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  1. Thanks again Boestar. No special reason for asking the question. There appeared to be a rash of flat tires reported on AvHerald that made one wonder as to what protocols were in place to handle the situation. The question has been answered well.
  2. Thanks Boestar. A related question: do planes of a similar type, eg. A319, 320 and 321 as well as the various series of the 737 and MD80, 90 use the same wheels and tires?
  3. There have been several reports in AvHerald over the past few weeks where planes have blown tires on landing. What facilities exist at most airports to replace these tires and wheels?
  4. Rich, thanks for the clarification. It would seem, however, that a tour of duty as a military pilot would be preferable to an airline cadet program as far as the overall experience is concerned.
  5. How many hours would a military transport pilot get in a year? It would certainly be more than a fighter pilot.
  6. A point to consider - the photography was done with a telephoto lens which compresses the scene. They may well have been at a greater distance from the beach than the film would indicate. Just a thought.
  7. One of the issues that has not received much attention in this thread is the fact that even with a lengthened runway at YTZ there is virtually no safety margin for overruns with either a C series or Max. I would think that safety would be more important than economics. While the runway may be fine for the Q400, things could be a bit tight for larger planes.
  8. Last passenger flight for the DC-10. http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/05/travel/dc-10-last-flight/index.html?hpt=hp_c4
  9. The exemption still exists for the use of amateur radio transmitters while driving. We use preset frequencies and all we need is a microphone with a push to talk button in one hand. It's very easy to keep our eyes on the road and I am not aware that there have been any problems with this type of operation.
  10. Thanks for the post Malcolm. I'm a Catholic and my first girlfriend was a Presbyterian. Her mother saw to it that we did not remain together. I'd like to think that cats are somewhere up there too. Not sure about racoons. I caught this fellow with his paw in the cat food bowl.
  11. Seems like both Colgan and Southwest have American crews. This is going to stir up a hornet's nest of protest. A typical government knee-jerk reaction.
  12. The accident was in Indonesia. Attributed to pilot error.
  13. Mitch, this looks like a partially broken wasp's nest.
  14. The railroads are very adept at restoring damaged track ( they have lots of practice ) and will use whatever resources that are required to return the line to service. Both CN and BNSF can handle some CP traffic until repairs are completed.
  15. Malcolm, many thanks for your reply. I lived in Calgary and Kananaskis from 1971 - 1981 and have many fond memories of the city as well as hiking and cross country skiing in the mountains. I often wished I had remained there