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  1. Regarding the DC-10. There was an excellent book in the '80s called Destination Disaster. Despite the overly dramatic title, I think it was a well researched examination of the development of the DC-10. For example, before the fuselage was built, the subcontractor challenged Douglas on the design of the control runs, predicting that a lower lobe depressurization would jam the flight controls. They were told to build it as drawn. The first test article was pressure tested outside the factory. A lower cargo door blew open and the floor collapsed on the flight controls. It got certified ... They had other items which made you never want to leave the earth on one of those things. And then we get to some of the stability issues with the MD-11. I also commend Airbus for not commenting on these issues, despite all the criticism they got from Boeing while developing the A-380.
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