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    Sadly the control needed is not in the top echelons of power but rather in the courts.
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    I don’t think Brian Mulroney reads this board... ?
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    That's not where I would like to see our Prime Minister.
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    With the market for mid sized airplanes split between two manufacturers, the concept of too big to fail is no doubt in play. Think of what is at stake here... The US manufacturing giant is on its knees and commercially needs this airplane to fly again. It doesn't matter that the entire certification process was given to Boeing and Rubber Stamped by the FAA. It doesn't matter whether this airplane meets or doesn't meet various safety criteria, what matters is that it flies again and as soon as possible. One has to wonder what would have happened if there were 4 or 5 airplanes types competing in this market sector... What would have happened if Douglas, Lockheed and company XYZ were producing airplanes? Would this B737 Max have been allowed to fail as other airplanes have when these sort of safety issues have come up? The consolidation of the various Airplane manufacturers into Oligopolies controlling the entire market isn't serving the market... it is serving the two dominant players. It also isn't serving flight safety, in a way it's forcing this airplane onto the market... What a sad state of affairs.
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    I'm more referring to the A320's longevity, it seems unlikely that Air Canada (or any first tier airline) would still be flying the 737-300 today.
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    Re CP and the A320s, we went down to MSP to see how NorthWest was doing with it's A320s. They had chosen to belly load and we saw quite a bit of damage to the liners in the holds. One reason CP went with the A320s was that they could handle ULDs and the 737s could not. It was envisioned that the ULDs would allow for faster turnaround and thus improve fleet utilization. (or so memory serves ? )
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    What about Herr Schreiber?
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    Ford continued the Liberal policy of paying for things, expensive things, that we will never see. Much like the Gas plant scandal wher the taxpayer was on the hook for billions, Ford cancelled several energy contracts that were literally weeks from completion. So we the tax payer paid hundreds of millions in penalties and still received nothing in return. All so Ford can say he stuck it to the Liberals. Problem is he didn't stick it to the Liberals, he stuck it to the taxpayer. You absolutely CAN NOT praise Ford and Talk Down Wynne in the same conversation. They are doing EXACTLY the same things. The only difference is that Ford is making Huge cuts (Same as Harris before him) to the same detriment of ontario. No one ever claimed that Drug Addicts understood economics.
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    When you think about it. For all the money the government gave to Bombardier / Canadair over the years, They should be giving the government 2 brand new aircraft.