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  1. Actually, They are going to be part of a long line up to file their request. All the other labour groups and all the other creditors and any other party that feels they have or are being treated unfairly by the original order gets their chance to appeal to the judge to ammend the order to exclude them from the "stay". Starting April 22nd, there is going to be a lot of blood, sweat and tears spilled on the courtroom floor! Good Luck everyone.
  2. Well, actually, Yah! Maybe me. Why not? GTFA
  3. So, who does one call to sit in on the next joint pilot glee club meeting?
  4. Yes but, It is worth enduring the heat so that those who follow may enjoy the shade of a healthy tree. A lasting legacy of doing the right thing is better than just being a sidebar to a history of desparation. GTFA
  5. ...sufficient hiring at mainline and ZIP??? Why should some one have to be "hired" at a company they already work for? GTFA
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