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    Viking is even embroidering the logo into the seats on the DHC2T. No dirty oil drums in this cabin.
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    I gather that MD2 has left Porter and got hired on at Westjet?
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    I'm not so sure about the last part. What value is there in a company having a higher profile if it continues to lose money? I have no idea in whose hands TS will end up and I'm well aware of how messy airline mergers are. I'd still wager that an amalgamation with AC would return TS to profitability.
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    Being a technogeek on the Flight Ops side of the company doesn't mean you're good on the customer side of the operation. Lockheed makes very amazing technical airplanes ie the L1011 but it sure didn't do very well commercially. The DC-10 sold +150 more and it had a really bad rap after a few high profile accidents.
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