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    Thread title adjusted to avoid further disappointment. For Kip “What do you call a guy/gal who hangs around with musicians?” The drummer.
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    Very misleading and disappointing thread title .................. I thought that perhaps Boeing was venturing into an area of knowledge that I was very familiar with....
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    Rebrand it the the 737-MEH. After all, it's just Meh....
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    Quite a bit of "green" to purchase... Fender Boeing Jet Green Stratocaster Guitar Item No. "667066010600" no reviews $4,500.00 Product Details In 1954, the Boeing 707 jetliner made its first flight, revolutionizing commercial air travel. The same year, the Fender Stratocaster solid-body guitar was introduced and quickly became the preferred instrument for musicians around the world. Boeing and Fender have joined forces to create a limited-edition series of guitars honoring their iconic achievements. The Boeing Jet Green Stratocaster is a contemporary-style guitar with an alder body and green satin finish. The pick guard, derived from materials used in the fuselage of a 747 jumbo jet, has a protective green zinc chromate finish. Because this authentic material is distressed from use, no two guitars look exactly the same. This fine instrument features a natural maple ’60s oval C neck, locking tuners, and a modern tremolo bridge for a sleek look and incredible sound. The guitar comes with a deluxe hard-shell case, strap, and certificate of authenticity. Made in USA. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.