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    The Democrats are the best thing to happen to trump
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    That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows that if Trump was to sell a state, it would be California.
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    Out of all the interviews that the teachers unions have been making, and of all the advertising slamming the government for their take it or leave it position on class sizes, e learning, and compensation....there has not been 1 word on what the teachers are offering or whether they are willing to make concessions...maybe I wouldn’t be a good negotiator but I don’t trust the teachers so far.
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    Maybe he could buy Greenland and give that to Russia instead. It's cold, it's closer to Russia and Democrats can't find it on a map because it's white. Even if they do, they'll be so busy screaming racist that they won't notice what's really going on.
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    “So your meal choices are something called Wuhan Chicken, Beef Wuhan or Pork Wu. What’s it gonna be?”
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    And they're off! - to a bumbling start.... The snafu that will launch 1,000 theories
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    This is the same aircraft that was just rebuilt because of another landing mishap this past summer. https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2019/a19w0094/a19w0094.html
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    I'm not belittling the situation in China - viruses mutate. And if to the extent this can be contained, fine. But let's not overlook a bigger killer in our midst. This was the state of the seasonal flu outbreak, in the US, as of Dec 27, 2019
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    Hi boestar...not sure what you mean by strange physics. I was thinking of the rotational speed of the wheel at say, Vr, (~160kts?) and the speed of any chunks of retread that were flung away from the carcass out in front of the engine during takeoff and ingested. Wow, thanks, AAS - now we know why the engine compressor section was "stalling"!
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    I think they are probably staying in the Air Cadets Quarters as they are vacant this time of year.......or they went into one of the Junior Ranks blocks and moved the Junior Ranks into the Air Cadet buildings. I'm sure there will be some of the local populace that won't even drive by CFB Trenton now..... There is no news or "where" on the local radio stations other than "CFB Trenton"............and I am NOT volunteering my residence .
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    That’s probably less than Wynne spent on her girlfriend at tax payers expense and Ontario Liberals didn’t say bleep in protest.. IOW..the amount is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things compared to...
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    oh look Apples. Lets distract from the conversation by introducing oranges.