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    Hopefully , a growing club. What scares me more than Trudeau are the people that voted for him the 2nd time around.
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    Lefties are just s-o-o freaking serious....
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    All of these should be destroyed immediately.... ancient Egyptians were slave owners: Statues of ancient Egyptian goddesses and Pharaoh Ramses II discovered
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    Stopping all service into and out of Ottawa would be stronger
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    They have black boxes. Try and keep up eh.
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    WOW, you lefties really must be worried. I for one would welcome a re-write of the constitution. Whether you choose to admit, recognize, or care, Canada is broken. Has been for a long time.
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    Gotta love those Baptist's sermons !
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    A little trivia I had forgotten about: As if Morneau wasn’t wealthy enough from the family business, Morneau Shepell, he also has a financial cushion from his wife, an member of the McCain food empire! So he can definitely relate to the middle class and those working hard to join it......funny, you don’t hear the libs using that tag line anymore (although blaming Harper comes up on a daily basis).
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    At least the two black guys are smart enough to get paid for it.
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    Amen. And those who will again.