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  1. Guess their airborne mechanic had lots of issues as well.
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  2. Enter Commandant Harris !!
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  3. My own family was caught up in this last year, with a FL trip. We took the offered credit, not expecting it all to drag on for a year or more, but - some time late last year we were offered a refund (unsolicited BTW), and took it. I don't recall the details of it now, but I do wonder why there are still people out of pocket. For those that are and seek redress - Specs, you kinda cherry-picked what to highlight in that CTA extract. Reading the entire section makes clear that it's addressing obligations in a flight disruption situation, and not an extended shutdown of operations. From your
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  4. “Negotiating a loan” isn’t as sensational as “bailout” when it comes to the press...
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  5. Journalists should stop talking about a "bailout". According to Dias, they're negotiating a loan.
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  6. Canada's missing the boat on mining — and the future Canada has the resources, brains and track record to accelerate the transition to the New Economy, but we are crippled by a useless political class that never ran a pop stand. The cost of electing a naïve and inept Liberal government has been inestimable, and our resource-blessed nation is about to miss the boat once more in the world of mining. Mining built Canada, undergirds the economy, employs more Indigenous workers than any other sector, and pays the highest wages in the country. Canada is a centre of excellence in minin
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  7. It's just too easy now and my eyes are starting to bleed. Must be time for a break. Take a moment and think of something stupid and rest assured it is ground already trodden by liberals. Got one? OK, I'll go first: "MILK IS RACIST." And sure enough, there apparently is a "troubling link" between milk and racism. Iselin Gambert, an associate professor of legal research and writing at George Washington University in Washington, is co-authoring a forthcoming paper that argues milk has long been used as a symbol for and tool of white supremacy. In the mean time, "THE CANTEEN IS
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