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  1. Great, another Low Wage carrier. The only employee group at Rouge that took a pay cut, were the Pilots. F/A's were all new hires, AME's, Agents, Dispatchers, Rampies are all mainline at AC wages. (yes, I know that Rouge/LCC came from a government imposed agreement) The Government stuck us with Rouge, only after ACPA was foolish enough to negotiate it in an agreement that got voted down. Here's hoping the WJ Pilots don't make the same mistake we did.
  2. I remember when he first joined AC he spoke at an Employee Meeting. He wanted to stop the requirement for the Service Director checking boarding passes at the door of the Aircraft. It backed up boarding and was hurting OTP, not to mention the gate agent had just scanned the BP five seconds previous. That major change took three months to implement, the look on his face was priceless. Some things haven't changed since 1989, change moves at a glacial pace. The COO commanding such a simple move at 8am, should have been in place by 08:05 (and that's the same day.) Of course CUPE had to get in the way, but that is another story. I suspect he had Bens' foot print on the top of his head and his career aspirations had been side lined.
  3. I always get a kick out of guys like this, experts in Leadership. Having a brief look at his own CV, I don't see much depth in that area?
  4. Qantas is happy!
  5. Coffee came out my nose Kip, hadn't thought about that goof ball in years.
  6. I am sure that is part of it, however guaranteed so is money - despite what they publicly say. Now that WJ is operating WideBody sked service to Keflavik, your Pilots deserve industry standard WideBody pay.
  7. No argument Blues, however ALPA offers unmatched resources. We have seen what an in-bred, in-house association looks like and she isn't pretty. We need all Airline Pilots in Canada in one Association.
  8. Congrats WestJet, thanks for standing up. Lesson learned on the McJob wages for the Q400 at Encore? It would be great to see you guys at ALPA, there is a growing push at AC to put ACPA out of our misery and join ALPA. Time to take back the Profession.
  9. Only the two Pilots were onboard, one died and one was severely injured. Both very high time Pilots, surviving Pilot went on to work for MOT and eventually head of Safety at Canadi>n. To the best of my knowledge nobody figured out what happened? Wouldn't get me, or any of my family, in the back of a MU2.
  10. The Social Media Psyco's running off at the mouth screaming "Rape" are doing little to help their own cause. Which we all champion, zero tolerance for any sort of Sexual ( or any ) Assault. We've all seen the history of looking for a cash cow, EMB Flight Deck Porn-gate comes to mind. One individual walking away, laughing all the way to the bank. Set your stop watch for how soon another case comes to light, (possibly) involving another Low Cost Carrier. Nothing like a little Golden Handshake on your way out the door. So far, I am siding with WestJet on this one. No need for a Harvard MBA to know that there is no upside to protecting a guilty employee, if there was one ounce of credible evidence.
  11. I am surprised by how many of you have already hung this guy as guilty. I don't believe for one second that WJ covered this up, this isn't an episode of Mad Men from the 60's. The top Management at WJ aren't stupid. Like everything, there has to be way more to this story. The Social Media explosion has already labeled this as "Rape," when was the last time you heard that term?
  12. Heaven knows we need to support the outrageous cash cows known as "Airport Authorities." Where else would the money come from to pay all those VP's, purchase waterfalls and turn Airports into shopping centers. All the while having third world infrastructure on the operating side of the Airport. Taxiways in disrepair, approach aids from the 1950's! So now if an employee fly's from Halifax to Toronto, operates a flight two hours later, is required to pay the AIF. A passenger doing the same thing, connecting through Toronto, is exempt.
  13. I too am a huge fan. Watched a music special one time, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars voted the "Gayest album of ALL time." Scared me for a second...... loved that album back in the day.
  14. I have always enjoyed Bean's posts, hope he comes back. The reality is, the bloom is off the rose at WJ. In a recent chat with a friend of mine, there are many Pilots shopping the market for a change of careers. Attending the recent Emirates roadshows, considering Asian contracts. Saretsky has permanently changed the culture, time will tell.
  15. If you remember Mike, at Canadi>n Retirees priority was after all active employees. The theory de jour was, retires have a lifetime to get where they're going. Under the existing rules you retain your priority, with your years of service frozen. This whole B1 fiasco is nothing new, it just got massive attention when the Pilots got it. There was a time they were hiring Gate Support workers ( non-F/A's) who were given B1's right away. They were used as an incentive for relatively low wages. There are Secretaries around the outfit that are categorized as "Management" simply because they are non-Union, who also have B (might be 2) passes. The slippery slope started ages ago. Merry Christmas