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    I'm Clive Bedoe and I approve this message
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    He has to get approval from the WJ and Swoop social media influencers before he's allowed to post...
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    Indeed...... and this will be here before you know it. It should serve as warning, yet for some reason it fails to resonate with many Canadians. In some locations, we have now surpassed a level of gang violence that most people previously considered to lie somewhere between unlikely and impossible in Canada. I say it was completely predictable and it falls squarely under the heading of "no other possible outcome." We have discussed this right here in years gone by. As predicted (right here) It's too late for avoidance now (that was an opportunity missed), it's time to be spending heavy on intelligence and interdiction and send a strong message to current and future gang bangers; bet we don't though because even simple things are deemed racist. As far as I'm concerned, if you live in public housing and are driving a new $100K vehicle, it bears further scrutiny.... and intelligence collection will never get any easier than that.
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    Its BS is what it is plain and simple
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    All MPS should receive a salary equivalent to the MEDIAN salary of the constituents in their riding. That gives incentive in low income areas to actually do something. The PM should make the Median Salary of the entire country. That puts things on par and keeps the fat cats in the middle class. Incentive to change
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    Maybe it's just me but Mexico is on the list of places I simply wouldn't go unarmed.... Good thing there is only one authorized gun store in the entire country eh?.... that's right, just one. Legal ownership takes months to process and only applies to specific calibers. The two JT's should take a close look at Mexico's success with gun control measures before embarking on their own version of lunacy.
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