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  1. Rouge is now this country's flag carrier? How sad that it has come to that. Am I the only person who finds it extremely misleading when AC PR brags about their 4 star Skytrax rating when announcing new Rouge flights? It sure as hell ain't the Rouge product getting those ratings.
  2. Certainly similar to Asiana in sequence, though likely not in cause. Ironically the brutal weather that contributed to the sequence of events may have helped improve the outcome with a soft bed of snow to ease the impact and grease the trip down the runway. Pretty impressive the 320 was able to take that kind of abuse with fuselage intact. Certainly everyone got lucky in the outcome. AC's international reputation caught a break as billing it as a runway excursion seems to have deflected most international coverage of what was a crash. Halifax's airport authority comes off as looking unprepared with no plan in place to get incident victims to the terminal, surely they've got a better procedure in place. Hopefully this shames them or the Feds to upgrade ILS at an international airport..
  3. I hope the twisted little **bleep** is rotting in hell right now.
  4. Nice. And it helps deflect any bad PR from delays from last Friday when Teal ran out of deicing fluid in their home base, on a weekend their home team was playing for the Grey Cup in YVR (ducks).
  5. I was wondering about that. Stayed many times at the Bonaventure, not a bad hotel and downtown LA is getting better all the time. For us older folks, you might recall it was also used in the Towering Inferno. I like Interestellar, not a smuch as Inception but still a good flick.
  6. Be interested to hear his promised review of riding in the back...
  7. Yep I was hoping to get one last mainline flight on the '67. It's always been my favourite a/c as a passenger.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I should have clarified it's the AC 767 and yes there is a weight restriction alert. I was just trying to get an idea of how any seats went out empty on average. Is it really due to pineapples? I recall even the A340 showing weight restricted out of HNL back in the day.
  9. Ok I'm playing pass roulette out of HNL, can anyone give an idea of how many empty seats are going out due to weight restrictions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Chorus should buy 51% of the asset. Then suggest to AC that Skyregional is no longer welcome.
  11. Sorry I meant the South Hangar, as opposed to the old CP OPS building. Why pay a lease on something not being used.
  12. Seriously does anybody in charge still think they're going to hold WS back by not selling them that big empty hangar. What a waste!
  13. Looks like Russia is helping to destory/conceal evidence. It's time harsher sanctions were out on Putin and his thugs. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh17-russia-helping-destroy-crash-evidence-ukraine-says-1.2712030
  14. Which Air Canada is that? AC Mainline with a 767/A210/330/T7 and E-jet fleet with AVOD and good seat pitch? Or AC Mainline with horribly cramped high-density T7's? Or Air Canada Rouge ('nuff said )? or Air Canada Jazz or Air Canada Skyregional... Horribly inconsistent product, mudddled brand image.
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