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  1. 2020 Terry Fox Run complete! What a great feeling to do this each year. For complete results and to get the skinny on things such as “how long did he run without stopping?”, “was there any flesh-to-asphalt contact?”, “how long was that train anyways?”, “did he really outrun that bear?”, “what was his iPod playlist?”, ”were those thigh-to-fender encounter(s) painful?”, and “what’s really in that water bottle?”, please type www.terryfox.ca/richard into your browser and make a small donation in support of this important cause. Thank you.
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  2. Well that's interesting De-icer. According to the video, one of the reasons that Tucker Carlsons writer is a vicious racist because he "showed no sympathy by calling George Floyd a career criminal". Based on what information, I don't know". I didn't watch beyond that part because I thought I might look up Floyds criminal record. You can see the record here. https://www.snopes.com/news/2020/06/12/george-floyd-criminal-record/ So now one is a vicious racist to call someone with multiple convictions a career criminal. That is what your video says de-icer. Maybe you could tel
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