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  1. I'm not sure it's a good idea myself because I have little faith in the premiers of three of our four largest provinces making the rapid adjustments necessary. Look at Australia for how to react to a spike The state of Victoria has just moved into a lockdown far more severe than what we experienced in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta where it's more important to open bars than schools. And enforcement in Australia is severe enough to cause those people who want to throw huge parties that ignore all the rules to think twice. I'm also not confident the Europeans can hold the dike much longer. And the
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  2. " The whole nation stood together in solidarity for the senseless death of George Floyd. So I’m curious, how many will stand together in solidarity & demand justice for the senseless death of Cannon Hinnant? Does HIS life not matter? Cannon was 5 years old. He was white. This past Sunday, he was riding his bike in front of his house & Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, a black male, walked up, put a gun to his head and shot & killed Cannon. A 5 year old white boy was shot & killed by a 27 year old black male...on purpose....for no reason. Did you read that?
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