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    For those directly affected by these very difficult decisions as well as those now looking over their shoulder... Having seen a bit of this in a previous life, this too, shall eventually pass to become a distant memory. Keep hope strong, keep optimism alive and most of all keep in "touch" with one another using the usual electronic means. Don
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    Simple....the Bloc knows they can get anything for Quebec as long as they keep Trudeau in power..bloc and libs have 189 seats combined versus 149 for pcs, green, ndp and 1 independent.
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    Satire...I think... “ CBC has given a special award to the clock hanging in one of its studios, naming it the networks most accurate reporter. The clock, which has been stuck showing the time to be 1:12 for the past three years, was found to surpass every other CBC reporter in how often it got the news exactly right. “The wall clock is an inspiration to us all,” said CBC president Catherine Tait. “Now, it doesn’t always get things right---but nobody is perfect. Still, twice a day, that clock absolutely nails the facts. That’s way better than anyone else we have.” Not everyone was happy that the clock received this recognition. Some reporters, who wish to remain anonymous, say the clock sets an unrealistic standard for news accuracy. Also, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denounced the clock in a presser, calling it “biased against him” and blaming its faulty reporting for making him late to a coronavirus update last week.”
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    Boestar, you are making a lot of assumptions here and of course i want the population to be healthy...I certainly dont want to cut off his hands, I just dont want him to be able to reach deep into my pocket for the next 2 years without oversight.
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    Rich: indeed it does. You keep taking parts from the boxes and turning them into pieces until you run out of parts. Then you start putting pieces together and turning them into components until you run out of pieces. And then you look at all the components and realize that it's time to get out of the garage and buy a hangar big enough to assemble the airplane! Great fun and a great learning experience... John
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    Finally some leadership versus what the other so called leaders who continue to look for “options”. Meanwhile ROME burns (or is already burnt ) Ford calls out to industry and industry answers the call We need your help, that was Premier Doug Ford’s plea to Ontario’s industrial base on Saturday, expanding on a call made earlier in the week to try to make essential items to fight COVID-19 right here at home. “The Ontario spirit never ceases to amaze me,” said Ford. The Premier noted that companies like Linimar, General Motors, Martinrea — all auto companies — offered to retool their facilities to make medical equipment to fight COVID-19. Ford also announced that his government has put a whole team in charge of helping manufacturers who can shift the production from their current lines to make essential equipment like ventilators, masks and swabs. “We’re ready to mobilize Ontario’s manufacturing might to help the entire country. We want Ontario to be the workshop of Canada in the fight against COVID-19,” Ford said. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-ford-calls-out-to-industry-and-industry-answers-the-call
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    Yes, I like informed respectable media personnel that pursue a thoughtful & balanced approach to reporting. Acosta is supposed to be a White House 'reporter', not the presenter of personal opinion pieces.
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    I'm not sure how seats are assigned in the White House press room, but I think it would be great if Sara booted Acosta & CNN and replaced them with a news organization that was more appropriate.
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