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  1. This image was posted on twitter... Nice gesture by the Thunderbirds:
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  2. Canadian oil company has planted 11 million more trees than Trudeau government Syncrude is one of the world's largest producers of synthetic crude oil from Canada's oil sands and is the largest single source producer of crude oil in Canada. This year alone the company has been able to cover around 400 hectares with over one million trees and shrubs. “It was tough to do this work during the pandemic, however, safety has always been a top priority at Syncrude and we had the protocols in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety”, Eric Girard, Syncrude’s vegetation specialist told a re
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  3. I noticed people have points. How do you get those? I mean its pretty hard to get them im guessing. I have 1 point it seems
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  4. In 2018 VIA Rail received almost $400,000,000 in a Federal Government subsidy and still lost another $272,000,000..... Their customers pay no Station Improvement Fees, Rail Canada Navigation surcharges, no Rail Security fees.....
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