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  1. I was hoping your tale would end with “ bends down to sip water, spots his reflection, and trying to get a better look at himself, falls in and drowns!!”
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  3. Sadly, it all depends upon where you live and what rules have been established for there. There is little commonalty around the world, even within the same country or region. I can only suggest that you check with your local health authority or if he is in the Military, I imagine there is a support group that you can ask. There are others on this forum that probably can provide a better answer but if it involves a member of the Canadian Forces, these folks may be able to help. https://www.cafconnection.ca/National/Programs-Services/Deployment-Support/Deployment-Support-for-Families/Military
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  4. The real question is, if the violence is being orchestrated. Is by whom and to what end?
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  5. Out the window of a Lancaster bomber, the past takes wing Toronto Star 6 Sep 2020 ROB FERGUSON BARRY GRAY THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR Reporter Rob Ferguson in front of the Lancaseter in Hamilton. His uncle Norm Mason of Scarborough flew in Lancasters over Europe and Germany, and Ferguson’s dad did anti-submarine patrols in the North Atlantic during the Second World War. Flying toward Niagara Falls aboard a vintage Lancaster bomber, retired Presbyterian minister Gord Hastings tries hoisting himself into the mid-upper gun position for
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