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  1. I wonder if people are checking with their Travel Insurance Provider? When this mess started we were contacted and told we had 10 days to get out of the US and back to Canada.
  2. Interesting take on pass travel Upperdeck, coming from a Lawyer. Is there a Profession / Business that has more of a hierarchy than a Law Firm, however in the socialized world of the Big Airline - we are all equals.
  3. Continuing the thread drift on passes, I always check the 'con list.' On any popular destination, going back a lifetime ago to pre-Covid, as a rule there is rarely a C2 on the list. The cons are all C1 and above since the corp flooded the system with them. Retirees with only access to C2's and the ultimate insult, no access to the Jumpseat, makes pass travels very difficult.
  4. Big fear if Boeing files Chapter 11, sticking all the proud owners of the Max with the bill. Personally I think the 162 Pilot layoffs is just optics to appease the other employee groups that Flt Ops is feeling some pain. These Pilots combined salary is pocket change, if we do hit 600 layoffs that is a different story. Here's hoping the 55 hours mitigates any further layoffs.
  5. There are very few issues that I would consider dropping tools for, this is definitely one of them.
  6. Some very smart people are finally pushing back, Ben Shapiro and Dr Jordan Peterson to name two. The Left Wing nut-jobs are doing all they can to squash free speech, ANTIFA being at the far end. If you are not familiar with these two gentleman, they both have a lot of YouTube content. Time to push back for the sake of the next generation, these aren't just angry old white guys Dagger. Ben Shapiro is early 30's, there are people with common sense, but they are getting afraid to speak out. Time to tell them to go sc@ew themselves!
  7. The left wing, Politically Correct psychos cannot change basic biology, there are only two sexes. Identify with what ever you like, but we are running out of letters with the "LGB....." "Ladies and Gentlemen" and "Merry Christmas" are top of my list. I have been thanked countless times for wishing the passengers a Merry Christmas over the PA.
  8. Fixed - Thanks, Jet Lag brain at work.
  9. Transat is AC's largest competitor on the Atlantic, I suspect they are concerned "whose hands" the Airline lands in.
  10. Nice to see how many successfully got their carry-on luggage off, while others were unable to escape the fire.
  11. Anybody know how many Pilots Transat has?
  12. Longranger, I will stand behind the post. Don't forget we now work with ex-WJ'ers on a regular basis, the dirty laundry is being hung to dry. If you re-read the CUPE newsletter, you'll see that it was WJ Management that has asked the FA's to 'write up' Pilots. To CUPE's credit they are advising against it. Pay comparable to AC, how's the 787 pay working out, or how about the Encore pay scale?
  13. Here's my take on it Kip, from having a good friend who was "original equipment." WJ played the "we are all equal" game pretty successfully, the Pilot's held their noses and groomed the Airplanes and then went home and counted their money. The early days of big profit share cheques and fast upgrades. Times have changed and now the WJ Pilots are quitting in droves, with many coming to AC, some going overseas and even (who would have ever guessed) Sunwing. On a recent flight with an ex-WJ'er, he described it as a Black Culture with a tattle tail environment of "writing up" your fellow employ
  14. The first time I saw a WestJet Pilot on his knees grooming, I was disgusted. I am glad there is finally some push back!
  15. Angry Grandpa What do you say to this, CB really hates Pilots. I think this is from pre-ALPA, his head must be ready to explode by now?