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  1. Hey Phil H., Relax, the "Red Mile" in YYC will soon turn into to "Dead Mile" and you will be able to get some sleep. The wife and I watched game 7 and to tell you the truth, we were cheering for the Canadian team (Flames). Don't get me wrong, I have always been an Oilers fan....witnessing Gretzky score 50 goals in 39 games (against Philly), witnessing the Oilers SWEEP the Habs in 3, back when the semi finals were only best of 5 (that was sweet).....and of course the five Stanley Cups...what can you say. The irony is, and will always be, that Canada wins no matter what. If you caught TSN after the game, where they introduced all the Tampa Bay players, where they originated from and who their hockey heros were, you would have noted that there were no less than 14 Canadians, 2 Russians and only 2 Americans on the winning team Tampa Bay team. The final and deciding game of the Stanley Cup playoffs was won by the team that deserved it most, the ones who worked the hardest. Hats of to Andrechuk, Lacavlier, the Russian that scored the two goals and the Russian who saved so many goals for an American team....The best team won. Seems to me me it was like a Canada/Russia World Cup Series in a sense.(tonight the Russians won) The Boys from Calgary kinda woke up half way through the third and put the pressure on. The only thing against Sittler's boys, was the clock.....another 5 minutes and it might have been a different outcome. Excellent, edge of the couch entertainment.....Calgary did one heck of job to get there...too bad they didn't take it, but someone has to lose. Sleep well until the "Stampede"....LOL (time for you to move) Bagged
  2. Phil H. I can remember Braniff flying into YEG back in "78", and you are quite correct, there was no such thing as the thorguard alert at the time. Sounds like you "grounded" the aircraft at the moment of the strike. I agree, work safe, get inside when the thorguard alert lights and sirens go off. The technology that is here today is for a purpose. Nice to see you are alive and are able to speak of it today. I hope the "Red Mile" doesn't disturb your sleep tonight when The Flames win the Stanley Cup on home turf. It could get rather fiesty and festive. JJ@PWACPAC Are you taking the rumoured "buyout"?......I know for sure after 25 years (26 in Aug), I will be giving it a hard long look and then pursuing my career in ......whatever! Probably nothing to do with loading circus tents and canned ham to MNL onto a ZIP B737. Bagged in YEG
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