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  1. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    You have the facts straight Critter, you would not believe some of the nonsense out there about the cause of CALPA's demise. We will have a major push to get the AC Pilots to ALPA in the near future, we need all Pilots under one umbrella. Can we all get along, I would sure hope so? Times have changed, it is a good time to be an Airline Pilots.
  2. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    So we (Canada) should support some of the poorest Flight and Duty regs in the world, to support these outfits?
  3. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    You are right Critter, there is plenty of revisionist history on the formation of ACPA. Fact is the AC Pilots declared a merger with their Regionals (against the advice of many) and when it didn't go their way they packed up and ran. And what is "give some ground in Seniority, for the greater good?" Back to the topic, I have zero sympathy for any of these Canadian companies. They have exploited Pilots for decades and the tables have turned. Companies like Buffalo (Ice Pilots) Airways can go straight to bankruptcy, when they can't find Pilots to fly their Aircraft. Let alone load the bags, fuel the Airplane, serve the coffee then wash Joe's car!
  4. No DEC's (yet) on the 320 DEFCON, bottom Captain is seniority #2800 out of roughly 3500. Not sure what that translates to, maybe been around 5 years? As for the C Series, (never say never in this business....but) there is no stomach for seeing it go to Sky Regional. For the moment it is covered by our Scope Agreement. There is no doubt the Company would like it in the feeder system, they would have 87's there if they could.
  5. Time on type and total time are going to I look at my own numbers and they are not even close. The Captain on 624 is one of THE BEST of THE BEST and the F/O's reputation is absolutely equal. Of interest the F/O is senior to the Captain. If these two guys can make this mistake......I could make this mistake! The TSB missed the mark by a country mile. Turning "Non-Precision Approaches" into " Precision Approaches" by manipulating numbers.....50% of the minimums...times take your socks your bull s*it. They are CLOUD BREAK procedures.
  6. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    Great, another Low Wage carrier. The only employee group at Rouge that took a pay cut, were the Pilots. F/A's were all new hires, AME's, Agents, Dispatchers, Rampies are all mainline at AC wages. (yes, I know that Rouge/LCC came from a government imposed agreement) The Government stuck us with Rouge, only after ACPA was foolish enough to negotiate it in an agreement that got voted down. Here's hoping the WJ Pilots don't make the same mistake we did.
  7. AirCanada COO Resigns

    I remember when he first joined AC he spoke at an Employee Meeting. He wanted to stop the requirement for the Service Director checking boarding passes at the door of the Aircraft. It backed up boarding and was hurting OTP, not to mention the gate agent had just scanned the BP five seconds previous. That major change took three months to implement, the look on his face was priceless. Some things haven't changed since 1989, change moves at a glacial pace. The COO commanding such a simple move at 8am, should have been in place by 08:05 (and that's the same day.) Of course CUPE had to get in the way, but that is another story. I suspect he had Bens' foot print on the top of his head and his career aspirations had been side lined.
  8. Millenial Question

    I always get a kick out of guys like this, experts in Leadership. Having a brief look at his own CV, I don't see much depth in that area?
  9. A resounding NO! Qantas is happy!
  10. Luftie 737 Tribute

    Coffee came out my nose Kip, hadn't thought about that goof ball in years.
  11. A resounding NO!

    I am sure that is part of it, however guaranteed so is money - despite what they publicly say. Now that WJ is operating WideBody sked service to Keflavik, your Pilots deserve industry standard WideBody pay.
  12. A resounding NO!

    No argument Blues, however ALPA offers unmatched resources. We have seen what an in-bred, in-house association looks like and she isn't pretty. We need all Airline Pilots in Canada in one Association.
  13. A resounding NO!

    Congrats WestJet, thanks for standing up. Lesson learned on the McJob wages for the Q400 at Encore? It would be great to see you guys at ALPA, there is a growing push at AC to put ACPA out of our misery and join ALPA. Time to take back the Profession.
  14. Only the two Pilots were onboard, one died and one was severely injured. Both very high time Pilots, surviving Pilot went on to work for MOT and eventually head of Safety at Canadi>n. To the best of my knowledge nobody figured out what happened? Wouldn't get me, or any of my family, in the back of a MU2.
  15. The Social Media Psyco's running off at the mouth screaming "Rape" are doing little to help their own cause. Which we all champion, zero tolerance for any sort of Sexual ( or any ) Assault. We've all seen the history of looking for a cash cow, EMB Flight Deck Porn-gate comes to mind. One individual walking away, laughing all the way to the bank. Set your stop watch for how soon another case comes to light, (possibly) involving another Low Cost Carrier. Nothing like a little Golden Handshake on your way out the door. So far, I am siding with WestJet on this one. No need for a Harvard MBA to know that there is no upside to protecting a guilty employee, if there was one ounce of credible evidence.