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  1. We need to take the word "Authority " out of their name. Why do we have airport "Authorities ", and Police Services. They should be called "Airport Service Providers ". Maybe deflate their heads a little.
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  2. And there's nothing like being prosecuted by the same police department that refused (let me say that again, REFUSED) to answer their 911 call. This is exactly the message you don't want promulgated... ie you're on your own, don't bother calling us. Likely the worst thing that could happen to sensible gun control advocacy in a lifetime. It also spreads real fear over election results; that's dangerously divisive and pure kryptonite for democracy. The ill effects of that become apparent regardless of the outcome.... and it's a no win equation deliberately manufactured by the forces of lu
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  3. So does this mean that the thinking has now come back around to the fact that money can be made by keeping maintenance in-house and taking on outside work?
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