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  1. This is what she looked like in her glory.....
  2. Maybe you Kip....... http://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthompson/2015/11/20/killing-isis-five-reasons-american-boots-on-the-ground-will-backfire/
  3. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/NewLeaf-Travel-sets-up-head-office-at-Winnipeg-airport-306495001.html Jim Young has learned from the lessons of Greyhound Air, Canada 3000 and JetsGo and plans to be here for the long run.The CEO of Canadas newest airline, New Leaf Travel Company, unveiled his initial plans this morning at the James Richardson International Airport.
  4. For you Scotsman and golfers......best one ever. (Caution...lots of f-bombs)
  5. FIR and terminal boundaries and freq's are on the LE, HE and terminal charts.
  6. https://www.navcanada.ca/en/products-and-services/Pages/service-charges.aspx You can use the fee calculator to plug in your route etc and see what the fee's are.
  7. Not sure why some people are defending these guy's, they were negligent in their duties, end of story. Sorry but that means there will be consequences. Union can spout all they want but sticking up for these guy's belittles the rest of the employees who do their jobs professionally and with pride, which when I last looked was the norm..........
  8. You either descend below radar coverage, fly out of radar range, turn off your transponder or it fails.
  9. For crying out loud people........we have Aeroplan , we have Airmiles, we have WestJet Rewards, if you can't give something back to your customers even if it gets you some PR then why do we even bother to advertise or offer the programs !!?? This was an excellent promotion, well done, end of story. Is anyone trying to say that any company in the aviation world doesn't donate tickets, money, manpower to help those in need? Come on...........Merry Xmas to all and I really don't care what color Santa wears off hours but on the 25th it better be red!!!!
  10. So who do you fly down on?
  11. The YWG to PHX flight this time of year is 2hrs to YYC, 21/2hr wait then 3hrs to PHX. The trip home is 11/2 to LAX. 4hr wait then 21/2 to YWG, so the drive is actually less of an inconvienence. The winter direct flights are usually worth the extra money as you don't have to worry about the highways closing and if you book far enough in advance there might only be a couple hundred difference. My "stuff happens" comment was not meant to say I was content with amount of failures/shutdowns they are experiencing, I would hope the FAA is keeping an eye on them, but to show that other airlines have similar problems which I hope TC is keeping an eye on.
  12. Yikes! Jazz has had 10 shutdowns in the last year and a half, Air Canada eight in the last four years, WestJet five in the last five years. Stuff happens.
  13. Alligiant GFK to AZA Trip Price Flights $382.84 Debit Card Discount $ -16.00 Taxes, carrier charges & gov't fees $111.12 Total Debit Card Price $477.96 Total Credit Card Price $493.96 1 bag $50.00 Gas to drive to GFK $50.00 $593.96 WestJet YWG to AZA 2 adult $1,076.00 Air transportation charges: $30.00 Taxes, fees and charges: $270.78 Total and taxes: $1,376.78 Almost a $800.00 difference. Used them many times, no problems, good flights, no freebees. Every airline has a hiccup or two but for $800.00 an extra 10 mins of driving (20 if you are going to Scottsdale) is not a big deal.
  14. http://www.landmarkaviation.com/aircargo.aspx Encore fleet looks smaller than I thought........
  15. I concur, not the place or the time........