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  1. Wow!
  2. Or, you could design a instrument seatbelt. Keep those chelos and bass guitars in there place...from what I read on one could make some $.
  3. Transport Canada decides what can and cannot be carried on aircraft, WJ just followed the rules. You want rules or not?
  4. I'm just thankful the whole thing is done with......freaking phone has been very ignored these past few days. Am I happy with the results? No! We now have the first ever Progresive Liberal party in Canada. If you can't beat them.....join them! Liberals hardly made a show in votes, heck even the NDP was stronger in most ridings. A Sask. liberal even made a trip to Alberta to help out Redford! Liberal campaigns against Wildrose By Rory MacLean | Saskatoon StarPhoenix
  5. I just don't understand Mitch, how the heck are they supposed to "capture" a man who surrounds himself with a child army? Would not those who attempt to capture him also have to kill children who are protecting him? Also, where was the world 10, 20 years ago? Kony didn't just pop up overnight and if reports are true he has less power today than he did 10 years ago. Why now? I have a sick feeling it has to more to do with recent oil discoveries and natural resources than children. Money and Power. THOSE are the evils that create people like Kony, sometimes though they are nicely dressed
  6. It may be a bit time consuming, but I suggest making appointments at numerous banks and finding out first hand what their policies are and if they would be a good fit for you. Basically interview THEM and see if THEY deserve your business/money. Some banks are highly competitive for new customers, and as I found out a few years ago, highly motivated to keep existing customers as well. Several years ago, our TD bank contacted us, and offered to lower our locked in 10 year mortgage without charge because rates had fallen so drastically. Although it would be nice to have everything under o
  7. Congrats to Scuba 2 for being a pest hey Kip? Good wives do that for good husbands, vis versa. Glad your OK, I have a friend who last year was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and amyloydosis, she's in remission but lost her colon. Not so bad, she's alive and dealing with the "bag." Better than the alternative thats for sure.
  8. The only way she could profit is if some sick society members decide to buy the book/movie. Otherwise, the family is in a whole hell of a lot of debt to the lawyers I'm sure, lets let them wallow in their financial doom and not be fooled into supporting "their" version of the truth. I never watch cnn so I don't know details, but hell, interference with a dead body at the very LEAST! God save America, you got money....your free.
  9. Sheesh Kip! You know what that looked like on my new 27" iMac? Could darn near count the goosebumps on her bum. I think I'm sitting too close to the screen. Ya, I also joined the mac wave, after years of buying pc products that drove me nuts I now have to unlearn everything I know about computers and accept the fact that there is a better way. Actually, I've had an ipad since last October so I eased into this, but man....this is one awesome computer. I think it only took maybe 4-5 minutes to set up and that was because I had memory problems concerning certain pas
  10. Mitch? YOU TOO???? This isn't facebook you know. Say it like you mean it!
  11. I always kind of wondered, after the Christmas day bomber, how come these scanners were manufactured/installed/people trained by February in many US airports? There had to be a plan in place to force this new equipment at the airports. Who owns the companies that make and distribute them? Who invested in said companies? Whatever happened to the Christmas day bomber? Where is he now? We assume he's in a prison somewhere, when's his trial date? You would think that should be headline The one thing I've learned over the years on this site is that reporters don't really report ne
  12. There is a full video on the Calgary Herald website.
  13. Flying at low level, pilot ejected and is reported to be OK sent to hospital to get checked out. Hope they send a replacement before the airshow starts.
  14. I think Kip got on one of those (never see this low of a price again....we care-antee) prices. Ya, he's checking every day, well maybe not on Sundays, but he's keeping his eye on WJ. You can bet if he see's a lower price he's on it like a Captain spotting a free newspaper. Just kidding Kip, I too remember the promotion and I can see why you watch.
  15. My own mother passed away 28 years ago, about the time I started dating my husband. During that time I've been blessed with the most wonderful mother-in-law in the world. I've always threatened my husband that if divorced me he could keep the house but I get his mom, could be why we just celebrated our 25th.
  16. Not the prettiest puppy, but he sure did take care of his pack. Then, there are these kinda dogs. Mitch, your right. It's all in the training. Someday I would love to have a dog again but refuse to do so until I have the time to commit to that kinda relationship. Leaving a dog housebound 9 hours a day/five times a week is not something I could do to a member of the family.
  17. So, I decided today to clean up all those saved You Tube videos. After digging through a few, I remembered why I saved some of them. Just want to share some of my fav's, not for the video so much as the MUSIC behind them. The first video really got me hooked on ERA, if you like the tune you'll LOVE the cd. When did I become my parents? The second video, TSO sent me to Future Shop within an hour of hearing the music. After two concerts in Calgary with us taking the kids who want to go again next year, we're looking at a Christmas tradition being born. The third video? Just to thank
  18. If you believe the extreme right wing out there, the reason this is allowed to happen is because one day in the near future we will all be forced to accept a chip implanted on our bodies, in order to SAVE us from identity theft. When I see such rediculous sentences for such crimes, who's playing who's game? Thanks woxof, you have opened a few eyes.
  19. Oh Mitch, when I read that I immediately had an image of depends. I don't think Kip is quite that old, however; he does like to spend time IN the water...? Merry Christmas to you both and ALL AEF'ers who make this one of the best aviation forums around.
  20. Thanks woxof for the links. As usual, one link leads to another and another. This one link really made me sad. We were so busy turning off our lights and buying fuel efficient cars that we forgot about the main problem facing the earth. Pollution! Warning: Do not watch if your Kip or Scuba 2. I remember as a young girl spitting my hubba bubba gum out of a boat....the reprimand I got from the "fishman" was scathing! Since then, I never put anything in the water that was not soluble. Not even Sptiz shells. We quit throwi
  21. If a taser can stop your heart, what are the effects if they miss the thigh and hit one of man's most treasured body parts? Have any male volunteers lined up for that demo? I think NOT! Also, I don't like the wording, " What if they kill the penis per say? The "bad guy" is found inoccent in a court of law but is deprived of sex. The lawsuits would quadrupple over that I'm sure. A dead man can not prove that he was wanting children, a live man would make the hearts of the jury weep!
  22. I found a handy gadget at Princess Auto that helps when you travel with your itouch. It's four power chargers in one small package. USB, wall socket, cigarette lighter and nine volt battery.