle Rempels response. This is our f#$&”ng government?? Go Michelle go!!
  6. Or if the NDP/Libs form government, and the dippers start pushing the Leap Manifesto. The Libs would have to endorse it to cling to power......scary and dangerous.
  7. Where is the outrage and moral preaching with this issue.....way more deaths here than from handguns but hardly a whimper from the Trudeau government. And if it wasn’t obvious, these deaths are caused by a banned substance as well, but the law doesn’t have an effect.
  8. Hopefully .... they will take him in time to save our country.
  9. Trudeau is sucking up to the UN else stepped up, so these people will fit right in over here. Go ahead just let everybody in...we’re so rich we have money we haven’t even borrowed yet. Canada has begun resettling hundreds of people rescued from slavery in Libya, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says. Canada was “one of the few countries” to respond to a request from the United Nations refugee agency in 2017, Hussen said in an email Wednesday. More than 150 people have been resettled and another 600 more are expected over the next two years through the regular refugee settlement program, he said.
  10. No problem says Ralph: And this alarming article is from the people’s paper....who d’a thunk???
  11. Never fly the “A” model of anything.
  12.  Justin is desperately looking for something to put in the “win” column for his “Canada is back” boast.....anything...anything..he can brag about. Trudeau throws another $53 mill of what was your and my money out the door to aid Venezuela.....
  13. My favourite: A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill.
  14. KA CHING..... Trudeau throws another $53 mill of what was your and my money out the door to aid Venezuela.....millions here, millions there...pretty soon we’ll be talking about real $$$.
  15. I agree with the historical aspect (I’m no expert) but I worry the country is forever changing with the importation of not only people but the “cultural baggage” that comes with it......Sikh independence, Palestinian independence, Tamil independence, etc.
  16. Slippery slope???....... We’re half way down the bunny hill Btw....this video is Toronto, not Gaza!
  17. Justin is desperately looking for something to put in the “win” column for his “Canada is back” boast.....anything...anything..he can brag about. Good luck, Justy. Sun Daily Headlines 2019-01-30&utm_term=TORSUN_HeadlineNews
  18. The effects of global migration and just the increasing number of accommodations for our diverse society (this case applies to Toronto):
  19. Ok John .... where’s your stats???
  20. Never seen the lib friendly Globe so critical of Trudeau/Butts:
  21. st27


    I hope we get some details on the reason for this raid, other than national security excuse. I fear it will be a “nothing to see here folks, move along” government response.
  22. Hey Malcolm...that there chinook is yur climate change, right there...according to Leonardo Dicaprio.
  23. st27


    Possible answer..... Agree to the point re: smuggling.....lots of evidence about eyes in the sky and on the water.