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  1. Humm, I have another 20 years to go before I can figure out where you got those extra two points. How about a hint?
  2. Well, if your still married after 17 years, you and your partner are well suited to each other and the quiz means squat.
  3. Wow....The perfect mate! Some of the guys on PPrune admitted to cheating "picked what they thought was the right answer, but felt otherwise" and they still only got around 170.
  4. This is off the BBC website, and if you score pretty low, I suggest you rethink marriage. Azure - 181
  5. Very well said. BTW, I thougt Alec Baldwin had promised to leave the US if Bush was elected, why is he still hanging around? Did it dawn on him that no one really cared if he stayed or went?
  6. Saddam has a place for you V1. Think about that for a second. Neo has the right to speak as an AC pilot as much as you do as an AC pilot. Richard doesn't hide bedind a login name, never has as far back as I can remember. So V1, if you have a problem with Neo, put your name after your remarks, then we may take what you have to say somewhat important.
  7. Azure

    for GDR

    How dare you come here and ask Dagger to leave! Dagger has been around here a hell of a lot longer than you think, any AEF'er who's been around the block respects him and his view. You may disagree with him, but don't run him down on my watch. Sorry, PMS or just too much sun.
  8. Alberta's economy is no longer overly dependant on oil so prices coming back down to $20 a barrel shouldn't have a major impact. Now, if they went to $20 or lower and STAYED there for many years, then it would certainly put a strain on the provinces finances. I see a better chance of Saddam catching a flight out of Iraq before the deadline than oil prices stabalizing at $20 for several years.
  9. Excellent advice, but another "percaution" is advisable. Physicians waiting rooms and the stacks of magazines.....ignore them! The last thing you need when your not feeling well is to leaf through a magazine that someone before you (and probably more ill) licked their fingers to leaf through. Bring your own reading material to pass the time and for children bring their own toys/books.
  10. Are Kip and I the only ones who see the play on words this could bring? Oh well, I'm not evil so I'll let it pass.
  11. Done. And a little prayer for their good friends that remember them.
  12. That's why some of us appreciate you. But even I have to admit that you come across as more knowledgeable and insightful than most in aviation matters, so I can see why some think that you are related to AC in some way.
  13. Azure


    Here you go JW: cheap too!
  14. Azure


    That sure rings a bell, either we have a copy in an unpacked box (three years now) or my husband gave me orders to purchase it if I ever came across it in a used book store. I believe the title was a Carpetbagger's Dreams, not sure now....guess I don't listen too well. I'm sure he knew who the author was also, so if you don't get the info before he gets home, I'll let you know.
  15. Now I'm intrigued, short of starting an aef book of the month club, how about one of you giving us a hint as to storyline etc? Thanks in advance
  16. Back when JW ran this forum, they tried to "out" dagger and didn't succeed so why do you think it's any different now? Besides, the posters who do know who he is are very well respected on this forum (Kip and JW for example)and if they say he dosn't work for AC we should take them at their word. There is nothing to be gained in this contest, only the possibility of losing the insight of a valuable forum contributor.
  17. Younglings? :| I think you've just paid a very nice compliment to a lot of WJ pilots.
  18. Don't be too sure about that, AC has done some wild manuvers in the past. I think that Milton has a plan, and WJ better be on it's toes. Something in the next week will rock Aviation in Canada as we know it.