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  1. Your right rattler, nowhere does it state you must attend church. It only states that you will be judged on your deeds. I know many "non religious" who will fair much better than so called priests, evangelists and even popes. IF God does exist.
  2. I know exactly how Newgirl feels as I too haven't stepped foot in a "church" in many a year, does that make us less spiritual than those who trod off every weekend for an hour of prayer only to make an a$$ of themselves the rest of the week? Perhaps she was raised Catholic like I, which may explain our total distrust of organized religion. I remember as a child having to go to confession, well since we are all sinners in God's eye, you HAD to have something to confess. I memorized the examples the Nuns gave us. So, in essence I lied to the priest! Oh well, said my 5 Hail Mary's and 3 Our
  3. Kind of a neat quiz, I ended up in a three way tie and the tie-breaker question put me as an Existentialist. Never knew that about myself, at least I'm not a material girl. Existentialism emphasizes human capability. There is no greater power interfering with life and thus it is up to us to make things happen. Sometimes considered a negative and depressing world view, your optimism towards human accomplishment is immense. Mankind is condemned to be free and must accept the responsibility. Idealist 69% Cultural Creative 69% Existentialist 69%
  4. Too embarrased to post my scores. Three tests, Pitch - Rythm and Tone. Test your Music Skills in 6 Minutes
  5. IT projects are always hard to get off the ground, as the old saying goes, if you build will be hacked. Closing the doors seems harder now that WJ is looking at a larger clientel than they had when they started this project. Test, test and re-test. Clive obviously wasn't happy with the results, he made the right decision to delay the rollout. I was a bit upset at first, but when I learned that WJ upgraded Navitaire, I recinded my apprehension. I'm sure this is going to cost us a few $. But then we've made a few $ this year. Happy New Year Bean!
  6. When I saw that video last year, I think it took me only a couple of hours to find out who did the music - fast trip to Future Shop to grab the last copy, great CD. I guess Trans Siberian played in Toronto this year and I found out too late to make the trip. Next year for sure! I bet they are awesome live. Not a fan of Led lights...too harsh on the eyes....but this show is really well done.
  7. Some people put just a tad bit more effort into the season than most of us.
  8. Story says it all.
  9. As one friend put it....Canadians are two steps behind the US. Bad/Good?
  10. Quite an Interesting statement someone made... Author unkown.
  11. Good job sjsa, you made that flight much more pleasurable for the lady whom I'm sure has read or heard horror stories and was very worried. As for ALL pet owners, make sure you spend the two bucks or so and have your home phone number engraved on your dog's/cat's licence tag.
  12. He didn't say it was a public road, maybe an uncontrolled airport with some service? FSS allowed to turn on a switch? Someone has to get those lights flashing unless they flash 24/7 so that ground personel stop/look/listen before crossing. I'd say any airport mainline dosen't frequent, and there could be many here in Canada. But a cool pic nontheless.
  13. Pager So sorry to hear about your loss, pets are family and they ask so little of us, good scratch behind the ear, a romp outside, rub my tummy. In fact, the term pet seems so trivial, they are family. When your ready, you and your family will surely fill that void, perhaps save a dog that needs a family to love him/her. Azure
  15. No JO it's not the same. Reporters are getting bolder and bolder in their attempt to "make" news. His article made the FA's look really bad...and since my husband used to work for that airline...I knew it wasn't true, but a little doubt entered my mind....stuff like maybe they are hiring some too young etc. We all have to make the reporters responsible for the dribble they write. Just look at the latest on Harper as the power crazed PM. Someone was power crazed but it wasn't him, yet most on this forum were ready to hang and quarter him. So, we see that what we read isn't necessaril
  16. Kip, dodging the storms alright? Cpfa was worried about you for awhile. Welcome back to the zoo, opps, I meant forum. The quote in the G&M was by a reporter by the name of Lawrence Martin..."relative' of Paul? "By way of illustration, on a recent trip, the Prime Minister was asked by a flight attendant to turn off his cellphone and BlackBerry. Mr. Harper declined. The pilot then made a request, saying it was for safety purposes. The PM relented. But, at the end of the journey, one of his staffers gave the pilot some news: His services would no longer be required on prime ministerial t
  17. All Kidding Aside: That cartoon didn't even get ONE response on the WEF forum.The US has almost Half the amount of citizens to eject from the hot zone? Back in the late 70's, I don't know but maybe Trudeau was in power? Handed out Canadian passports for 3 years of our snow and cold. OK, fine. Where were the "PEACE" rally's when Israel signed all those initiatives over the years yet still faced almost weekly suicide bombers? Gave back most of Gaza...still faced the same. Then rocket attacks from the Hezbollah? You put a dog into a corner and poke it long enough..... We did forget, be
  18. NOT an easy task! We just have to remember back to New Orleans and how slow that process was. Add in visa's and passports, Isreal wanting probably Harper's guarantee signed in blood that NO Hezbollah will fall through the cracks...and the fact that finding ships...sitting around doing nothing....well that would be like finding aircraft sitting around doing nothing. Easy? I think not.
  19. I have a better idea....the first person off the boat to complain should be put back on the boat for a return trip! The crew can put him to work.... "swab the deck ye ungrateful canuk!" Our society is so Freekin' spoiled! What did some of the most vocal complainants expect? A luxury cruise liner with a chocolate buffet? War is horrible and people suffer, the fact that they are alive and in good enough health to bitch should make them grateful. You would think they were packed into cargo holds for a trans-atlantic crossing. That being said there were some "thank-you to Canada"
  20. This was added to the above mentioned Bloomberg article. Now, does this mean all of you guys/gals on this forum too??? What ever shall you all argue about?