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  1. +36 to Malcolm's post. (1 for every year of professional aviating.)
  2. And we wonder why we are becoming an overanxious, worrying society. It is this type of alarmist reporting that leaves a lasting impression with the public even if they can admit the article is alarmist, the impression has been made.
  3. All that this means is that the banner over the pilots bargaining teams side of the table will say ALPA. It will be the same people, (WJ pilots) facing WJ management teams. This is not war this is a changing of team colours. Why would either group wish to do anything other than continue to work towards making their company a success. ALPA does not have a gorilla behind the door, nor do they have any special powers of potions that will influence their counterparts in management. What ALPA has is the resources, experience and devotion to guide the pilots of WJ in whatever direction they wish. There will still be disgruntled members and there will still be backroom politics between subgroups of the pilot ranks. There will still be leadership battles over emotional issues and there will also continue to be disagreements and challenges by the (their) company that will create anger and frustration towards the pilots from across the employee groups. This is not necessarily a drastic turning point unless someone is intent on "cutting off their nose to spite their face". This could be the best thing that will ever happen to the relationship between pilots and WJ as long as everyone keeps their cool and remains respectful and openminded. Congratulations to both the pilots of WestJet and to ALPA.
  4. Keeeeep reading... https://thepilotwifelife.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/i-know-youre-mad-at-united-but-thoughts-from-a-pilot-wife-about-flight-3411/
  5. Parody is hilarious. Parody is hilarious until the subject matter is you. So who is the offender here, the publisher or the pilots? Sure maybe the the photo could have been better placed but the concept of being served cocktails at a social gathering by a couple of boisterous pilots is certainly not offensive.
  6. John, cough up a few bucks and upgrade your equipment. Welcome to the 21st century
  7. Thank you Boestar, the above quote from Heather Richardson, professor of History at Boston College is exactly the kind of measured consideration that needs to made by people who claim to be reasonable. It raises the question, what is happening and how should we respond? Regardless of your political leaning, the execution of this order is indeed shocking and will be judged by history, not histrionics. Safe travels everyone.
  8. After all, Air Canada IS responsible for their 3rd party contractors and the quality of service they provide. I wonder, if that had been an AC aircraft and crew, would the event have unfolded differently? The media of course does not represent the details accurately.
  9. Jay can be heard saying that he had cashed some of his own cars. His composure through that harrowing event shows his knowledge and respect for what can be a very dangerous hobby.
  10. This is where the F/As earn their keep! Training, experience and teamwork are the most critical elements in managing this type of scenario. Where there is a lack in any of these three elements strength in the remaining two will prevail.
  11. Wow. Is this ever an interesting discussion. May I suggest, that the PM still maintains control of the power settings but through commands, "Max Power", "Set MCT" etc. where the PM sets the power commanded and the PF can remain focussed on aviating and navigating.
  12. There is one regional in Canada where pilots have been well paid and certainly have superior working conditions but is now facing diminishing opportunity and security due to competitive pressure from other, less expensive carriers. Is this on the backs of the pilots? Or, can pilots achieve a higher overall reward while the companies scrap it out over costs? Will the pilots who are accepting less pay in exchange for more aircraft support the profession and thus their own future? Or will the free-for-all just keep spiralling downwards? Where will it stop? Why would it stop?
  13. Picher anyone??? BOTL maybe??? So much lost for so little... The painful thing is that we DID know then what we know now!
  14. My point is, that there is also no corroborating evidence that the pilot was fired as a result of his/her actions during the incident. I am sure the truth of the matter will come out in due coarse and after all parties have been allowed their due process. In the mean time we are all left to assume and surmise based on what is released in the media and by anonymous sources.
  15. There are many levels of misconduct that warrant dismissal that do not include acts while flying an aircraft. The report from Southwest did not say why the pilot was fired... I will wait for the facts before I cry wolf!
  16. Maybe his dismissal was a result of his conduct during the investigation.
  17. Yes. You/we have been. Fortunately, in the past new hires showed up with significant experience in operations that taught the core values of good DM and other HF/CRM skills. Unfortunately, around the world, new hires are being "mainlined into mainlines" and the PIC is taking on an evermore complicated role as mentor/indoc/trng/coach and sometimes even parent. What is it worth to keep the level of experience and expertise in the flight deck the same as that which we have benefited from for at least one generation already? The pay-to-play concept should be adopted to represent flight ops need for qualified, experienced pilots. GTFA
  18. A captain who flies with a less than ATPL first officer is essentially a training pilot and should perform and be paid accordingly.
  19. Recognizing that satire is in fact an art form and the pardigm that either art imitates life or life imitates art, and assuming that this has never really happened, will life now imitate art? ???
  20. There is a trained procedure at a certain airline on a certain aircraft where it is NOT recommended to shut down an engine still producing power even if it IS on fire. Climb to a safe altitude or follow required manoeuvres... then complete the drill. Kinda makes sense when you are "in the air wishing you were on the ground".
  21. Mel... None of those routes or any other for that matter are JAZZ, they are Air Canada. Jazz does a few charters for itself but everything else, unfortunately, is under the ownership and control of Air Canada. Just sayin'... again...
  22. I agree DEFCON. I am also old, not ancient, but old and having been in this industry for so long is making me somewhat crotchety as well. There have been so many obviously flawed business models it seems like people just don't get it. Eienstein said this: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." (Though we are not violent we have been pretty nasty.)
  23. OH MAN! DEFCON you are old aren't you? What you are proposing is putting this industry back to the 70s. Has all this been a long bad dream? Is the experiment over?
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