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  1. Ooooohhh man .... this governing stuff is haaarrrdd!!, Thanks for nothing JT.
  2. Preaching to the choir here, but trudeau is very hypocritical as a self proclaimed feminist. When JWR stated that she was approached numerous times trudeaus gang, and she said no, but they kept trying to pressure her, does that not qualify as harassment? To which trudeau responds by saying he doesn’t see it that way. This was his same rational for the groping charge....he didn’t remember the circumstances that way (how much was the victim paid to keep quiet?) And on another point the Libs keep harping on.....the job losses in Quebec and the pensioners trying to get by....wouldn’t the pension plans be in a trust outside of the companies reach? If not and he is so worried about the pensioners losing their contributions....he and morneau should change the pension rules.
  3. As the handgun ban proponents like to point out, London, uk is safe because of tough gun laws. The times are a changing: looks like they need a knife ban. Like Toronto, the statistics do seem to involve one segment of society. “At the height of the city's crack cocaine epidemic in 1990, New York's annual murder rate peaked at 2,605 killings. Fresh figures show killings in Britain have risen to a ten-year high. What are some of the murders being investigated by the Met Police? Kyall Parnall, 17, stabbed: Lambeth Steve Frank Navarez-Jara, 20, stabbed: Islington Elizabeta Lacatusu, 44, stabbed: Redbridge Vijay Patel, 49, head injury: Barnet Daniel Frederick, 34, stabbed: Hackney Oluwadamilola Odeyingbo, 18, post-mortem awaits: Bromley Harry Uzoka, 25, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham Seyed Azim Khan, head injury: Redbridge Yaya Mbye, 26, stabbed: Hackney Juan Olmos-Saca, 39, stabbed: Southwark Lily-Mai Saint George, 11-weeks-old, post-mortem awaits: Haringey Khader Saleh, 25, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham Hassan Ozcan, 19, stabbed: Barking & Dagenham Kwabena Nelson, 22, stabbed: Haringey Hannah Leonard, 55, stabbed: Camden Sabri Chibani, 19, stabbed: Lambeth Bulent Kabala, 41, shot: Barnet Saeeda Hussain, 54, stabbed: Redbridge Lord Promise Nkenda, 17, stabbed: Newham Mark Smith, 48, multiple injuries: Waltham Forest Lewis Blackman, 19, stabbed: Kensington & Chelsea Jozef Boci, 33, blunt force trauma injury to the head and face: Greenwich Rotimi Oshibanjo, 26, stabbed: Ealing Sadiq Mohammed, 20, stabbed: Camden Abdikarim Hassan, 17, stabbed: Camden Amir Ellouzi, 24, shot: Westminster Michael Boyle, 44, stabbed: Southwark Christopher Beaumont, 42, stabbed: Hammersmith & Fulham Laura Figueira, 47, stabbed: Richmond Two bodies found in Sussex Kelva Smith, 20, stabbed: Croydon Kelvin Odunuyi, 19, shot: Haringey Julian Joseph, 36, head injury: Lewisham Nikolai Glushkov, 68, compression of neck: Kingston Joseph Williams-Torres, 20, shot: Waltham Forest Lyndon Davis, 18, stabbed: Havering Hersi Hersi, 36, stabbed: Hounslow Russell Jones, 23, stabbed: Enfield Tyrone Silcott, 41, stabbed: Hackney Balbir Johal, 48, stabbed: Ealing Jermaine Johnson, 41, stabbed: Waltham Forest Benjamin Pieknyi, 21, stabbed: Newham Abraham Badru, 26, shot: Hackney Awaiting formal ID, 59, skull fracture: Barking & Dagenham David Potter, 50, stabbed: Wandsworth Reece Tshoma, 23, stabbed: Greenwich Leyla Mtumwa, 36, stabbed: Haringey Devoy Stapleton, 20, stabbed: Wandsworth Tanesha Melbourne-Blake, 17, shot: Haringey Amaan Shakoor, 16, shot: Waltham Forest Awaiting formal ID, female, 80, post-mortem awaits: Camden Henry Vincent, 37, stabbed: Lewisham Babatunde Akintayo Awofeso, 53, post-mortem awaits: Hackney Israel Ogunsola, 18, stabbed: Hackney Raul Nicolaie, 26, stabbed: Colindale Samantha Clarke, 38, stabbed: Brixton Sami Sidhom, 18, stabbed: Forest Gate Aaron Springett, 32, blunt force trauma to the chest: Morden Awaiting formal ID, 20, stabbed: Finsbury Park Awaiting formal ID, 30s, shot, Queensbury Tube station Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17, shot, Kennington Rosina Coleman, 85, was found beaten to death at her Romford home Arunesh Thangarajah, 28, stabbed in Mitcham, South London Marcel Campbell, 20, stabbed in Islington, North London Katerina Makunova, 17, stabbed in Camberwell, South London Unidentified man, 18, who police found stabbed on Denmark Road in Lambeth and he died later in hospital Simonne Kerr, 31, was stabbed to death in her home in Battersea, south-west London Unidentified man, 42, stabbed to death in Waltham Forest, East London Carole Harrison, 73, was found dead inside her house in Teddington, South West London following a blaze in the early hours of Wednesday Gary Amer, 63, stabbed to death at a property in Walworth, south-east London Shevaun Sorrell, 22, was found unresponsive in Creek Road, Deptford Abdi Ali, 18, died from a blunt force trauma to the head and stab wounds to the chest Celia Levitt, 68, was killed at a residential address in Bromley Ismail Tanrikulu, 22, was found with gunshot wounds in Tottenham Cemetery Memunatu Warne, 46, died after a suspected arson attack at a property in Woolwich Ali Al Har, 25, stabbed to death in Tufnell Park Kanagusabi Ramathan, 76, found dead at a residential address in Newham Elyon Poku, 20, was stabbed during a party in Stamford Hill, north London Guled Farah, 19, was killed in a drive-by-shooting in Walthamstow Sandra Zmijan, 32, died after being hit repeatedly by a heavy blunt object Hashim Abdalla Ali, 22, was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a car in Hillingdon, west London Moses Mayele, 23, was stabbed outside his home in Hainault, east London Ian Tomlin, 46, was killed outside flats in Battersea Nazia Ali, 25, was found dead at a residential address in Tower Hamlets Ethan Nedd-Bruce, 18, was found with stab injuries and was pronounced dead Sheiku Adams, 49, fell from a third-floor flat Martin Welsh, 43, was stabbed at his home in Hendon, north London Rocky Djelal, 38, stabbed in Southwark Park Jay Hughes, 15, died of a single stab wound to the heart after he was attacked at a chicken shop Malcolm Mide-Madariola, 17, was stabbed outside Clapham South Underground station Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez, 22, was found on Samos Road in Anerley, south London John Ogunjobi, 16, was found seriously injured on Greenleaf Close, Tulse Hill Tanseen Sheikh, 62, was found dead at an address in Balham, south-west London Devi Unmathallegadoo, 35, was shot with a crossbow while eight months pregnant in Ilford, east London Unidentified woman, 89, was found dead at an address in Ealing, west London Maureen Watkins, 75, was found with multiple stab wounds Carl Whitehead, 58, was found dead at an address in Teddington, south-west London Zakaria Bukar Sharif Ali, 26, was stabbed on Kingsland Road in Dalston Maureen Whale, 77, died of a heart attack after two men ransacked her home Aron Walker, 18, was stabbed in Prior Street, Greenwich Jay Sewell, 18, died in hospital from stab wounds. Unnamed man, gunned down in Enfield, North London”
  4. Guess I haven’t been on parole offence Malcolm
  5. Not that it would make a difference but we’re there no restrictions on possession of firearms??
  6. Simple?? I’m afraid it isn’t that simple, as you are probably aware. Our legal (I won’t use the word justice) is a joke imo. The same reason “a Canadian is a Canadian ...” will have these trials drag on for years and years... and the examples of which are numerous. A man who was charged with murder 7 years ago finally convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter after his second trial, even though there was video evidence of him shooting his victims with a handgun. Two terrorists convicted of trying to blow up a bridge with a Via train on it in 2013 are appealing. Both cases claim the guilty were not sane at the time of the crime. Then there is the issue of the evidence required to convict of crimes that were carried out in a war zone half way around the world....would the individual be guilty by association. Our charter would probably prevent that.....the defence lawyers would have a field day. In the mean time, the accused would probably be released on their own recognizance soaking up taxpayer paid benefits, or worse, starting a go fund me account and becoming a social media martyr. As much as I agree a Canadian should not carry out treasonous acts and expect repatriation, I would rather have them starve,suffer, maybe contract a disease and suffer a slow death in a refugee camp, than have them benefit from the circus our judicial system has become. But that’s just me...
  7. We are on the same page Wolfhunter....but my point is that if the “safe third country agreement” only applies at manned entry points, why are we letting them in? Refugees or not, direct them to a legal crossing point and have some semblance of a border. If the migrants would be denied entry at a regular crossing and returned to the “safe country”, the United States...isn’t that the intent of the agreement???? They are already in a safe country so no need to cherry pick and come to Canada for it’s obvious social benefits. Now that Canada has signed the UN Compact on migration, it will be even harder to control the flow, imo.
  8. The agreement wouldn’t have had to be amended....just prevent migrants from wandering in anywhere along the border. Have in place a true border security and advise migrants to go to a bona fide crossing. The present circumstance has reduced our border and sovereignty to joke status.
  9. Trudeau didn’t close the loophole for any liberal reason/value other than trying to outdo trump on the world stage....and once the flood started he sacrificed our borders in favour of his persona on the world stage. Imo. trudeau has always tried to impart that we, as Canadians, have so much to teach the rest of the world. The ego of this guy makes me wretch.
  10. Fwiw..the engines are set too high for a Saab 340.
  11. There have been so many trudeau gaffes, we stumble along and forget about last weeks crisis (China?) or his flippant remarks, like poor people don’t pay money manager agrees with him: Just in case you wonder how low income families do it, and where your taxes go.
  12. Excellent presentation of the Merlin engine:
  13. Sadly, 900 more people added to the ranks of the unemployed: And hardly a wimper about it in the press....not a high profile co. like GM or a Quebec based co. Meanwhile, Trudeau forks out another $40 mil for his clean tech jobs of the future: “Said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in making the announcement: "The race for a top spot in the new economy has already begun, and if we want to see Canadians take the lead, we need to have their backs."
  14. From an outdoorsman point of view.....not the best name for an airline.
  15. As much as the “Canada goose” paint job was aesthetically pleasing, imo, I thought there was a detraction in that in urban areas, it was becoming a nuisance bird overpopulating, displacing native species and crapping everywhere.
  16. Media won’t mention ....These are probably “new” Canadians who have gone “home” for “holidays”.....same story played out a few years ago in Lebanon. When “rescued” by Air Canada from a war zone , the citizens complained about seating assignments, meal choices, etc.
  17. Never under estimate the gullibility of Canadians.....Ontario is a sad example during the mcguinty/Wynne years....spend like crazy to buy votes, be everything to everybody without regard to balance. The perverse logic is that the liberals realize that the more they spend and therefore appeal to voters, the harder it is for the cons to clean up the mess, and the more vilified they will become. We need a balanced budget law. Watching trudeau news conference this am and he is blaming Raybould Wilson cabinet shift on departure of weasel Brison (who after saying he resigned to spend more time with his family, just accepted a VP position with BMO in Toronto,but I digress). ....... So if she was so valued as female indigenous member, why not leave her in place and give the veteran file to Sajan, as he has just done?
  18. People should be careful what they wish passenger rights. With congestion/lack of gates at the super hub, the airlines might just as well cancel at the first wiff of a storm. It’s just too much trouble trying to operate.
  19. You can only wonder who/what is behind the crypto currency ..... last summer (?) bitcoin was around 18k/coin .... now it’s 4700 cdn....I don’t get it.. (Maybe I’m too honest )
  20. This is exactly how Trudeau works.....the whole groper incident died a quick death because the accuser didn’t want to pursue the incident (was she paid off??)....the pm finally acknowledged that his recollection was different than the accuser, she must have been confused. The former justice minister is muzzled for solicitor/client privilege, so it’s just the pms version of the story. He has had the luxury of never been challenged,debated, or speaking under oath on these issues
  21. My favourite piston a/c:
  22. Here is the real problem...and this is just one example.. So,in the 4 or 5 links I have previously posted, there have been a total of 200 guns smuggled in to the country in 5 instances that the CBSA/police have caught. This is in addition to the acknowledgment that CBSA doesn’t pursue the vehicles that run the crossing inspection points. At least our criminals/thugs can rest assured there is a steady supply of illegal firearms in the event the Libs ban legal handgun sales.
  23. No healthcare professionals outraged and calling for a ban an edge weapons???
  24. You give justy too much credit...courageous or just crass opportunism for political gain??
  25. Interesting watching lametti squirm in the Evan Solomon interview from the above was later pointed out in the scrum, Trudeau’s was correct in denying the accusations....accusations that were never made by Bob Fife. ie that the pmo directed the justice minister.