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  1. Agreed...not too many smiling faces...even Adam Vaughan looked ticked...and not surprisingly, not one question answered. Lots of deflection and at times, ignoring the question altogether. These questions and answere are prepared beforehand, although Ralph Goodale (security) was trying to ad lib and he was getting flustered. No sign of clear and transparent government, they were going to be soooo different from those awful Harperites. Once again, the Libs are finding it harder to govern than they thought. Yet another case they hope will soon go away.
  2. Can hardly wait for the Conservatives to revive the slogan “He’s just not ready!” Maybe next time people will listen.
  3. st27

    Justin On the Road Again

    Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it???
  4. st27

    Justin On the Road Again

    Haven’t heard language this strong from a network commentator before...... The whole world is watching!
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    Climate Change?

    Yup, and most of th solar panels at the farms along the 401 near Morrisburg-Cornwall haven’t been very effective lately. The panels have been covered with SNOW!!
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    Justin On the Road Again

    I think I saw a video of him making new humanitarian contacts with some elephants.
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    Crap from the Left

    Somewhat off topic but, Chris Rock also provided us with a reminder that we might not be as cool as we think we are as we get old:
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    Eight Hours of Screaming

    It’s bad enough in the boarding lounges, let alone in an aluminum tube for 8 hours.
  9. And just which of our hospitals have enough room to take care of the rest of the worlds problems?? How much will this add to the provinces health care budget?? Let alone language issues to deal with. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said today he will present a plan by April to kill an outdated policy that excludes immigrants based on their medical conditions — but the NDP wants quicker action to end the "discriminatory" clause. NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan held a news conference today calling on the government to repeal a section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that allows applicants to be rejected because they could impose an "excessive demand" on the health care system. Glad to see the NDP isn’t letting reality stand in the way of to see Ms Kwan on a stretcher for 48hours waiting for treatment. On the bright side, in the comments section of the CBC link, even Trudeau supporters are saying enough is enough.
  10. Happy Valentine to you Kathleen and your BFFs Justy and Bill: The job market has returned to earth with a thud, revealing that reports of Canada’s ‘booming’ economy were wildly overstated Ontario led the retreat, losing 51,000 jobs. So does the jobs report bear out forecasts that a higher minimum wage would cost jobs? The most credible forecasts, which did indeed call for the loss of about 50,000 jobs, were done by the Ontario’s own Financial Accountability Office and the Bank of Canada, drawing on the consensus in the economics literature (rather than the cherry-picking of favourable left-wing research by Big Labour organizations). However, the forecasts predicted the full impact would take months or even years to play out. The industrial breakdown of job losses supports that the minimum wage played only a small role in January’s slump, since declines were concentrated in high-wage industries and not accommodation and food, which are the most affected by changes to the minimum wage. This is bad news for the Wynne government as it approaches an election in June since it suggests that employers will continue to adapt to soaring labour costs by trimming their workforce for months to come.
  11. This might be another reason for jury selection....not that the jurors would be biased:
  12. Nothing gives you the RIGHT to shoot somebody in the back of the head.
  13. Not sure where you came up with accidentally discharged 3x...he fired 2x, removed the magazine, and mistakenly thought he had disarmed the firearm. One round was left in the chamber... “The details of the tragedy are far more ambiguous. Boushie and his friends had been drinking and had earlier used a rifle to try and steal a vehicle from another farm. They entered the Stanley property, one of them tried to start an ATV and their vehicle crashed into one of Stanley’s cars. As Stanley’s own son faced down the intruders, Stanley went to get an old handgun. He fired two warning shots in the air, removed the clip to unload the weapon, then reached into the SUV to take the keys. There was still a bullet in the chamber, the gun went off. Boushie was dead. Legal experts had warned that to prove Stanley was guilty of murder the Crown had to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to kill Boushie—difficult given the warning shots, the fact he removed the clip and his attempt to take the keys. Even accidental manslaughter required evidence that Stanley’s actions were a “marked departure from what a reasonable person would do in the circumstances”. This was never a rock solid case for the prosecution.”
  14. Shades of the OJ trial: "It's a tragedy, but it's not criminal. You must acquit." There are some points that are "debatable," Spencer said, adding a conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Spencer repeatedly said Boushie's friends lied when they were in the witness box. "What's frustrating for me is that they are still not telling the truth," he told jurors. Spencer said Boushie's friend Belinda Jackson was the only witness to say Stanley shot Boushie. Spencer said her testimony was "dangerous, malicious" and untrue. He said she has changed key details of her story multiple times since Boushie's death. Spencer said no one knows exactly why Stanley's handgun went off, killing Boushie. He said the best theory is the gun did not function properly and went off by mistake.”
  15. Watched an interview with jack’s dad...of course the kid is just discovering himself, no way was he involved with isis, in fact he was just over there helping people. He identifies with Canada as he has visited his relatives in Canada many times, and thinks himself as Canadian. NEVER lived here though!!
  16. Yup ... found it now ..was hoping for big headline
  17. Interesting...unable to find the Jihadi Jack article in Globe this morning..12 hours after it first appeared although the link still works...nothing in headlines and nothing in search function.
  18. And the hits just keep on comin’: A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.... It was only a matter of time....let Trudeau wear this one! Hopefully, a curious member of the press will question the sock on his US promo tour..
  19. No wonder Suncor is holding off on further investments: All the government hopes to do is build a scientifically rigorous, reliably rapid system for approving projects that: takes into account Indigenous rights and Indigenous knowledge; assesses all possible environmental, health, economic and social impacts; includes a gender-based analysis; features plenty of opportunity for public consultation; considers input from the provinces and local communities; respects Canada's obligations under the Paris climate accord; reassures investors that decisions will be delivered on a tight schedule; and, above all, ensures that hundreds of major projects worth an estimated $500-billion over the next 10 years are able to go ahead smoothly and without rancour, creating thousands of much-needed jobs. How hard could it be? from the Globe:
  20. All on the same page...Suncor says it’s is stopping further investment and the liberals proclaiming they are open for business by “streamlining” regulatory process. CALGARY – The top executive at Canada’s largest integrated oil company said it would not embark on major new projects in the country because of burdensome regulations and uncompetitive tax rates. Suncor Energy Inc. president and CEO Steve Williams said during an earnings call Thursday that his company would pare back spending in future years partly because Canada is not as competitive as other countries. “We’re having to look at Canada quite hard. The cumulative impact of regulation and higher taxation than other jurisdictions is making Canada a more difficult jurisdiction to allocate capital in,” Williams said. meanwhile, the Libs are not making it any easier: Justin Trudeau is trying to make the oil industry’s life a little easier by streamlining project reviews that have plagued one of the most vital sectors in the Canadian economy, but could add new restrictions in places that don’t cap carbon emissions. They’ll also soon revise the list of projects that require review, after an expert panel heard calls to include in-situ oil-sands mines and fracking. The government is also pledging to seek more input from environmental and indigenous groups.
  21. Surprise... election just around the corner and .... bought and paid for by the ontario liberals... ps...remember Douglas Creek
  22. Listening to Trudeau speaking on his US tour, he leads the audience to believe he has taught students right up to Grade 12 “pre-law” for many years...gaining insight by listening to his students and their concerns about the future. Here is a reality check from an article in the Washington Post: The book says that after working as a “supply,” or substitute teacher at the public Prince of Wales Secondary School, he got a regular teaching job at West Point Grey Academy, an elite private school for Grades 8-12. The book says:
  23. Now that I have been converted to the world of inclusivity, I feel insulted my PM should flippantly joke about how far we have come wrt gender equality. I demand an apology and $10 mill to help me reaffirm that my PM is serious about being a feminist.