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  1. I think biggest reason people voted for Tump was Hillary. They are going to vote for him again too I suspect. Like Wolfhunter has said many times he is probably the most unlikable and easiest political to beat ever. Just lay out a half viable alternative. A basic plan for reasonable governance. The Democrats are determined to defeat themselves at all cost. What a bloody mess
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  2. The guy on the plane refused to put a mask on his three year old and then got the plane riled up which is the reason the flight was cancelled. He refused to get off the plane and refused to follow repeated requests - all the while on a pass that was given to him and his family by another employee. Getting the plane all worked up made the situation even worse and hostile. Any suggestion that his three year old wore a mask is false if what I heard from the crew onboard is true. So from my selfish standpoint, f*ck this guy and any negative impacts his actions may have on travel privileges for employees moving forward.
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