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    For those directly affected by these very difficult decisions as well as those now looking over their shoulder... Having seen a bit of this in a previous life, this too, shall eventually pass to become a distant memory. Keep hope strong, keep optimism alive and most of all keep in "touch" with one another using the usual electronic means. Don
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    Boestar, you are making a lot of assumptions here and of course i want the population to be healthy...I certainly dont want to cut off his hands, I just dont want him to be able to reach deep into my pocket for the next 2 years without oversight.
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    You have to stop taking things so personal. If it doesn’t apply to you, simply move on. You may get it..(or you may not)....but pretty sure some 50% of the readers here don’t. The seed must be watered constantly before growth occurs.
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    OK, please explain to a dumb grunt where he has the concept wrong: I say emergency powers are there for a reason and those powers existed pre-Covid 19. I say duly elected governments should have access to those emergency powers in an emergency. I say an emergency exists when a duly elected government deems there to be an existential threat and requires those powers (BTW that's NOT the same as saying they're right) I say penalties for noncompliance with emergency orders should be severe. Now, please keep in mind that I say that within the context of our past, present, and future status as a democracy. Like soldiers and COPs, governments are accountable for the excessive or heavy handed use of force, or any draconian procedural or enforcement efforts they undertake with those powers. Why am I wrong?
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    Not surprising given the current medical crisis: BUT......why would the government even consider this move??? with the rapid spread of the virus and the need to protect our citizens.....this will not be something Trudeau and his cabinet will be bragging about in their daily pep talks! https://torontosun.com/news/national/furey-canada-just-gave-16-tonnes-of-medical-supplies-to-china-lets-hope-they-return-the-favour And these guys wanted the country to give them emergency powers (aka as a dictatorship) til 2021?. The nerve!! Still don’t get they are a minority gov’t.
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    And Rouge pilots get paid at mainline rates even though the majority of their aircraft(maybe all) are parked. Between Idle Rouge pilots being paid at 55 hours a month at mainline rates and Idle Max pilots being paid at 70 hours, Air Canada must have the most expensive inactive rosters in the history of aviation
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    Rich: indeed it does. You keep taking parts from the boxes and turning them into pieces until you run out of parts. Then you start putting pieces together and turning them into components until you run out of pieces. And then you look at all the components and realize that it's time to get out of the garage and buy a hangar big enough to assemble the airplane! Great fun and a great learning experience... John