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  1. One could also argue that letting the AC/Connector merger slip through their fingers was the biggest folly in CALPA history! Look what has become of all of us!
  2. Acronyms, acronyms, acronyms... WTF is BELF??? Thanks GTFA
  3. Randall won't be finding anybody to fill anything. It will be all AC. Jazz will be effectively LOCKED OUT and AC will need to hire other carriers for the "Feeder" stuff. No doubt there will be countless other operators willing to kow-tow to the master airline. Now could be a good time for professional pilots to show their stuff. You want to be professional? Then be professional! GTFA
  4. Mr. Speaker, if the House accepts this, I would wish all hon. members a pleasant summer. Hopefully, we will not have to return to pass back-to-work legislation in the Jazz Air labour dispute. Also: Twelve communities rely exclusively on Jazz for air travel, including Prince Rupert, British Columbia, making the measure necessary, Raitt said. Could anyone please elaborate? Prince Rupert is also served by Hawkair. Where is the hardship? Could she disguise any more thinly that she is pandering to the woes of AC? GTFA
  5. Business of the House Hon. Jay Hill (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I think if you seek it, you may find unanimous consent for the following motion. I move: That, notwithstanding any Standing Order or usual practice of the House, when the House adjourns today, it shall stand adjourned until Monday, September 20, 2010, provided that, for the purposes of Standing Order 28, it shall be deemed to have sat on Friday, June 18, Monday, June 21, Tuesday, June 22, and Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Mr. Speaker, if the House accepts this, I would wish all hon. members a pleasant summer. Hopefully, we will not have to return to pass back-to-work legislation in the Jazz Air labour dispute. The Speaker: Does the hon. government House leader have the unanimous consent of the House to propose this motion? Some hon. members: Agreed. The Speaker: The House has heard the terms of the motion. Is it the pleasure of the House to adopt the motion? Some hon. members: Agreed. The Speaker: I declare the motion carried and I join the House leader in wishing all hon. members the very best for a pleasant summer.
  6. Always interested

  7. When things get tough, the law of the jungle will ALWAYS prevail.
  8. I think "Homerun" has been on this forum long enough to understand the dynamics of AC and the ex-subsidiaries, now franchisees. A rhetorical question like "why would he be there?" is a little weak. Maybe he could contribute with an opinion? My opinion is that he was there,(not Ottawa), to intimidate and threaten. Of Course he is there to represent the interest of AC... Is it meddling? Is he coercing the Minister of Labour to meddle as well? GTFA
  9. With Calin Roving-a-scew now intimately involved in the process we can be sure he is making friends with pilots who may think it's a good idea to do extra duty. CR does NOT make friends... he makes money! He knows full well that there remains acrimonious regard for "the Feeders" by pilot types at AC and will take full advantage of it. Join the team or don't join the team, still the mantra "Taking it Back" is one ALL pilots should adopt. GTFA
  10. Talks continue. Location moved to Ottawa.(This may be getting political all of a sudden.) Apparently the pilots got a whiff that company was pulling some unsavory moves at the table yesterday. GTFA
  11. The thing about Jazz is: It's not so much the price as the product. Competition is killer in the price department but there are few who can match Jazz's performance on safety and reliability. Just sayin'...
  12. Does anyone know of a real-time update service on the web that I can monitor for news on departure plans from LHR? GTFA
  13. Thank you Boestar. Hopefully this will cause people to pause and reflect. There could definitely be a LOT of good come from this development. Jazz is a mature carrier with an advanced flight ops department with a significantly experienced and educated pilot group which may very well serve the whole industry well. GTFA
  14. Yes. That is correct. Under the "commercial agreement" Jazz is contracted to provide capacity to AC, on AC's terms, providing AC service. It's just that easy folks. Jazz will do the same for Thomas Cook. It will be Thomas Cook service on Thomas Cook terms. Passengers will be sold whatever product is being marketed and expect, and receive, the level of service the seller has promised. Whoever sells the product is responsible for the service. GTFA
  15. Get over it folks. This expansion of JAZZ has nothing to do with Air Canada, or ACPA. Other than a commercial agreement, the ties have been severed between these two for good. This is good news for travelers, Thomas Cook, Jazz and probably more than a few ex SSV people who could use some income while looking for a new permanent employment. I am confident that no stone has been left unturned before announcing this development. You never know... AC may even have some kind of benefit through access to connecting passengers in Canada.
  16. You think this couldn't have happened at "Mainline"? Think again. This is not a matter of who to blame.
  17. I wonder how the "College" would have responded to this event? I don't mean this in any derogatory way but am seriously curious? GTFA
  18. Part of the value of what Jazz offers is the level of service and the supporting structure for a reliable proposal. Sometimes all it takes is a little better marketing and promotion of the package.
  19. Jazz is definitely making plans to position themselves to be less dependent on the CPA with AC. The question is: do they have the determination to actually accomplish something other than capitulate to the demands of their flailing cash cow?
  20. Besides... if you have a safety concern why would you NOT submit a report and request a follow up? GTFA
  21. I watched the "Flying Cheap" program last night and was also pleasantly impressed with the presentation. Mr. Cohen was given more than enough opportunity to say the right things but, as you implied, just didn't know what or how to say it. Also, the relationship and responsibility between carriers is glaringly negligent in addressing safety and liability. One point that I was waiting to hear because of the title of the article was that passengers are going to have to pay more for better service. That service being the highest level of safety with schedule. I liked what Specs had to say about the piloting profession taking control of their own standards and have always promoted the same. GTFA
  22. No. Sorry. That really IS a joke. How much common sense do you expect to find in the CARs? GTFA
  23. [schroeder also quotes Erwin Schroedinger of Schroedinger's Cat fame.] “So in brief we do not belong to this material world world that science constructs for us. We, (our personal awareness of ourselves). Are not part of it. The reason why we believe that we are in it, that we belong to the picture, is that our bodies are in the picture....And this is the only way of communicating with them.” Yes, head-spinning stuff. What struck me about this last quote is the question: could this statement suggest that we are actually part of a different dimension than the physical world? A dimension called consciousness? With the different theories of how many dimensions there may be, are there any suggestions that each dimension is dependent on all the others, or could you take one away. Thus the age old question if you took away the dimension of consciousness would the universe still exist?
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