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  1. If the rest of the Country is following Alberta, Mom's everywhere are having a heyday. For those of you who have no clue who I am, my husband flys for WJ and I live at Safeway, oops... work at Safeway in YQL, I'm there most of my waking hours lately. Several times in the last few days I had to stop and remember, this isn't Christmas...this is Mothers Day! We have two Wal-Mart superstores and yet our sale grow year over year? "Might be to the price increases?" But the number of people ravaging our department, we couldn't keep up!
  2. I did notice a rusty cable along the side that one young man was using, unless the fellow who took the video is awesome at editing, he had no time to clip and unclip.
  3. Try to watch it in full screen. Could have used a barf smilie.
  4. Speculation on
  5. From your post, I get the feeling their services are similar to some REAL husbands? Didn't quite finish the job did they?
  6. That didn't take very long. Aloha Airlines to Shut Down Operations Updated: March 30, 2008 03:01 PM MST (KHNL) -- Aloha Airlines has announced that it is shutting down its inter-island and transpacific passenger flights effective March 31st. Air cargo and contract services will continue. Effective immediatel, Aloha will stop selling tickets for travel beyond March 31, 2008. Stay tuned to your Live, Local, Late-Breaking news at 5 for the very latest on Aloha Airlines.
  7. Who would have thought that Steady Eddie is more popular than King Ralph!
  9. What? 97.06 billion revenue for porn and Canadian producers need taxpayers help?
  10. No not the "flip this house" kinda show, but some slime bag who lived on a yacht and did seminars on how to be rich by sitting on your ass at home. No money down, etc. HE is the one that probably started the whole mortgage crisis in the first place! I remember him saying that no matter your income, you can qualiffy. Scum.
  11. Speaking of TV. Since I work some weird shifts, I've noticed a sharp reduction of those late night get rich, no money down on your fifth house...get rich seminars.
  12. My question, did he have all those medications prescribed by only ONE doctor? If so, then he's the victim of a legal drug pusher working for the pharmaceutical cartels. I work in a grocery store that has a pharmacy and I am blown away by their weekly sales. During our last renovation, they quadrupled the size and hired more pharmacists, several more tecs and still are understaffed! Take a look, if you dare, into friends and families medicine cabinets. It may shock you. Warning: Don't try that at Kip's house. I hear he likes to fill his with marbles prior to dinner parties.
  13. Highly edited but also funny, sad and true. I love British humor, since Monty Python they have led the pack!
  15. That breed of dog would certainly make me happy on a chilly winter night.
  16. White I can handle as it is neutral, but for those that use only blue LED's on their dwelling. One of our traditions on Christmas eve was to pile everyone into the largest vehicle and visit several the point where I carried a wad of cash to donate where requested.....this year I guess we'll just down the eggnog as I got a sneak peak of a few. I'm thinking Walmart had an aweful lot of blue left over for their boxing day sale last year. Enjoy your granddaughter's first Christmas Kip! Our family is in the transition stage... children all adults, no children of their o
  17. If you have LED lights on your house, especially blue. YOUR UGLY! Sure, you may be saving money, the planet etc. but do me a favor. DON'T BOTHER AT ALL! The lights of yesteryear shimmered off the snow creating a wonderous light. Now when I drive at night all those dull bulbs just show me the shape of your house.....and gives me a headache. I can handle a small LED light on my stereo, but stringing those bastards together is down right nasty.
  18. Here ya go Mitch.
  19. Anyone flying over Sask tonight? Can you catch newgirl and bring her back home?
  20. A few comments down.
  21. Wow, that was an eye-opener! Check out the sodium content on some of the favorite restaruant meals.
  22. Maximum speed....110. I think I'll pass. You'd have to keep it floored on the Deerfoot, and even then probably end up some semi's lunch.