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  1. These the same woke, wise beyond their years young people selfishly congregating during a pandemic and throwing vulnerable others under the bus or are they all earnest girls with glasses?
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  2. If you consider it a normal that Democrat supporters try to massacre democratically elected congressmen, maybe you are the problem. "Subsequent investigations revealed Hodgkinson as a man with a clear hatred for Republicans. He had arrived at the field in a white van—he was living out of it—with his legally purchased rifle and a list of six conservative members of congress, presumably his targets." https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/james-hodgkinson-shooting-republicans-baseball-game Once again, De-Icer like all his fellow Trump haters proves what a fraud he is.
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  3. As soon as Charles becomes king would be the ideal time to drop the monarchy.
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  4. Deicer hooks another one. Good Luck Seeker
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