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  1. Demanding that your employer reduce your amount of work is only going to undermine your ability to earn income. Allowing the Government to dictate rules to address scheduling rules is a invitation for confusion and conflict. WE, as professionals need to take responsibility for our own well being and negotiate wages and working conditions that reflect our commitment to providing the highest levels of safety, with efficiency.
  2. Subscription required. Any other link to the article?
  3. It's like building a boat that will only stay upright if the "auto-stabilizing" system is active. Maybe Boeing should just build a better aircraft.
  4. That could be indicative of the high expectations of Canadian travelers. Good news/bad news.
  5. That event occurred in March. Measures to detect and avoid the spread have been significantly improved since then.
  6. Looks like a perfect storm of issues escalating due to hypersensitivity of our currently paranoid society. Very sad.
  7. WHOA!!! I just checked my profile for date of joining. 1969???? Did I do that? I was only 10.
  8. This certainly reinforces the adage that knowing your aircraft is your best safety tool. All that "enthusiasm" would better be spent on meeting the parameters rather than yanking on levers that won't work until the parameters are met.
  9. " Fast-Change", "conversion"? This may be more marketing pitch and jargon than anything particularly technical. It looks like the conversion is to remove seats from the aircraft and install tie-down latches in the seat tracks. Is there more to it than that? Of course there are W/B and fire watch concerns but that is an issue with the carriage of any cargo. With the floor loading limits remaining equal, will the aircraft actually carry more cargo by piling packages on the floor than by securing it to the existing seating structures? GTFA
  10. Well, this is where the level of professionalism of each pilot comes in to play. Kerns, Sumwalt et al have been preaching this for a while... Company culture and training priorities are, as they should be, brought in to the spotlight to reenforce the value of well trained, experienced flight crew. This is a wake up call to the industry. Unless, of coarse the investigations find that the malfunctions were deemed to be unmanageable.
  11. When there are multiple variants of a common type we are still required to be trained on the differences. Boeing is definitely on the hook if they did not properly declare the differences.
  12. Also to be clear, I am not un-pointing at Boeing. I am pointing ANOTHER finger at other causal factors. I believe we may finally be at a crossroads in aviation where training and standards are being displaced by technology. Instead of raising the lowest denominator we are expecting manufacturers to make ever more complex systems to overcome the shortcomings of industry to provide competent crews.
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