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    Saw comments about this incident from one witty poster: ”Clearly, this is an example where the right hansa didn’t know what the luft hansa was doing!!” Thought that was pretty clever.
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    The real tragedy here is the lack of enforcement. I'm now at 6 full transits through Ontario (two more to go this year) and have yet to see a single traffic stop... not one. Average speed seems to be 20+ KPH over the posted limit with people camping in the left lane resulting in Snowbird line astern tailgating. I no longer signal lane changes... when the indicator comes on people speed up to block you. If there is no credible likelihood of being caught, laws don't matter.... a bit like street checks in that regard I think. Are these the same people demanding action on climate change? This should be the easy part... IMO, the worst place to drive a motorcycle in Canada/USA. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/two-dead-in-fiery-multi-vehicle-crash-on-401-in-mississauga
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    Would sure love to see more pics or vid of this! https://www.avgeekery.com/b-52-aircrews-used-air-refuel-crazy-bank-angles-just-prove/