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  1. I think cpfa was referring to the fact that USUALLY the pilot's wife is at home. Get it?
  2. Hey? Who gets to sleep with you? She gets first dibs.
  3. Shave, pick up some flowers for your best side....realize you don't need Tims to talk. Way to go Mitch!
  5. I just finished reading a "parody" blog on the CBC website over the ads. This is my favorite:
  6. After that, try the Vote by Issue box. When there is no face to associate certain ideas with, it'll give you a better look at what you really think. I was surprised to find out that I agreed with Layton on two issues!!!!
  7. A co-worker's husband, in his early 40's recently suffered a stroke. His symptoms? All day on a Sunday he thought he had a migraine, took 10 Tylenol. Monday morning after my co-worker left for work his two teenage daughters found him unconscience on the floor of their bedroom. Would those questions have worked on Sunday? Maybe, but for those who suffer migraines on a regular basis they may have trouble wanting to talk to anyone much less do a drill. If you are a migraine sufferer, maybe doing the drill into a mirror should be a consideration? He's doing well considering the severity
  8. You Didn't! Your mother must have been an angel to put up with it. If I ever get to see that old mechanic again, I'll have to find out a little more detail.
  9. Azure


    So, who do you plan on voting for?
  10. I knew a mechanic that told me many years ago that he used to pull the engine on his VW every winter night and bring it in the house. His mother cussed but put up with it. At the time I was thinking, yaa right, bs story. Is it possible?
  11. Dagger: I couldn't help it but the tune of Daddy Don't Preach came into my head when I read your post, with the words Dagger Don't Push. No, let your daughter break hearts, better their's than hers right? If she's not sure don't push it, save that bottle for the day her eyes shine at the thought of making that commitment. Then you know she's making the right decision. You hope.
  12. Mitch, I've never seen you get nasty....a little grumpy on rare occasions....but never nasty. Could be because you posted your address on so many occasions you can't afford to be nasty. There is actually quite a long list of posters on this forum "from all airlines" who I have a great deal of respect for and a real interest in what they have to say, trouble is.....they don't post nearly enough to drown out the Baldies and Daggers.
  13. Welcome back Kip PLEASE don't just lurk, you must have some great stories to tell and I'm sure many will agree with me when I say. "This place needs some fresh air!"
  14. Why do we compare AC to WJ? Last I heard, AC had 295 aircraft, WJ 60. Apples to Oranges? Apples to Grapes! Why do analysts constantly compare the two?
  15. There you go Dagger Now, if you happened to be on that flight, how overpaid do you think that pilot was? How overpaid do you think the FA's are? Air France is lucky to have such a crew. They did their job, they did it well. That is the sixty seconds of terror
  16. He's Liberal! What? They haven't lied to you enough?
  17. Mithch We're here watching, not involved much, why? Although I visit this forum almost daily, my husband (the pilot) couldn't find his way here if I gave him directions! I'm serious, he couldn't. But then he dosen't care to either. Once in awhile he'll ask about what the theme is, then grunts and says "So, nothing has changed?" No, it hasn't changed.
  18. Glenn, thank you for a name. And thanks for this forum!
  19. rattler: I suppose it's all how we 'read' the story, but instead of being angry or as you put it "incensed" by the article, I was relieved and grateful that this woman went to so much trouble to catch the perv. Child pornography exists, children all over the world are used. This woman put herself out, admitted what she was into, and possibly saved a young life. Let's hope for the best
  20. Dug this up from a pprune thread back in March.
  21. moon, I'm with you. But I sometimes wonder what Mulrony did to make us all so hostile?
  22. Klyde Morris did a cartoon that goes well with this: The previous cartoon was kinda funny too.
  23. Just what we all need to hear before the April tax deadline. Guess I'd better hurry up and get them done.....looks like the Liberals are going to need more lawyers!