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    Shootings and Knifings

    Of course they were pulled over near a strip club at 230 in the morning: “Police responded and pulled over a vehicle leaving the area. Police seized various drugs and a .45 calibre handgun and arrested the two women and one man inside the vehicle. Charged with drug and firearms offences are Atrooba Mughal, 19, Ashley Waldriff, 25, and Patrick-Adrian Agpoon, 22, all from Toronto.”
  2. Wait til the carbon tax kicks in, and trickle down costs hit joe average’s pocket book.
  3. Always wondered where the outrage was with rap lyrics. I go to a gym where they play rap/edm from Sirius XM. I never listened to the “lyrics”, but a few words/phrases caught my attention. To think there is an outrage over “ baby it’s cold” is laughable.
  4. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    Here’s a twist for the turd to process: CP24 Toronto is covering a story relating to a joint police investigation in the GTA. The police are reporting the results of a sweep where they uncovered drugs and guns ... 14 handguns, 6 long guns, hand grenades, stun gun, and quantities of drugs and cash. But more importantly, it led to the arrest of 2 individuals who have been charged with manufacturing at least 120 untraceable handguns. Not smuggled, not stolen legal guns , but guns assembled from parts and rendered untraceable.
  5. Even some liberals are **bleep** at wonder boy: The author is a rather outspoken former president of the liberal party of Canada.
  6. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    I fear the plan to have a central storage facility at gun ranges would accomplish what the turd can’t do through other regulations. By requiring hand guns to be stored at your local range, I think most ranges would be forced to shut down due to the costs of building a vault, providing security for the vault, maintaining an inventory system, having staff on hand to be responsible etc.The logistics and associated costs would be prohibitive in most cases. If this is the case, ranges shutting down, what then happens to the hand gun owner.....he can’t store the gun(s) in the manner he has safely done up to this point...what will be the alternative???? And for the criminal element, here is a known source of maybe 2-300 handguns in one spot....given the ingenuity of some gangs, it would be a treasure trove.
  7. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    I deleted the quoted post re:knifing because on a subsequent news report there was also a shooting...kinda nullified my point!
  8. st27

    Shootings and Knifings

    So,, the most obvious question that springs to mind.....what was CATSAs role in this and how did he get the gun and ammo on-board the a/c (assuming he departed from a Cdn airport)?? Two fails here! Also, where is the outrage after the last few Toronto murder victims?? Oh right.....they didn’t involve a handgun!
  9. Here is another example of the trudeau government hypocrisy. Will McKenna inform the B.C. premier that, in order to comply with her UN climate goals, the feds will have to shutdown a large chunk of the B.C. economy?
  10. It was just a little lie by a cabinet minister:
  11. Given the turds idealistic views on the world, the Syrian refugees, the open border at Roxham road, the intention of signing the compact on migration (not immigration), ...... at what point will he ever say no to people entering the country? When will enough be enough?
  12. This Compact gives migrants the right to migrate, the right to health care, etc. and even though “non-binding”, gives a reference for judges to base decisions on since the country has signed and agreed in principle to the compact.
  13. Just spit balling here..........but....if the turd signs on to the UN compact on migrants/migration, would the migrants who wandered in at Roxham rd be given a free pass. It would allow the turd to claim he has solved Canada’s refugee crisis. on the downside, he would piss off all those who are legally waiting to enter the country through legal immigration channels.
  14. st27

    Generation Change

    You’re kidding right?????
  15. Jaydee, the turd introduced this: I ran through it, single mom, 3 kids under 18, 25k/yr, $10grand paid in rent.....typical small town scenario...... $22600 in cash and benefits!
  16. I agree Jaydee.....every time I start my boat, with its 2 x 8.1 litre gas engines, I smile and think of Trudeau and Climate Barbie, and open another beer. The Danish government seems to be taking the right approach, imo. This will send a message to their migrant population. I think we have more than enough suitable locations to host a population.
  17. 90 workers laid off in the Soo.
  18. It only took 3 years for Trudeau to “stand” up to a nice safe place with plenty of press around. Putin was probably busy trying to ignore the little potatoe.
  19. More of what I fear is Trudeau/Hussein’s grand scheme for the future of Canada. This interview was with a British MP who has has first hand experience with the European migrant issue....and she speaks out against the UN compact ... a good backgrounder. Gets to the real impacts around the :24 min mark.
  20. Not agreeing at all Deicer, just stating that the Libs refer to pipelines built under Harper. But since you doubted that Harper had any approved: From the heady days of 2016.
  21. From the article: And yes we are getting to semantics, but the often used line by the Libs is that “Harper didn’t get any pipelines built” .... not approved. Also, if you want to split hairs is the lib job creation boast (up until now) just a product of the financial conditions put in place by the conservatives, and the liberals are there to take the credit?? There is always a lag factor, so when the Cons win the next election, they will have to introduce austerity measures to clean up the mess the Libs know, the product of having a government that thinks the budget will balance itself .
  22. This whole story doesn’t pass the smell does he pay off over $1mill debt within a week on an MPs salary?? This raises as many questions as his gambling debts.
  23. st27

    C A V U

    Yup, back when the grown-ups were running countries
  24. st27

    Crews incorrectly select

    I was offered to take the aircraft to position once in 8 years as FO on the 67. Having said a captain, I take pride in taxing the a/c as to give the smoothest ride possible...min thrust,slowing the a/c over known rough taxiways, min braking, arriving at gate without the lurch etc. So I do agree with the sops. (My personal call is to let the FO steer the a/c on to the taxiway, allowing for a gradual transition. It used to annoy me, when after a smooth touchdown, the ca. would yell “I got it” at 80 knots and jam on the brakes, full reverse to make the first taxiway). Also, if there ever was a ground incident, it solves the problem of responsibility.
  25. I am getting more than a little tired of the line “after 10 years of the Harper government, they never got one pipeline built”. This article from Calgary would indicate otherwise. They reference a Trudeau speech. Trudeau actually used the phrase, “Let’s be honest about these things, Rick.” In the suck a lemon article, the author makes the claim of pipelines not being built, but puts in the caveat “to tidewater”. Perhaps during the Harper years, there wasn’t an economic case to have pipelines built to tidewater, but at least there was approvals. Something that has been taken away by he current government.