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  1. Kip Yet watching people plunge to their death from the towers was acceptable? Seeing floating bodies in New Orleans, acceptable? Live video from the Tusnami wipeing out people into the sea, acceptable? Some images will never leave my mind. From watching the one released video from the pentagon, there were NO bodies. So why not release the others? I myself do not worry much about the truth or lack thereof from 911. However, I do feel for those who lost loved ones and believe that the 911 commission was a sham. How sad is it to not be given clear concise proof/explanations? Step closer
  2. This should keep ya busy Mitch. The main reason this isn't going away is because people who KNOW and UNDERSTAND their professions, have questions that were never answered.
  3. Hotels for Westjet Vacations?
  4. For some time I had a magazine cover from the National Post on how Milton saved Air Canada. Ya, he saved it for himself. Robbed it from everything it ever owned! He's now in Europe? Good Luck there Milty. Calin will come in to clean up the mess, he's smart, and may make a lot of AC employes cry. I really do think this guy has the balls to do it. I may be proven wrong.
  5. I've been a fan of Crichton for years, read most of his books, after hearing of his death I haven't been able to crack open the book "Next" because I really don't want to believe his voice is gone. My husband has read it twice already, and say's it's very cautionary in genetics. Some day I will read it, right now, I want to leave it 'till I need it.
  6. Well, it's Saturday. Sure hope those fuzzy paws are wrapped around Mitch's neck and Marley doesn't mind having to share the love.
  7. Is it against the LAW in Quebec to ride an escalator without holding the handrail? What if you have suitcases/baby carriages/elderly person to hold on to? A pictogram is now legal law enforcement? A $420 dollar fine because she was fishing for subway change....and made a smart ass remark about not having three hands.... I bet tonight she wishes she was back in what we always called the "communisist states". My great grandparents ran from that, came to Canada and things were good for a time. But the more I see, the more w
  8. The other day driving past a shopping center I notice that Linen' Things still up on the major signage. Umm, they shut down on Jan 1st of this year, now it's April? That sign will not be replaced until another takes over the "spot" so to speak. Same as billboards. You pay to put it up....unless AC pays to over-ride....
  9. Check out 2:37 in that video. Young beautiful girl: "Damn, wish Mom would have let me come here by myself, she's such a drag man." Mom: "Spawns of the devil! What is that horrible noise!"
  10. Almost two hours long but an interesting watch.
  11. After watching his video a few times I think I"ll be humming that song all night! Voted for him. Why did I get the feeling that the Russian in second spot would be just as happy being picked up by Playboy?
  12. Anybody catch this the other night? GM's deliberate destruction of their zero emission cars is a heartbreaking story.
  13. CNN live feed of removal of aircraft from the Hudson.
  14. There are some things to laugh at during this cold snap.
  15. Saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra last night. Unfortunately, due to the shape of the Saddledom they were unable to perform their grand finale laser light show, however it was still an awesome show.
  16. And for the adults in the crowd.....
  17. Those bible passages don't bother me in the least, as someone who only steps foot in churches for weddings and funerals, the bible dosen't offend me as much as the people standing up front interpreting it. I'm sure the same is true for the Koran etc. We are only slaves to missinformation when we're too lazy and have to be "told what to think." Unfortunately, there is little media choice as they are all like Coke and Pepsi nowadays, taste almost the same, no real difference. Fox? Ha! The internet is full of information, but most is seemey and no real facts to rely on...some jems do come
  18. Hence the "baby due in two months." Sorry, couldn't resist. Congrat's BTW.
  19. His new cd does sound mellow, but once you hear a few of the songs live you'll have a new appreciation. I won't spoil it for you and tell you which "old" ones he does. Met a fellow from Waterloo who was there early, like us. He's going to every North American concert! His blog: BTW newgirl. I loved Regina, and the Conexus Arts Center is stunning. Must go back for a visit again some day.
  20. Flew to Regina last week to see him, awesome show! Some new....some old. Enjoy!!!
  21. If you photoshop it....they will come? Maybe it was a charter. Advert photo on this link- YXC 's website.
  23. Remember Robin Hood and his Merry....., well you get the picture. Fryer Tuck never starved, and Robin must have spent a fortune on his tighty tights and feathered hats. Hero's that lined their pockets first.