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  1. Or they could just climb Mt Everest....
  2. This is such an insult...the turd making a show at D-Day commemorations....then turning his back on the military.....they are the only ones he has said “NO” to!!!
  3. Yes, I know it’s Rebel media but the perspective of this al quds day supporter bears listening to: Interesting to note that none of the other participants are denouncing this man’s message, rather, they are advising him to be quiet about the religion. Crickets from other media on the protest.
  4. Glad you agree...we, Ontario, have the largest sub national debt in the world and it’s not going away.
  5. I guess every author has their agenda. A sampling of Mr. Magreals interests: Articles People are Finally Noticing Ontario's Spending Was Not 'Out of Control' - Once a particular narrative takes hold in the public mind, no matter how divorced it is from reality, it can be extremely hard to dislodge. Published May 30, 2019 in Politics The Sky is Not Falling Over Ontario's Debt - When you plot Ontario's debt on an inflation-adjusted, per-capita basis, the picture is not nearly as stark as you might expect. Published May 29, 2019 in Politics Right-Wing Populists are Immune to Hypocrisy - Pointing out the hypocrisy of right-wing populists and their supporters misses the movement's central premise. Published May 23, 2019 in Politics With Climate Action, the Middle Ground Between Success and Failure is Failure - We need a massive, comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck mobilization of our entire country to transition rapidly and decisively to a decarbonized economy if we have any hope of saving the planet for our children and grandchildren. Published May 17, 2019 in Special Report: Climate Change Addressing the Twin Crises of Global Warming and Neoliberalism - A Green New Deal offers a blueprint for a rapid transition to a sustainable economy that brings everyone along, delivering more prosperity to Canadians and guaranteeing that no workers will be left behind in the transition. Published May 10, 2019 in Special Report: Climate Change Speaking Notes from my Magill-Pearl-Kent Greenway Jane's Walk - On Saturday, May 4, I led a Jane's Walk along the proposed route of a new neighbourhood greenway that may be coming to Hamilton next year. Published May 06, 2019 in Special Report: Cycling After 30 Wasted Years, the Climate Emergency Demands Drastic Action - We have known about the climate emergency for the past 30 years and did nothing, cowed by a fossil fuel industry more interested in profit than human survival. Now it's too late to play nice if we want a future for humanity. Published April 24, 2019 in Special Report: Climate Change Right-Wing Politicians Are Encouraging Stochastic Terrorism - Instead of helping to stem the tide of hatred, Canada's Conservative leadership at all levels is actually enabling and pandering to it. Published February 22, 2019 Spending is spending .... per capital doesn’t mean squat if you are still creating deficits. And despite what citizens/lefties think...this is the reality: TORONTO – Bond rating agency Moody’s has downgraded the province of Ontario’s credit rating. The agency announced the downgrade from Aa3 to Aa2 on Thursday, citing the province’s $14.5-billion deficit in 2018-2019 and projections that it will continue to post deficits in the coming years. Moody’s said the combination of increased debt and slow revenue growth will result in a faster than previously anticipated increase of the province’s debt burden. So more money wasted on interest payments, less on programs......unless we go back to that we’ll worn solution..... “make the rich pay”
  6. After making many promises to the indigenous peoples, Trudeau will find himself coming up short going into the election: From the National Post
  7. POLITICALLY INCORRECT ALERT!!! The truth may get in the way.... And before the rhetoric gets too heated and the turd throws more money at the MMIW commission and the government has to respond to the newly designated “genocide”.... From an RCMP report:
  8. Trudeau will have the perfect opportunity to show his commitment to eliminating hate and violence by condemning a rally that is planned for Toronto today, even though the city has not given permits for the rally to proceed. Rather troubling comments in the above link at the 4 minute mark. You would think that this call for violence would be headline news for Canada’s media....not so much. If the turd and his band of puppets can criticize and call rascist anybody who questions his policy of migrants illegally entering the country or islamophobic anybody who questions Islam, he should be in full bluster mode on Monday. Who am I kidding??? ...... it will be crickets !!!
  9. And the smuggling of guns across the border will continue unabated due to demand from thugs who ignore laws.
  10. Oops..didn’t read all of Jaydee post re deleting CBs tweet.....I got it now.
  11. If the BAC 111 was still flying, they might have something to complain about.
  12. Well, apparently CB had a few too many shots in a bar in St. John’s and let everybody in on her and the Libs little secret. This will be election gold for the cons. Basically affirming what we see in QP.....if you say something loud enough and long enough....people will believe it! Forget if it’s true or not.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1133049799132028929|twgr^393039363b74776565745f6d65646961&
  13. Additional humour......the alleged author is Scott Gilmore (who often writes for McLeans)...husband of Catherine McKenna.
  14. A lot of predictable, overheated rhetoric from labour and the NDP.......when the minimum wage went up here in small town Ontario,the local grocery store laid off all the partime students and gave more hours to the full time staff. So much for helping students.
  15. Your tax $$$$$$ at work in a clear and transparent manner....
  16. Sounds good on the case of the Gtaa (and maybe yvr), where are these deplanement gates magically going to appear?During irrops, gates are already screwed up so it’s not like the a/c will just taxi back to an open gate....and are the gates the responsibility of the specific airline??? Of course not....which gets back to my pet peeve of overcrowding in the international at Yyz.
  17. I believe most people want taxes to benefit society, it’s the right thing to do to help others maintain health and a standard of living.....but at some point, reality has to be dealt with. And as seen by the actions of the previous government.....we are at that point. The magnitude of the problem will mean serious action. As the federal liberals did to their budget in the Chrétien/Martin years prompting the provincial Harris government to deal with federal transfer shortfalls which cascaded to the municipalities. And yeah, I don’t like it when governments ensure that the wealthy few get preferential treatment to pad their billion $ bank accounts.....look no further than Trudeaus efforts with Loblaws $12 mill for refrigeration (Weston family), SNC Lavalin (Lamarre), Irving Shipbuilding (Irving), Bombardier (Beaudoin Bombardier).
  18. More good news from the land of the turd: But Ralph still says we’re safe:
  19. Maybe they should add a checklist item .... when airspeed approaches 400 Kias....retard thrust levers.
  20. As if our Minister of Defense hasn’t been enough of an embarrassment, we have this guy who seems to be more political than standing up for our men in service: 'I own it': Vance says decision to suspend Mark Norman was his, not PM's then...... Gen. Vance receives a raise - Trudeau recommended increase to upper limit of $306,500 and now we have a decision that supposedly had no political interference (I personally think trudeau did not want a reminder of our military involvement against Muslim population) where a monument to our military’s ultimate sacrifice is hidden from the public introduction, viewing and access.....this guy is truly not worthy of the office and surely has lost the confidence of his men. Don Martin: Gen. Vance's leadership is no longer worth saluting Trudeau should be ashamed of the treatment of our veterans, veteran families, and current servicemen. But he isn’t.
  21. As the old joke goes....was his name “Lucky” ???
  22. Nobody is making you drive faster.... Btw....listen to seekers video / Liz may...the last 30 secs are something else. (I think this was at a press dinner where she had a little too much wine)
  23. Good luck defending this in the upcoming election.
  24. So what’s your point Deicer??? Ontario collects more gas tax and we are still $350 billion in debt! Don’t count on the rebate covering the cost of the carbon tax.
  25. People should have really been booing when mcguinty and Wynne were giving people services we couldn’t afford...and as much as the feds like to brag about immigration, have we really grown the public services and housing to accommodate the 350k/year that come to the country and settle in the 3or 4 cities??? If Torontonians don’t like cuts, increase taxes to pay for the services....