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  1. I listened on the radio this afternoon to people complain about this. They had the opportunity on the screen in front of them to protect themselves in the event something like this happened... fully refundable fares were presented to them, along with other options with no cost or low cost changes right up to the point of departure. Of course they could have bought travel insurance... When people buy tickets and their plans have to change, whether or not it's their "fault", that's just the way it goes... Should have paid the extra few bucks and got the fare that covered changes.
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  3. On a related note.... I am still not seeing an increase in my toilet paper use. What am I missing.
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  4. The 747 became uneconomical to operate with the large efficient twins of this era. The airlines retire them and park them there. I have no idea what financial arrangement is made but they are stripped of anything worth money (avionics, engines and other components) which are all then sold on the open market or returned to the airline to use as spares depending on the situation. I am sure the airline pays the company to strip all of the components for them. Essentially its a chop shop operation parting out aircraft.
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  5. OK, let me try: The only safe time to leave your house is between the hours of 0200 and 0400 in the morning. During that period, infected carriers of the virus will be asleep.....
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  6. And it’s not just reckless truck drivers:. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/tow-truck-driver-sentenced-to-2-5-years-in-deadly-2015-crash-1.4644513 And if this drivers recklessness causing death wasn’t enough:. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ctv-news-photographer-punched-multiple-times-outside-ottawa-court-1.4644801 This is Canada?? Or the New Canada
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