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  1. GTFA


    "I have read all of these stories many times and used them in teaching scenarios but cannot resist reading them again whenever they are introduced to use as examples of mismanaged risk/reward ratios. Mr. Albright's personal story is very amusing and serves to remind us also that the biggest threat to a skilled and confident pilot is actually his own skill and confidence. Don't phool yourself, physics trumps everything!" At risk of being repetitive, " A superior pilot is one who uses his superior judgment to AVOID situations requiring the use of his superior skills."
  2. GTFA

    Yukon Weather Vane

    A lot of familiar family names in the journey log book from early Canadian Pacific days. Does anyone have any copies?
  3. GTFA

    Westjet Founder Ordering A220's

    "Neeleman is exploring the possible creation of a new low-cost carrier in the U.S., trade publications Airline Weekly and Airfinance Journal reported last month." Another low-cost airline. Really... why? Does this not just perpetuate the problem of underfunded, short-sighted shoestring operations relying on low cost employees, low-cost maintenance, Low cost everything? Does <<you-get-what-you-pay-for>> still mean anything? How is another Low-cost airline going to improve the degradation of service, comfort, reliability and safety? Why can't people like Neelman focus on making existing carriers better? From an industry perspective our energies should be on improvement of safety, service and cost for the companies who are carrying passengers now.
  4. GTFA

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    We need to focus on the people who care about getting the right people into the positions of pilot and AME. The travelling public, the airline executive office, the College of Professional Pilots of Canada. The industry needs to realize the critical nature and therefor value of any person who puts in any "Touch-Time" on aircraft that effects safety of operations.
  5. GTFA

    Westjet Founder Ordering A220's

    So are we now entering the era of the disposable airline? One model getting old and tired? Bankrupt it, shut it down, and start up a new one. Shiny new planes, fancy new marketing message, and eager, dedicated professional staff. What a colossal waste of money, time and resources.
  6. GTFA

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Yet Encore is a different bargaining unit. Please tell me I am wrong and that the Encore pilots will have equal access to all WestJet flying. Please tell me that the Encore pilots will always have access to ANY other WestJet flying before and ahead of any of the SWOOP pilots being magically turned into WestJet pilots. Please tell me our industry is not going down this road of inequity and unjustified entitlement . . . again.
  7. GTFA

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    And where will the WestJet Encore pilots fit into all of this?
  8. GTFA

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    This could also be a turning point. If WJ can return to a satisfied work force then their stability as an airline will certainly improve.
  9. GTFA

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Well done WJ ALPA. Walk softly and carry a big stick..
  10. What about establishing a monthly minimum pay and benefits. Then the employer can assign whatever cockamamie schedule they wish (within CARs of coarse) and see if it works. They will either thrive by discovering the secrets of Human-Factor-Economics or crumble under book-offs, resignations and general insubordination. Just a theory... Simplify.
  11. It doesn't matter how you slice the pie. It's a pie. Don't like the pie? Don't eat it. If you wish to get in to some kind of relationship with the baker in order to influence the recipe then by all means go ahead. But if you wish more pie, remember there is only so much pie to go around. Sorry. A little late for International Pi day.
  12. This conversation always frustrates me as people pick at any loose thread to make a point. My point is that it is not about what you are getting paid for every moment you are engaged in some activity related to your employment. What really matters is the balance between the amount on your paycheque and how much non-work related time you have. Put them on a scale of happiness and see if you are satisfied. Don't get bogged down in the minutia, go for the lifestyle you wish and if the employer won't meet your demands either alter your expectations or your career path. This is why being a member of a "Bargaining Unit" is so valuable. It provides a process and protections to represent the employees as a legal entity with all the rights and responsibilities to function effectively. What REALLY matters?
  13. GTFA

    AirCanada Route Announcements

    I'd say that was was pretty good. 1800pph, M.79 at FL410. But it's the total leg fuel that really matters. Any comparisons with similar payload?
  14. The career path eluded to requires a candidate to firstly become a flight instructor at the flight school, then get hired by Georgian, then meet the discretionary criteria at AC, then somehow fall within the 80% window... Phewf. Why can't a person just become a pilot and strive to be the best pilot they can be and maximize return on effort by showing a resume of impressive professional integrity. There needs to be a layer of protection for pilots who may be taken advantage of, swindled, coerced and outright lied to by unscrupulous employers of flight schools and airlines hoping to take their skim from the dreams of aspiring professionals. My recommendation to any person, parent or career counsellor is to not pursue a career as a pilot unless all you really wish to do is fly airplanes. Because you never know when your personal wheel of fortune will stop, slow or reverse direction. Dreamers need not apply. To coin a phrase, (thanks BMW)- "Drivers wanted".