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  1. As an AC employee after all the concessions, the changes, the forced contracts, the pension plan changes etc.etc, am disgusted with my company's numbers. It is an embarrassment.
  2. What the hell is a Boeing Seven seventy-two? Great reporting. Yes I know it's a 777-200.
  3. What an ignorant comment Dagger!!!
  4. Moe Man why dont you answer my question? What about the "inequalities" that I mentioned? Oh yeah, I know why. You only see what you want to see!!! ***Edited by Mod. Please refer to our posting guidelines***
  5. Moeman...I am not going to get into a big debate as to what is equal and what is not, however the deadheading issue that we gained a few years ago was in exchange for further concessions from the pilot group. Things are not always equal...there are some things that ACPA has been able to negotiate and there are some things that CUPE has been able to negotiate. It has nothing to do with ACPA viewing Flight Attendants as second class citizens. I am curious. Does it bother you that when pilots book off sick we only get 90% of our pay, F/A's get 100%? Does it bother you that F/A expenses are higher for the exact same layover? I am sure that it doesn't bother you at all. The reality is the reason that F/A's have these is because CUPE negotiated these items. Good for you guys. Don't begrudge ACPA for being able to negotiate a small "benefit". Believe me...it was a small victory in comparison to the concessions.
  6. International growth between 6 and 7.5%? Other than the already announced YVR-FRA route for next year...where else is this growth coming from or is that the China growth? Thoughts
  7. Mebbe the Beanarama can hack into one of our computers and find out exactly how we would fare with a C Series
  8. ...since they took your Aeronet access away you mean???
  9. Dagger ol' boy You named this thread "Once More into the Breach"...shouldn't it have been "once more into the Screech (sp?)"
  10. I think The Bean had too much coffee today.
  11. I think The Bean had too much coffee today.
  12. Does anyone have access or has anyone heard what Air Canada's fall/winter international route plans are? Are we planning the same as last year? Are we reducing YEG-LHR? YHZ-LHR...anyone know if YYC-FRA is going to be 330 or767? What about YVR-NRT? Thanks
  13. Dagger I usually don't bother with some of your posts...however I have to ask. Where do we go from here? There are (believe or not), many many employees who really give a damn about this company. What can we do to fix it or is it just too late?
  14. Dagger, What are you hearing about route reductions?
  15. Thought it would be interesting to start a thread as to what people/employees see in the year ahead for Air Canada. I am especially interested to hear what Dagger sees going forward. I am of the belief that keeping the "status quo", maintaining wages at current levels and keeping the pension should be ACPA's focus. Thoughts?
  16. Hoserboy? Oh now that is just brilliant!!! Does Mommy know that you are using the computer? You are pathetic Dag...
  17. Don is once again the voice of reason on this website. Informative, well researched and thoughtful. Dag is on the other arrogant, chooses to be ignorant of facts as he chooses and long has it been since he was a credible source of "information" ever since he went on 'this bash everyone but Air Canada upper management' tirade. Thanks Don for bringing some sense to these somewhat difficult times ahead for us at Air Canada.
  18. Big bad unions blah blah blah...so typical a response it is sickening. We had a say in post CCAA Air Canada? Bull!!! You have said numerous times that the airline industry has changed since the 90's...so how come you bring up what happened in the 90's (ACPA strike etc)? You bring it up because that is all you have to go on. You will never admit that Air Canada's malaise is also due to extremely poor management and decision making. They are the ones that drive the company. Give the employees the tools to properly provide customer service and I am sure that the majority of good hard working employees that I have seen at Air Canada would. Dagger you are pathetic.
  19. The really sad thing is that Air Canada really has some great people working there...people who honestly care about their passengers. They tried hard, from the baggage handler working hour after hour in minus -25, to the flight and back end crews extending their duty days, to the check in agent facing numerous angry passenger...the list is endless. Unfortunately no matter how hard these people tried...there was absolutely no leadership from Air Canada management at all. How many managers were out there helping the front line employee? Absolutely none. That is what sets us aside from Westjet. Yes, they had problems as well, however, they dealt with them. They had people there at least to help out a little bit. I think that is what the big complaint against AC was...there was just no one there to listen. Well done WJ management. Shame on AC management. Too busy doing other crap than worry about the most important part of customer service. The customer.
  20. Dagger's swimming pool and Milton's Season Tickets to London West End Theatre.
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