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  1. So true ! Imagine now the identity crisis when, as a pilot, we have to explain to Joe Public for wich airline company you fly for I gave up few years ago and just say i am semi-retired and fly for pleasure few days a month
  2. Wow.... Bad hair day i guess Jazz has a contract signed with AC on pass privileges. Those must be as close as possible with those enjoyed by mainline. For me, from what i saw in the past policy changes, AC does not respect the spirit of the contract and should be sued by Chorus. BUT, it will never happen as the two managements are too tied... Hope you had your Connectors/Mainline history course 101 before accepting your brand new job at AC ... Oups ! Sorry...
  3. If the past is any indication of the future..... Rouge will be the color of the ink at the bottom of the profit column
  4. If the HQ is still in YUL i would vote for Tabarnakair
  5. Maybe........Frigidair or Jennair or Air Appliance............ Or Supair or Chopair or Hasselair or Skyair or Bankruptair or......... Idontgiveadamnair
  6. Simple answer ? Jazz signed a contract with the devil: How can you get out of this AND still be alive ? If you have the answer, you're a winner
  7. I would add that ANYONE who is trying to eat your lunch, big or small, is considered a threat for me. WJA started with what, 3 dinojets ? And look at them now. Air Canada is losing the war one battle at a time and JAZZ is just on the wrong side of the fence. I always considered JAZZ as the solution, not the problem. With our actual CA, we could fly airplaines about 3 times bigger than we fly now, for the same price. We have been painted in the corner by AC with an expensive CPA contract, shareholders that coudn't care less about long term investment and a management team not even able to
  8. I would say that from day one, the rumor has been floating around
  9. Here is your answer: Hope for the best and plan for the worst BTW........... In Canada................... And the USA................................ English is not an option................Just sayin'..................
  10. 8 years is a very long journey and neither me or you can predict the outcome The only airline in Canada that could manage the kind of changes envisioned by CR in a matter of months is Jazz. We have the infrastructures and the savoir faire right now to do so. Air Canada is not in a position to lose more money by not respecting a signed contract AND Jazz MUST do something for long term viability so, they are comdemned to negociate Changes are mandatory in both companies right now, but business common sense will prevail on both sides. Too much money involved and not much time to deal with..
  11. Before 2020, unless CCAA knocks at the door, contract obligations are cast in stone. But negociable for sure... Spitting that kind of nonsense shows how ignorant you are about the CPA agreement between the two parties.
  12. Maybe they just want to lock that money out of the boat before it sinks
  13. Only if you merge with them ( or try to...)